15 Places to see fall colors in Wisconsin

15 Places to see fall colors in Wisconsin

Fall Foliage is such a beautiful phenomenon that you can’t help but get mesmerised by it on witnessing it. Wisconsin is famous across the world for its beauty, especially during the autumn season. During Falls, leaves of various deciduous plants and shrubs take many shades of orange, purple, and yellow. More than 10 different colors of leaves can be witnessed during the fall season in the state of Wisconsin.

The beautiful phenomenon of nature displaying different colors can be witnesses during the Mid-late September to Early-late October. Thousands of visitors travel to the state from all across the United States and even abroad during this season. Wisconsin is also considered to be the #1 golf and adventure destination of America, The state offers the best facilities for family gatherings, picnics, and adventure. Wisconsin is perfect for a getaway during autumn.

The phenomenon of fall colors in Wisconsin does not belong to a particular place, in fact, there are many places where you can witness this, some of them provide beautiful experiences and some of them are just okay. Well, we want you to experience the best of it. In this article, we will be telling you about the 15 best places to see fall colors in Wisconsin.

Top 15 Best Places To See Fall Colors in Wisconsin

Below given are some of the most beautiful places in all of Wisconsin for enjoying the fall foliage. These have been handpicked by several travelers, and you’ll definitely love them.

  1. Schlitz Audubon Nature Centre, Milwaukee

Situated on the banks of the great Michigan river, this place is all you could dream of. The six miles long trails contain everything from meadows to lakeshore to woods. Walking and exploring this trail and nature center is suitable for everyone as it is a flat path and is made of asphalt. You also get access to a watchtower.

  1. Hiawatha Bearskin State Trail, Minocqua

The 33 miles long trail of Hiawatha Bearskin is 33 miles long and is mostly flat and hard. The easy terrain of this trail makes it suitable for everyone. Your walk at the place starts with a delightful wooden bridge crossing at the Minocqua lake. The trail is filled with creeks, springs, and lakes. There is also adequate parking and restroom facilities available at the place for the most convenient visit.

  1. Peninsula State Park, Fish Creek

Peninsula State Park is a perfect place for a short and easy fall foliage experience. You will get to pass by the historical 85-year-old pine plantation with a beautiful sight of colorful leaves. The path is just 2 miles long and very easy to walk on.

  1. Sandcave Trail and Little Sand Cave loop, Wyalusing State Park, Bagley

This place offers other beautiful views too, you get to see, beautiful Sand Caves, washed-out areas of limestones, ravines, and ledges, and even small waterfalls. There is a magnificent view of the fall leaves and the Wisconsin River.

  1. Old Settlers Trail, Wildcat Mountain State Park, Ontario

This trail is elevated at 390 feet and is 2.5 miles long. The Place offers breathtaking views of the valleys of Vernon County. This place provides one of the best views of the village of Ontario and also the trail is accessible from two points both of which are covered with beautiful views of fall leaves.

  1. Monches Segment, Ice age national scenic trail, Hartland

You can enjoy eye-drenching views of the clear and bubbly waters of the Oconomowoc river with the magical fall leaves spreading vibrant colors. This 2.7-mile long one-way trail offers the view of fabulous hardwood forests and has great historical value too.

  1. Bay view trail, Big Bay State Park, La Pointe

If you are someone who enjoys the sight of beautifully flowing waters, then this place is a must-visit for you, the 1.3-mile trail in the Big Bay State Park offers magnificent views of the lake superior along with fall leaves from a variety of trees.

  1. Timms Hill County Park, Ogema

Timms hill county park offers access to the highest geological point plus a watchtower that takes you even higher to enjoy the view of beautiful wilderness and fall leaves below. 

  1. Burkhardt Trail, Willow River State Park, Hudson

For people who want to enjoy the thrill of a trek with the breathtaking views of fall foliage, the Burkhardt trail is perfect for you. There is also a staircase that will take you down to the willow falls. This trail is a complete package of thrill and natural beauty.

  1. Red and yellow trails, Rib Mountain state park, Wausau

At the entrance of this trail, you will be greeted by the splendid view of the fall colors If you are someone who loves views from a great height, then you should be checking this place out. You can also go on a fall ride for a small fee at the Granite Park chairlifts.

  1. East Bluff Trail, Devils Lake Street Park, Baraboo

This place is especially all good for people with a love for history and rocks, you get to witness the elephant rock caves along the way, and while climbing this trek up, you gain an elevation of 500 feet. The trail connects the north and south shores of the devil’s lake.

  1. Logging Camp Trail, Pattison State Park, Superior

Someone with a love for waterfalls should be able to love this one too. While on this trail, don’t forget to visit the big and little Manitou falls. You get to explore the hardwood forest along the black river on this 4.7-mile long trail.

  1. Wildcat and Norway Pine Trails, Black river state forest, Black River Falls

The Incredible fall colors await you at the end of this trail, the trail is ideal for people who love to do things the harder way. The trail is also loved by mountain bikers. Your hike will be accompanied by trees of Jackpine, Oak, Aspen, and Maple.

  1. Perrot Ridge Trail, Perrot State Park, Trempealeau

A beautiful view of the river and fall foliage awaits you at the end of this trek. You need to cross a tiresome path filled with rocks and stairs to reach the top, but it is surely worth it. You can start your trek from the parking lot of the park headquarters.

  1. St. Peter’s Dome, Morgan Falls, Marengo

This is a multi-functional trail, for people who love it easy, you can restrict yourself to the first 0.6 miles of the trail and enjoy the views of the Morgan falls, for people who need more and rugged terrain, they can stay on the trail for an additional 1.2 miles for a beautiful view of the St. Peter’s dome and Fall Foliage.

The Bottom Line

The world is too big and diverse, you should not be restricting yourself to your office cubicle or your home living in the same city or town until you die. There is so much you can do with your life, there is just so much to explore. This fall season, make sure you visit the state of Wisconsin for the beautiful phenomenn of fall colors.

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