WATCH EXCLUSIVE: President Trump on The Water Cooler Show

WATCH EXCLUSIVE: President Trump on the Water Cooler show

Former President Donald Trump sat down with David Brody on The Water Cooler Show for an exclusive phone interview and discussed a variety of hot topics.

Want to know about President Trump’s views on the Biden classified documents controversy? Read on to know more on the former president’s views in the exclusive interview with host David Brody on the Water Cooler Show.

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WATCH EXCLUSIVE: President Trump on the Water Cooler show

Watch the full exclusive interview: President Trump on the Water Cooler Show with David Brody here:

Obviously it’s a cover-up…”- Donald Trump on the Joe Biden classified document controversy

Host David Brody and the former president talked about the Biden classified documents during the exclusive interview, among other interesting topics.

The interview kicks off with Brody asking the former president about the Biden classified documents, asking if the issue was intentionally covered up and whether Joe Biden should be prosecuted for it.

Former President Donald Trump replied, saying “Obviously it’s a cover-up; it’s a very sad situation.” The former president further says that in his situation, he had the right to declassify the documents as he was the President and as Vice President, Joe Bidencan’t do that… He was under the Federal restraints act which is a much tougher situation.”

About the Water Cooler Show

The Water Cooler Show is a talk show about America’s faith, politics and culture is changing fast. This show along with David Brody does a thorough analysis of the issues of today and what exactly the people are talking about.

Journalist David Brody sits down with some of the biggest newsmakers and thought leaders of the day to talk about values and traditions in a non—traditional way.

About the Host- David Brody

David Philip Brody is an American broadcaster who was born in New Jersey on Feb 13, 1965 and brought up in New York. He got converted into an Evangelical Christian in his 20’s. Initially he was raised Reformed Jewish along with his sister Karen Rachel.

David graduated from Ithaca College( Ithaca, NY) in the year 1987 with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. Later, Brody married Lisette Dorianne Basset Broody and now they are proud parents of three children Andrew, Aaron and Elina Brody.

David has also authored the 2012 publication titled “The Teavangelicals: The Inside Story of How the Evangelicals and the Tea Party are Taking Back America.”

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