News - USA - About Lara Trump, Net Worth, Height, Age, Husband and More

About Lara Trump, Net Worth, Height, Age, Husband and More

About Lara Trump, Net Worth, Height, Age, Husband and More

Lara Lea Trump who is famous for being married to Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump was born on October 12th 1982. She is a former television producer in America. Currently, she also holds the title of producer and host of Trump Productions’ show called Real News Update. She is also famous for being the former producer of the show Inside Edition. 

Lara Trump’s Education 

Lara Lea Trump who was born with the name Lara Yunaska was born in Wilmington,  North Carolina. Her parents were Robert Luke Yunaska and Linda Ann Sykes. She is also the elder sister to a brother called Kyle Robert Yunaska. Lara’s initial schooling was done at Emsley A. Laney High School. She graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from the State University of North Carolina.  She also studied at the French culinary Institute, located in New York.  

Lara Trump’s Career

Lara Trump is a dedicated Republican and one of the main assets of Trump’s campaign. She campaigned for father in law Donald Trump from the year 2012 till the year 2016. She was also the online producer and handled the fundraiser for Donald Trump’s political campaigns. She was hired as the senior consultant for the reelection of Trump in 2020. She is of the age 38 and she is the mother of two children. Her first child is named Eric Luke Trump, who was born on September 12th 2017. Lara and Eric’s second child, Carolina Dorothy Trump, was born on August 19th 2019.

Earlier during the Trump Presidency Lara was an active member in the White House. She had interacted with many notable personalities like interior secretary Ryan Zinke, Phil Roe—the veteran affairs committee chairman,  and many more.

Lara Trump’s Marriage 

Lara Lea trump is 1.8 meters tall with a weight of 55 kgs. After a 6 year long relationship, Lara got married to Eric Trump on the 8th of November 2014. The wedding took place at the mar-a-lago estate of Donald Trump, located in Palm Beach Florida. 

Lara Trump’s Net Worth

The actual net worth of Laura Lea Trump is not officially known. When she was an active member of the Trump campaign she earned around 180 thousand dollars per year. In addition,  through her previous career and income as a TV host and producer her net worth has been placed at around 10 million dollars. 

Lara Trump’s Instagram and Twitter

Lara Trump’s Instagram profile is a verified Instagram profile with the name laraleatrump. Lara is quite active on Instagram and constantly updates her feed. She regularly posts pictures of her daily life. One can usually find a lot of pictures and updates of a pet dog and her two children. 

Lara’s Twitter handle has amassed over 1.3 million followers. She has around 3749 posts in total and follows 503 people on Twitter.  

Lara loves travelling and claims that red is one of our favourite colours. Lara and Eric have two homes — one in Briarcliff Manor in Westchester and two estates in Trump Park East Building.

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