Arizona Supreme Court gives Kari Lake more time to grift

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Arizona Supreme Court Lets Kari Lake Keep Grifting, Despite Lack of Evidence

In recent news, the Arizona Supreme Court has denied Kari Lake‘s request to skip the Court of Appeals and overturn the previous governor’s race results. This decision was made following legal procedures. The Supreme Court has granted Lake additional time to address her supporters, who have followed her despite her electoral defeat to Gov. Katie Hobbs

Lake’s latest attempt to alter reality through the courts could be a lengthy process, possibly lasting until 2024 and ultimately leading to a potential race for the U.S. Supreme Court if he loses. This could allow him to continue his fraudulent activities without consequences.

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Recently, Lake’s attorneys and those representing Republican Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem were fined $122,200 by a judge for filing a meritless lawsuit.

(Not that these people have applied for any other kind.)

Deputy County Attorney Tom Liddy said of the sanctions, “These people prosecute without any evidence and waste $122,000 of taxpayers’ money – but now we’ve got it back.”

Arizona Supreme Court Lets Kari Lake Keep Grifting, Despite Lack of Evidence

Other sanctions have also been imposed for cases involving Lake and Finchem.

But the sad fact is they win by losing, which allows them to follow the Donald Trump model and use legal setbacks as opportunities to make money.

The deputy county attorney handling the case, which the Supreme Court sent to the Court of Appeals, indicated that he would have been fine if the Supreme Court had allowed Lake to be at the front of the line.

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Deputy County Attorney Joseph La Rue believed doing so would provide “judicial economy and finality in elections.”

He followed all of Lake’s lawsuit by arguing a simple point, stating that “most of the factual allegations in the petition are patently false and misrepresentations of the record.”

However, when the Supreme Court ultimately rejects Lake’s last attempt, I would not expect the “finality” mentioned by LaRue.

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In the Trump playbook, which Lake dutifully follows, a lost election, defeat in court, or loss of any kind is argued as evidence that the vast, fabricated conspiracy against him is real.

And fighting requires generous contributions by supporters. Like it or not, they win more than they lose with such people.

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