Donald Trump Interview with Dr. Gina: Watch the President at Prime Time

Donald Trump Interview with Dr. Gina: Watch the President at Prime Time

Former President Donald Trump sat down for an exclusive interview via phone with conservative host Dr. Gina on Real America’s Voice last week. 

They discussed a variety of hot topics including the Trump 2024 campaign, the rigged 2020 election and the corrupt voting system, President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents, and the unexpected death of Trump loyalist Lynnette Hardaway, AKA, Diamond and the death of legendary musician Elvis Presley’s only child, Lisa Marie Presley. 

Stay tuned and read on to find out more details on the exclusive Donald Trump interview with Dr. Gina on Real America’s Voice. 

Watch President Donald Trump Interview with Dr. GINA at Prime Time

Watch the full interview of President Donald Trump with Dr. Gina at Prime Time here:  

For Context…

In the interview with former president Donald Trump with conservative host Dr. Gina, an array of hot button topics were discussed, including the Trump 2024 campaign, president Biden’s mishandling of classified documents, and the recent deaths of Lynnette Hardaway and Lisa Marie Presley. 

When it was revealed last week that president Joe Biden‘s lawyers had discovered classified material at his think tank in Washington, DC, and home in Delaware, the White House entered a rare crisis. The incident was dubbed “garage-gate” by a TV correspondent during an unusually heated press briefing.

Donald Trump interview with Dr. Gina

For an administration that made promises of openness and transparency, it was a rare setback. It also made it more difficult to look into Trump for a supposedly related incident.

The ex-president’s retention of top-secret documents at Mar-a-Lago, his Florida estate and club, is already being investigated by another special counsel. Although they appear to be similar, the two cases are poles apart. The National Archives removed 15 boxes of records from Trump’s residence in January of last year, informing justice department officials that they contained “a lot” of classified materials.

Pro-Trump social media influencer and half of the right-wing political commentary duo Diamond and Silk, passing last week was another major topic discussed. Rochelle Richardson, also known as Silk, posted a notice on Facebook on Monday announcing the passing of her sister Lynnette.

Elvis Presley’s sole child Lisa Marie Presley also passed away last week on Thursday at a hospital in Los Angeles after emergency personnel went to her Calabasas home in response to a “not breathing call.”

At the time of her passing, Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of Elvis and Priscilla Presley, was 54 years old. Riley, Harper Vivienne, and Finley are the three daughters she left behind, along with her mother.

“They play a rough game, the other side; the Democrats…”

Conservative host from Real America’s Voice started her chat with former president Donald Trump with the recent deaths of two popular personalities, Diamond and Silk’s Lynnette Hardaway, AKA Diamond, and the daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley.

Gina asked the former president his thoughts on the devastating news, to which he replied, “She [Lisa] was a wonderful person, and I got to know her quite a while ago when she stayed with Michael Jackson.” The former president then recalled the time Lisa stayed at Mar-a-Lago with then-husband Michael Jackson for a week. He added later that her death was a shame. “Look what happened… what a shame.”

Trump interview

Former president Trump, reminiscing about Diamond’s death and calling it an “unexpected tragedy”, recalled the first time he heard of Diamond and Silk when former First Lady Melania talked long ago about the “two incredible women on the television that absolutely love you.” “I said well let me see it and they were just great,” he said.

Mr. Trump also revealed that he will be hosting a little funeral service for the conservative commentator in North Carolina, the date for which is yet to be decided. “We are gonna do a little service up in North Carolina for Diamond.”

The former president and Dr. Gina also discussed the US-Mexico border situation. “They’re [the immigrants] hurting our country and they will hurt our country in the future,” he said.

The duo further discussed Twitter Files, where former president Trump took the opportunity to invite more people over to his social media platform, Truth Social. “Truth social’s been an unbelievable success, I hope you’re going there.”

They later discussed the Trump 2024 campaign and the 2020 presidential elections. “They play a rough game, the other side; the Democrats. These are in many cases Marxist and frankly communist.” 

“I got many millions of votes more than I got the last time, more than anybody’s ever gotten. Close to 75 million votes, probably much more than that, and supposedly lost.”

Former president Trump also expressed his desire to have “real voting”, along with his disdain for mail-in ballots.

“We used to call it voting day and now its voting months cause people vote forever. And when they vote forever, bad things happen…Mail-in ballots are a disaster because they are corrupt…Boy wouldnt it be nice if we had real voting; if we had same day voting, paper ballots, voter ID and no mail-in other than far away military or people that are legitimately ill.”

“We would have clean elections overnight.”

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