Watch Donald Trump Interview with Chanel Rion

Watch Donald Trump Interview with Chanel Rion

Watch Donald Trump Interview with Chanel Rion – Former President Donald Trump gushed about Twitter CEO Elon Musk in a Tuesday interview with the conservative One America News Network.

Trump also reiterated his claims that he won the 2020 presidential election while calling the United States a “sad and sick” country and thanking Musk for exposing that fact.

Here is how you can Watch Donald Trump interview with Chanel Rion.

Watch Donald Trump Interview with Chanel Rion

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Summary of Donald Trump Interview with Chanel Rion

Summary of Donald Trump Interview with Chanel Rion

Former President Donald Trump praised Elon Musk during a phone interview with One America News Network host Chanel Rion.

Following their discussion of the FBI’s possible involvement with the other major social media platforms, Rion asked the former president what grade he would give Elon Musk for his takeover of Twitter, to which Trump reacted by saying that he was unsure but believed Elon would be able to do good stuff with the microblogging platform Twitter. He added that he thinks it is fantastic that Musk is releasing this information to expose our country’s corruption.

In response to a question about the FBI interfering with Twitter’s operations, Trump stated that the US had become a sad and sick country, adding that the new Twitter CEO has done the country a great service by revealing what was happening behind the scenes on the social media platform.

On being prompted by OAN host Chanel Rion if he thinks the $3 million paid by the FBI to Twitter is a bribe, Trump replied by saying that it is horrible and people all over the country are stunned by what they’re seeing. He added that our country is also highly corrupt and FBI’s hand in an election was unthinkable.

Trump stated that Musk “probably wanted to step down” as CEO after he posted a poll on Twitter asking users to decide his fate and hinted that there is more to come in the ongoing Twitter Files release.

Rion responded that Elon Musk’s Twitter files confirm so much of what people suspected and knew already. In this context, Trump stated that he found the number seven release amazing and noteworthy.

Would you consider him a hero for doing so? Rion inquired with a question in mind, to which Trump replied a big yes and said he must show how far off the rails the United States has gotten and how far it still is.

For his long-standing claim that the 2020 election was “rigged,” he cited a poll showing that honest reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop, which the FBI went to great lengths to prevent, would have influenced many Americans’ votes.

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