Turning Point Action Arizona Rally Schedule, Tickets, Live Stream

Turning Point Action Arizona Rally Schedule and more

Turning Point’s official event schedule shows that DeSantis will campaign in New Mexico, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Read the details of the Turning Point Action Arizona Rally happening this weekend.

In August, Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., is campaigning for Trump-backed America First candidates across the country at Turning Point Action’s “Unite and Win” rally. 

Turning Point Action Arizona Rally 

Turning Point Action (TPA), Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA (TPUSA) sister organization, will host a rally in Arizona this weekend to help “Get Out the Vote” before the election.

Turning Point Action Arizona Rally Schedule
Turning Point Action Arizona Rally Schedule

Before the election, Turning Point Action will host Super Saturday Door Knocking Turning Event to get out the vote! Before our activists contact voters, we will have a short rally program featuring some of the most influential speakers in the movement and district. You can get your family and friends involved in this election by attending select breakfast or lunch for events. 

Getting in touch with voters and knocking on doors can be broken down so quickly that even a beginner can complete it in less than an hour. Each event will feature a brief rally program featuring some of the movement’s and district’s most prominent speakers.

Turning Point Action Arizona Rally Schedule

Turning Point Action Arizona Rally Schedule
Turning Point Action Arizona Rally Schedule

TPAction Arizona Rally is scheduled to happen in two cities of Arizona on Aug. 27.

  • CHANDLER, AZ– The rally will start at 10 AM at Tumbleweed Park, South Mountain Pavilion, 2250 s. Mcqueen Road
  • TUCSON, AZ -The rally will begin at 10 AM. We will update the location soon.

Turning Point Action Arizona Rally Tickets

Steps to register for Tickets for TPAction Arizona Rally 

  • Click on the link to sign up www.tpaction.com/az
  • Enter Your detail- Name and date of birth
  • Fill in your contact detail- address, phone number, and email address
  • Enter your province and zip code
  • Submit.

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Turning Point Action Arizona Rally Saturday Live Stream 

If the Rally is streamed live you can watch the rally livestream on world-wire.com. We will be streaming live for those who can not attend the rally. You can watch it on world wire; meanwhile, join our telegram to get updated.

Ron DeSantis V/S Donald Trump

Ron DeSantis V/S Donald Trump
Ron DeSantis V/S Donald Trump

DeSantis’ widespread support makes him a formidable campaigner for America First candidates. The governor is regarded as Trump’s most likely challenger for the Republican nomination in 2024.

“He’s a wildly popular political figure, and I think he can make a difference for some of these candidates,” said Andrew Kolvet, a spokesman for Turning Point Action, the political arm of Turning Point USA, a conservative school campus group.

DeSantis’ backing is significant among potential conservative voters. Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit straw poll conducted in July found that DeSantis was extremely popular among college-aged respondents attending their event in Florida in July.

Trump, who remains the Republican Party’s dominant figure, has spent months actively campaigning for his endorsed candidates in multiple states during the primary season. In the general election, his endorsement could be a liability with independent voters.

While he flirts with supporters about a presidential run in 2024, his standing within the Republican Party has weakened slightly due to congressional hearings on his supporters’ deadly Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol.

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted last month, one-third of Republican respondents believe Trump should not run for president again in 2024.

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In a potential 2024 presidential primary, Trump received 78.7 percent of the vote, while DeSantis received 19 percent. If Trump’s name is removed from the ballot, respondents indicated that they would support Gov. DeSantis with 87 percent, showing strong support from America’s youth for the Floridian GOP leader.

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