Ashley Moody Net Worth- Biography, Age, Husband, Family

Ashley Moody - Biography, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Family

This article contains everything about Ashley Moody, including Ashley Moody biography, net worth, family, career, and much more.

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Ashley Moody Biography

Ashley Moody Biography

Ashley Moody is an American lawyer and politician, and her efforts to amend some of the existing law for the people of Florida makes her one of the most important diplomats in the United States. Abolishing the Affordable Care Act was one of them.

Ashley Moody was born on March 28, 1975, in Plant City, Florida. She was born as the oldest child of Carol and Judge James S. Moody. Ashley lived in the city with her three siblings.

From Plant City High School, Ashley received Diploma in 1993. After that, she completed her graduation and masters in Accountancy from the University of Florida.

After that, she was elected as the president of Florida Blue Key while she was a student at the University of Florida. Moody received her Juris Doctor from the University of Florida School of Law and a Masters of Law in international law from Stetson University College of Law.

Ashley Moody started her work as an intern for American Bar Association President Martha Barnett before joining Holland & Knight to practice civil litigation.

In 1998, her involvement in politics began when she changed her political parties from Democratic to Republic. During this period, she was appointed as the student representative for Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

Ashley Moody Husband

Ashley Moody Husband

Ashley Moody is married to another American diplomat, Justin Duralia, a special agent of the Drug Enforcement administration. They have two sons, and the elder son serves in the US Army.

Ashley Moody Net Worth 2022

The net worth of Ashley Moody in 2022 has yet to be discovered, but we have the data for last year. By December 2021, her net worth was $2.99 million. His husband is also working as a federal government agent. Lockdown and the pandemic showed a slight decline from the approximately $3.02 million disclosed a year earlier.

Ashley has property in Longboat Key in Yancey County, North Carolina, and the Young & Moody building in Plant City. Moody also declared a partnership with Real estate brokerage company Artzibushev University One limited, and from there, their revenue of Moody was $62,521, and she made a profit of $84,634 from her investments.

She also revealed that she held a 33 percent stake in a Merrill Lynch account that contained shares of many businesses, including Wynn Resorts, Valero, BP PLC, Crispr Therapeutics, SunTrust Bank, and Wells Fargo. She had shares in two other Merrill Lynch accounts.

Ashley Moody Family

Asley Moody Family

Ashley Moody is a native of Plant City, Florida, and her father was James Moody Jr. However, we can not find her mother’s and siblings’ name. We will update them soon once we get them.

Apart from her parents, Ashley Moody married Justin Duralia, and the couple is blessed with two sons. They are Brandon Duralia and Connor James Duralia.

Ashley Moody Career

Ashley Moody starts her career as the assistant US attorney for Florida’s Middle District. Later she was chosen in 2006 to serve on Florida’s Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Court, which included Hillsborough County.

On April 28, 2017, Moody announced his resignation to compete for Florida attorney general in the 2018 elections. She also gets criticized by state representative Frank White for registering as a Democrat and losing her place in the Republican Party. Moody ran against state representative Sean Shaw in the general election. Shaw lost to Moody, who received 52% of the vote to Shaw’s 46%.

In her career, she has done several notable works. Moody kept Florida involved in a lawsuit that aims to have the Affordable Care Act declared unconstitutional.

Following a ballot measure that would have legalized marijuana for recreational use in Florida in 2022, Moody requested the Florida Supreme Court in April 2021 to consider whether the initiative was appropriate for the 2022 election.

The initiative did not clarify that recreational marijuana would still be banned at the federal level, according to the Florida Supreme Court. The campaign’s organizers, Make It Legal Florida, were forced to rewrite the amendment and start the signature-gathering process, which ultimately killed the project.

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