Watch Student Action Summit 2022 Live Stream

Watch Student Action Summit 2022 Live Stream

Turning Point USA will be hosting the annual Student Action Summit in Tampa, FL. Thousands of student campaigners between the ages of 15 and 26 will be invited to attend. Students attending this summit will hear from guest speakers, receive first-class activism and leadership training, and participate in conferencing events with political heads and top-tier activist organizations. Following a TPUSA conference, these campaigners return to their campuses more enlivened than ever and with the proper tools and instructions on protecting conservatism on their campus. “Join us as we carry on to make history at the most significant and unique events our movement has ever seen!”

student action summit 2022

Watch TPUSA Student Action Summit 2022 Live Stream

You can watch this event live back from the comfort of your house. You can watch it on our telegram channel, and we will add a live event on the same day; until then, you can join our telegram channel for more updates. Watch Student Action Summit 2022 Live Stream right here on World Wire.

Student Action Summit 2022 Schedule, Timings, and Parking Guide

Turning Point USA’s annual Student Action Summit will be held on:

DATE: 22nd July Friday – 24th July Sunday TIME: Friday 7:00 am – Sunday 11:59 pm VENUE: Turning Point USA, 4940 E Beverly Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85044, USA. PARKING: Parking garages and Lots, Street Parking, Pay Parking Citation. PARTICIPANTS: Students between the ages of 15 and 26. 


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Steps to Register Tickets for Student Action Summit 2022.

Step 1: Visit the official website of TPUSA.

Step 2: Go to the Options bar and select shows.

Step 3: Select SAS from the shows.

Step 4: First, Register yourself with TPUSA and 

Step 5: Book your tickets accordingly.

Types of tickets 

Minor [17 & under], Adult [26 & under] – $50

Young Adult [27-35] – $125

Parent of a minor – $200

Adult Senior [65+] – $225

Adult [36+] – $350

Minor VIP & Student VIP – $425

Young Adult VIP – $500

Adult VIP – $550

Benefits along with the enrolment pass

All of the registration types have access to general sessions. Hotel options are allotted for minor, minor VIP & student VIP.VIP Lounge access to minor VIP, Student VIP, Young Adult VIP, and Adult VIP.Reserved seating area for minor VIP, Student VIP, Young Adult VIP, and Adult VIP. Eligible for Discount Code Minor, Student & Young Adult.

Donald Trump will speak at Student Action Summit
Donald Trump will speak at Student Action Summit

TPUSA Student Action Summit 2022 FAQs

Q1 What do you need to bring to a Conference? Credit /Debit card attendees will need to put down their credit/debit card for room charges or incidentals. Form of Identification the hotel will require an official photo-id [driving license, passport, school id card]. Attire we prefer business casual clothes for all sessions throughout the conference. Attendees must also wear a badge, provided if the badge is lost have to pay $10 for reprinting the badge. Spending Money for items not covered by TPUSA Q2 Will Masks and social distancing be enforced? TPUSA will enforce local, state, and venue regulations and ordinances. These guidelines are subject to change dependent on the event location.

student action summit

Q3 What happens If I need to cancel my spot after confirming? Attendees are welcome to cancel their attendance at this link, All registrations are non-transferable.            

Q4 Will I will be able to meet speakers? Many speakers who attend TPUSA Conferences are excited to engage our student attendees. However, we cannot control their schedules beyond their allotted speaking time. We are grateful that they can join us and share their message.    

Q5 I am a minor. Is there anything I need to know? Minors will have a curfew every night at 10 pm. TPUSA Staff will be assigned to children staying in TPUSA. Minors must text their assigned staff in the evening when they are in the hotel. If they do not respond to their check-in text, TPUSA staff will do an in-person room check. Students who fail to reply with this policy will have their parent’s guardian notified and immediately removed from the TPUSA-provided lodging.

Because attendees range from 15-26, it is essential to note that some attendees are legally able to partake in activities such as the consumption of alcohol. If an attendee is engaged in such activity and brought to attention will be reported to parents and local police.


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