AT&T Student Discount – Everything You Need To Know

AT&T Student Discount - Everything You Need To Know

AT&T has officially announced its student discount program that offers a 10$ monthly service discount to students who are currently enrolled in an accredited college or university.

This article covers detailed information about this AT&T discount, including information such as terms & conditions of the program, who is eligible, how to get the discount, and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

What is AT&T Student Discount?

What is AT&T Student Discount

AT&T student discount is a program offered by AT&T to give students enrolled in an accredited college or university a 10$ discount on their monthly service fees per line.

This discount is available to postpaid customers who sign up for one of AT&T’s unlimited wireless plans, such as AT&T Unlimited & More and AT&T Unlimited & More Premium.

The discount is available for both new and existing customers and can be used for as long as you remain a student. In addition to the 10$ discount on wireless plans, AT&T also offers a 10$ discount on any single-line accessories purchased.

So, students who sign up for AT&T can save even more on the necessary accessories they need to stay connected.

Does AT&T Offer a Student Discount?

Yes, AT&T does offer a student discount in the form of a 10$ monthly service discount.

The company has a dedicated webpage for students where they can find out more about the various discounts that are available to them.

Disclaimer – The student discount will be applied to the monthly service cost. However, users should note that the credit only applies to the monthly service charge and not to any other fees and taxes.

How to get the AT&T Student Discount in 2023?

To get the AT&T student discount, you’ll need to have a valid student ID and be enrolled in an eligible education program. The discount is available for both new and existing customers, and it can be applied to both individual and family plans.

To apply for the discount, you need to follow these simple steps –

  • Simply visit the AT&T website and sign in to your account.
  • Select the “Products & Services” tab and then select the Wireless option.
  • Now, scroll down to the Discounts & Offers section and select Student Discount.
  • Lastly, enter your student ID and program information to verify your eligibility.

If you’re eligible for the discount, it will be applied to your monthly bill.

AT&T Wireless Discounted Plans

Besides the student discount, AT&T offers several deals to help users make the most of the unlimited plan.

  • AT&T Unlimited Premium plan for $50/mo/line – This plan gives you unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data, plus HD video streaming, 50GB of mobile hotspot data, AT&T Active Armor advanced mobile security and more.
  • AT&T Unlimited Extra plan for $40/mo/ line with AutoPay – This plan gives you unlimited talk, text, and data, standard-definition streaming, 50GB of premium data, 15GB hotspot data per line monthly, free AT&T ActiveArmor advanced mobile security app, and more.
  • AT&T Unlimited &More SM plan for $35/mo/line with AutoPay – This plan gives you unlimited talk, text, and data, standard-definition streaming, 3GB of mobile hotspot data per line per month, AT&T ActiveArmor mobile security, and more.
  • AT&T Unlimited Wireless Plan – The international minutes and data deal is available for students who sign up for this plan. The plan gives students up to 1,000 international minutes and up to 10 GB of data per month, depending on the plan chosen.

The international minutes can be used for calling more than 190 countries, and the data can be used when visiting more than 100 countries.

How can I prove my Student Status for the Student Discount at AT&T?

If you’re a current student and you’re looking to get a discount on your AT&T wireless service, you’ll need to prove your student status.

There are a few different ways you can do this –

  • Provide a valid student ID card.
  • Provide a current class schedule or transcript.
  • Provide a signed letter from your school on official letterhead that verifies your student status.
  • Verify via your registered .edu email.

If you have any of these items, you can submit them to AT&T, and they will review your information to verify your student status. Once AT&T verifies that you are a student and you have signed up for an AT&T wireless plan, the discount will be applied to your account.

If you face any issues during the verification process, you can contact AT&T customer support at 800-288-2020 or visit their nearby store.


How can I get the AT&T student discount?

You can get the student discount by proving your student status and signing up for an unlimited plan. Once you have done that, the discount will automatically be applied to your plan.

How do I qualify for an AT&T student discount?

To qualify for a student discount, you must be enrolled in a qualified educational institution and have a valid student ID.

How much can I save with an AT&T student discount?

You can save up to 10$ on your monthly bill with a student discount.

What services are eligible for the AT&T student discount?

AT&T offers a wide range of services, and many of them are eligible for student discounts. Discounts are available for wireless plans, internet services, TV packages, and more.

How can I verify that I am eligible for the AT&T student discount?

In order to verify that you are eligible for the student discount, you will need to provide a valid student ID. Once you have provided your ID, a member of the AT&T team will be able to verify your eligibility.

Does AT&T offer special discounts to anyone else?

Yes. AT&T offers special discounts to Nurses, Teachers, First Responders, Military Personnel & Veterans, along with deals for seniors and existing customers.

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