FAQ - What Network Does enTouch Wireless Use?

What Network Does enTouch Wireless Use?

What Network Does enTouch Wireless Use?

Are you enTouch wireless customer and want to know about What Network Does enTouch Wireless Use?

Besides, enTouch Wireless also benefits eligible Lifeline and ACP low-income households by offering free phones or discounted internet services.

But does the company have its own Network? What Network does enTouch Wireless use? How can you know if the company provides good coverage in your area and more?

If you are interested in looking for answers to such questions, this article will be a lifesaver for you. This article answers all such queries and more.

enTouch Wireless is a telecommunication, phone, and internet company located in Hiawatha, Iowa, United States. The company offers various reasonable mobile plans, good-quality wireless devices, and flexible phone deals.

The company’s benefits include unlimited talk, text, and 4G data with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) services, enabling you to use enTouch Wireless services with your phone.

Does enTouch Wireless have its own network infrastructure?


No. enTouch Wireless does not have its own network infrastructure. It is an MVNO and uses towers of other larger carriers. Though the company lacks its own tower, enTouch Wireless provides good nationwide coverage.

What Network Does enTouch Wireless Use?

enTouch Wireless uses the country’s largest network, Verizon Mobile‘s nationwide network. Verizon is the top 4G LTE service provider in the United States, with a huge coverage area. Therefore, enTouch Wireless offers the country’s most popular 4G LTE coverage.

How Do You Know if The enTouch Wireless Network is Available in Your Area?

How Do You Know if The enTouch Wireless Network is Available in Your Area

The availability of the network depends on many factors, such as

  • Your location
  • The carrier’s network coverage
  • Weather conditions

Since enTouch Wireless operates on one of the finest coverages in the country, the chances of network availability in your area are reasonably high.

As mentioned, Verizon has the largest network coverage area in the country. Its subsidiary would have enough coverage in the majority of the areas. However, as different carriers have unevenly distributed towers, certain remote areas of the country still need to have a strong network availability.

You can see the enTouch coverage map. Although the map does not guarantee network coverage in a specific area, you can get an idea and approximation of whether you can access the network.

The actual service and coverage may vary depending on the location.

How Does enTouch Wireless’s Network Compare to Others?

To know how the enTouch Wireless coverage works compared to its rivals, you must check its parent company’s coverage.

Most MVNOs use the network of the country’s three largest network operators, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

Network Provider

4G Coverage (%) 5G Coverage (%) Notable Information


70% 11% Largest 4G coverage, reliable connectivity.


68% 18%

Second in both 4G and 5G coverage

T-MOBILE 62% 41%

Smallest 4G coverage, largest 5G coverage




Uses Verizon’s towers, various factors affect connectivity

As such, even the strongest network may face issues sometimes. Nevertheless, running on the leading service provider, enTouch provides solid and reliable services.

Pros and Cons of enTouch Wireless Network

enTouch Wireless is an MVNO using the country’s top service providers’ coverage. However, it has some advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and Cons of <yoastmark class=

PROS of enTouch Wireless

  • The biggest pro of enTouch Wireless is it offers the benefit of using Verizon’s massive and reliable network.
  • As an enTouch Wireless customer, you can access the Verizon network free of charge. In contrast, Verizon’s customers pay a huge amount to buy its plan and get access to Verizon’s network.
  • As an MVNO on Verizon, enTouch Wireless doesn’t need to focus on network infrastructure maintenance. So it can focus on offering the best network services for its customers.

CONS of enTouch Wireless

There is also a disadvantage of enTouch being an MVNO since network owners give preference to their customers over their MVNO’s customers during network congestion. A

  • As an enTouch customer, you might face network issues during the time of congestion.
  • The second con of enTouch Wireless being an MVNO is it has little or no control over the network. Therefore, the company cannot help you if you face any network-related issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Network does enTouch Wireless use?

enTouch Wireless uses Verizon’s towers.

How can I contact enTouch Wireless?

You can contact enTouch Wireless customer support by phone at 1-866-488-8719. The customer support hours are Monday – Friday from 10 AM – 10 PM CT. You can also email the company your queries via [email protected] or entouchwireless.com/contact.

Does enTouch Wireless provide a free phone?

Yes. enTouch Wireless is one of the major Lifeline and ACP benefit providers. The company participates in these government-support programs and offers free smartphones with several other benefits to eligible low-income households. However, you must qualify for certain eligibility to get these benefits.

What services and benefits does enTouch Wireless offer?

enTouch Wireless participates in Lifeline and ACP programs and provides low-income qualifying households several benefits.

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