Ron DeSantis and reporter clash over Florida’s slavery curriculum

Ron DeSantis and reporter clash over Florida’s controversial slavery curriculum

This news concerns Ron DeSantis and reporter clash over Florida’s controversial slavery curriculum. Read this article for more information.

DeSantis Refuses to Answer Questions About Slavery’s Benefits

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) argues with a reporter at a campaign stop in Iowa on Thursday over his state’s newly passed controversial school curriculum, which indicates that students should be taught that enslaved people personally Have “developed skills” since.

A reporter asked DeSantis whether he believed slavery had beneficial aspects. DeSantis refrained from answering, saying instead that the curriculum had been misinterpreted. He also accused Vice President Kamala Harris of spreading a “hoax” about the curriculum.

“The curriculum doesn’t say so. The curriculum is very clear,” DeSantis said, scolding the reporter for leaving out the broader context of the 200-page report.

DeSantis Refuses to Answer Questions About Slavery's Benefits

Vice President Kamala Harris criticized the curriculum last week, who said it showed Florida was “preaching” to children.

“They dare to preach to our children,” Harris said last week. “Adults know what slavery involved. Rape was involved in this. This included torture. This included taking a child from its mother.

He added, “It contains some of the worst examples of human dehumanization in our world.” “So, in that context, how can one suggest that there was any benefit to being subjected to this level of dehumanization in the midst of these atrocities?”

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DeSantis dismissed Harris’s criticisms.

“Anyone that read that and listens to Kamala Harris would know that she’s lying,” he said. “That particular provision about the skills, despite slavery, not because of it.”

The curriculum change has also been challenged by Republicans, including Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.), who clashed with the DeSantis team over its stance.

While Donalds said he supported the “vast majority” of the new standards, he opposed the portion “which seemed to be distinguishing skills acquired by slaves as a result of their enslavement.”

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National black advocacy groups, as has the nation’s largest black conservative organization, have condemned the curriculum.

The attacks come as DeSantis continues to struggle behind former President Donald Trump in the presidential primary elections. Recent national polling averages put DeSantis at about 16 percent to Trump’s 52 percent.

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Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R), who is one of DeSantis’ rivals in the GOP presidential primary, also criticized DeSantis over the course, saying it “is not leadership.”

DeSantis is in Iowa Thursday and Friday on a bus tour with his biggest supporting super PAC, Never Back Down. The Iowa caucuses are the first vote in the GOP primary and are considered very important for DeSantis’ campaign to do well there in January.

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