UK Extends Coronavirus Lockdown For At Least 3 Weeks

UK Extends Coronavirus Lockdown

UK Extends Coronavirus Lockdown: Britain’s Foreign Minister Dominic Raab has announced to extend the lockdown in the country for “at least three weeks” to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

In a press conference held on Thursday, he said that if the lockdown exemption is given, it will not only pose a threat to public health but can also be a significant threat to the economy.

Since Prime Minister Boris Johnson became ill, Dominic Raab has been assuming the responsibility of the post of Prime Minister. “So far, we have not been able to reduce the rate of infection as expected,” he said.

In the UK, due to coronavirus, 861 more deaths have occurred in hospitals, after which the total figure of fatalities has increased to 13,729. The lockdown was imposed on 23 March in Britain to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

UK Extends Coronavirus Lockdown For At Least 3 Weeks

UK Extends Coronavirus Lockdown
UK Extends Coronavirus Lockdown

The Government had requested people to stay in their homes, and all the non-essential businesses were closed. At the same time, two people were also banned from standing near one place.

According to the opinion of the experts, the minister will assess after every three weeks how effective the lockdown rules were.

Dominic Raab has said, “We are in a very delicate and dangerous phase of this pandemic. If we make any haste to exempt the lockdown, then it can be a big risk.”

“There is a danger of this virus returning again, after which the lives of the people will not only be threatened but there will be a huge loss to the economy if there is a lockdown.”

He said that after assessing the situation, it has come to know that the steps taken by the Government are taking effect, but there is also evidence that the virus is spreading in hospitals and care homes.

Dominic Raab said that the lockdown would not be opened until the Government can ensure five very important things. These five things are –

UK Extends Coronavirus Lockdown
UK Extends Coronavirus Lockdown
  • Ensuring that the National Health Service is capable of providing the necessary healthcare for the entire country.
  • There is a decline in daily deaths due to corona.
  • The rate of infection does not reach a low level as expected.
  • Keeping in mind the needs of the future, the supply of necessary testing kits and PPE equipment should not be fully ensured.
  • And until it is believed that the virus will not pose a threat to the country again.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also tweeted a video from his Twitter handle saying that “there is a fear of further infection if the lockdown is not carried forward.

Lockdown rules are being extended for at least three weeks. We do not ensure five essential things, and these rules will not be changed. “Dominic Raab said that he could not give any definite timelines for how long the lockdown will continue.

But at the beginning of the Corona epidemic, the Prime Minister warned that it would take about three months to reach the peak of the virus infection and recover from that situation.

UK Extends Coronavirus Lockdown
UK Extends Coronavirus Lockdown

The Government is getting the support of the opposition parties in extending the lockdown deadline. Still, the opposition says that the Government should also give clear information about the plan to provide relaxation in the lockdown.

Labor Party leader Sir Keyer Starmer has said that his party “fully supports this move and that the government is doing the right thing by doing so.”

However, Sir Keer says that the Government should clearly inform its strategy to get out of lockdown. He says, “For this, the government will have to facilitate large-scale testing of people.”

The goal of the Government is to increase the ability to test up to one lakh every day by the end of April. Currently, the Government has the ability to test up to 35 thousand a day.

‘It is too early to waive lockdown.’

UK Extends Coronavirus Lockdown
UK Extends Coronavirus Lockdown

The British Government’s decision came after a meeting of the Emergency Cobra Committee. The leading ministers of Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland attended this conference.

Eighty more additional people have drowned in sanitariums in Scotland. First minister Nicola Sturgeon here said that “the lockdown must continue because it is difficult to believe that the situation created by the epidemic has been controlled.”

Another 32 people have died in Wales from Corona. First Minister Mark Drakeford said, “It is too early to open the lockdown.”

At the same time, Northern Ireland has recorded the highest number of deaths in a single day, with 18 more deaths in hospitals. At the same time, 740 more deaths have been registered in England.

Wear masks

UK Extends Coronavirus Lockdown
UK Extends Coronavirus Lockdown

Britain’s Chief Medical Advisor, Professor Chris Whitty, who was present at the press conference, said people could move to hospitals hesitantly for other diseases as well, and they would get all the necessary help from the NHS.

Earlier data showed that since the Corona epidemic, the number of people coming to accident and emergency units had reduced rapidly.

He said that the Government is also considering whether people should be advised to wear masks to prevent the virus from spreading. He said that there is little evidence in favor of this, and due to this, if the demand for masks increases, it can be difficult for health workers.

He said, “There is evidence all over the world that this step can be effective. I am pleading with the Government, and advisors to change their advice in this regard. I want us not to delay and as soon as possible Take these steps soon.

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