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Who is Tate Reeves Wife – See Photos

The Republican Party member, Jonathon Tate Reeves was born on June 5, 1974. He is the 65th and current Governor of Mississippi. Reeves has also served as the state treasurer and 32nd Governor of Mississippi.

Tate Reeves’ Wife

Reeves married Elee Williams in 2001. They both are parents to three children. Elee grew up in Tylertown. She McComb High School from where she graduated. 

Elee got her Bachelor’s degree from Millsaps College in Jackson. She also earned her Master’s degree in Business Administration from Millsaps College.

Elee serves as a member of the Chartered Financial Analyst Society of Mississippi and the Chartered Financial Institute. 

Tate Reeves’ wife


Tate Reeves’ education and early career

Reeves studied at the Florence High School from where he graduated. He attended Millsaps College in Jackson and got a degree in economics. During college, he played basketball. He also injured his shoulder.

In his early career, he graduated from college in 1996 and became a chartered financial analyst. 

As a chartered financial analyst, he worked at Park South Corporation. Park South Corporation is a subsidiary of the Deposit Guaranty National Bank. This bank eventually merged into AmSouth. 

Reeves later moved to Trustmark National Bank in 2000. This is where he was a financial portfolio manager until 2003 when he resigned to run for state treasurer.

Reeves’ tryst with controversies 

When Reeves was in college, it is said that he was a member of the Kappa Alpha Order. This college-based organization was infamous for its racist activities. It was often seen to include racial epithets and confederate-themed dancers in their activity.

Reeves later tumbled into a controversy, in the said controversy, yearbook photos surfaced showing fraternity members in blackface and Confederate uniforms. It is unclear whether Reeves was involved. His yearbook photos have never been released to the public.

Political Career and Ideology

Reeves short the post of Mississippi state treasurer in the 2003 election. It was an open seat as democratic incumbent Marshall G. Bennett was retiring. In the Republican primary election in 2003, Reeves faced former Central district transportation commissioner Wayne Burkes of Brandon and State Representative Andrew Ketchings of Natchez. 

In the Republican primary election, Reeves led with 49% of the vote with Burkes in 2nd place. As no candidate achieved a majority, Reeves and Burkes had a run-off election. Reeves defeated Burkes in the runoff, which had a low turnout. 

What worked in Reeves’ favor 

Observers also cited racial prejudice as Anderson is an African American as another factor that may have contributed to Anderson’s loss. However, there has been no definitive proof of racial discrimination amongst candidates. In a Mississippi Today article, Adam Ganucheau explains that Reeves’s father contributed $115,000 to his campaign, which was about 1-5th of its fundraising total. 

This election made Reeves the first Republican to hold the position of Mississippi State treasurer. He is also the youngest statewide elected official in the modern history of the state. In 2007, Reeves won reelection with about 60% of the vote. 

En route to political glory

Reeves continued his rise to power by entering the race for lieutenant governor in February 2011. In the November general election he was elected lieutenant governor succeeding Phil Bryant who was elected to his first term as governor. 

Reeves ran without democratic support but received 80.35% of votes. He was also the president of the state Senate as lieutenant governor. He used his position to prevent Medicaid expansion from receiving a floor vote. 

Reeves also blocked an increase in the gas tax to fund repairs to roads and Mississippi’s many structurally deficient bridges. Reeves later proved himself again by winning the reelection as lieutenant governor on November 3, 2015, where he defeated three opponents.

Phil Bryant, former governor Haley Barbour, and Chris McDaniel endorsed Reeves as he ran for the Governor of Mississippi in 2019.

Reeves and Waller took a runoff election as no one won a clear majority in the Primary. Reeves won the runoff election.

In the general elections, historically, Reeves was the first to win all the eight statewide offices. He defeated state attorney general Jim Hood and became the Governor.

Tate Reeves’ family

Reeves was born to Terry Reeves and Dianne Peeples. Reeves married Elee Williams in 2001. They are parents to three children.

Reeves’ father started a company in 1975, which dealt with air conditioning and heating. This company later went on to become a multi-million dollar business.

Tate Reeves’ weight and height

Reeves weighs around 70 kg and stands tall at around 5 feet 8 inches.

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