Best Internet Provider in Washington DC

Best Internet Provider in Washington DC

Are you looking for the Best Internet Provider in Washington, DC? If yes, then you have stumbled upon the right article.

In today’s digital world, a good internet connection is no longer a luxury but a necessity. But with so many internet service providers in Washington, DC, choosing the right one can be difficult.

Finding the perfect internet provider in the District of Columbia is crucial whether you are a student, a professional working from home, or a gamer. 

I work from home in Washington, DC, and having fast internet is a must for me. So, I started looking for the best internet provider.

I checked out a lot of companies and compared what they offer. I looked at their internet speed, how much it costs, and how good their service is. I wanted something reliable and not too expensive.

After a lot of searching and comparing, I finally found the right internet provider.

It had the fast speed I needed, was within my budget, and had great reviews about its service. Now, I can work smoothly without any internet issues.

With this post, I will help you explore the options and find the best internet provider for your needs in the nation’s Capital

We will discuss the best providers based on factors like speed, price, availability, and customer service to help you make a smart decision.  

So, without further delay, let’s begin. 

How To Choose The Best Internet Provider In Washington, DC

How To Choose
How To Choose The Best Internet Provider In Washington, DC

You can choose the best internet provider available in Washington, DC, by considering several factors mentioned below.


Ensure that you choose a provider with good coverage in Washington, DC. Not all providers offer service in every area of the Capital. You can use provider websites to check if your preferred provider covers your area.


Check price and other charges, such as equipment rental fees, installation charges, and potential price increases after introductory periods for different providers.

Data Requirement

Consider your internet needs based on streaming, gaming, video calls, and how much data you consume monthly. Ensure your chosen provider has plans that fulfill your data requirement.

Speed Tiers

Choose a plan with download and upload speeds that meet your needs. Providers like Verizon Fios and Xfinity offer gigabit speeds, while others like Astound have more affordable plans in Washington.

Customer satisfaction

Check online reviews and customer satisfaction ratings from reputable sources to know provider reliability, customer service, and overall experience of Best Internet Provider in Washington DC.

Data caps

Some providers, like Xfinity, have data caps, which can incur additional charges if exceeded. Consider unlimited data plans if you are a heavy internet user.

Contract terms

You should consider whether your provider requires a contract. Be mindful of contract lengths and early termination fees associated with different plans.

In the next section, we have mentioned some of the best internet providers in Washington, DC.

Top 9 Best Internet Providers In Washington, DC

Top 9 Best Internet Providers In Washington, DC
Top 9 Best Internet Providers In Washington, DC

Living in Washington, DC, means you have options for a diverse range of internet providers.

We have compiled a list of the top 8 options in the city, helping you explore the service providers market and find the best internet service for you.

Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios is considered one of the best internet providers in Washington, DC, offering fiber, 5G/4G LTE, and DSL internet.

The speed offered by Verizon Fios plans ranges from 300 – 2,000 Mbps at $50 – $120 monthly, and it’s known for offering symmetrical download and upload speeds.

To book, Contact Verizon Fios Customer Support at 833-554-2110

Pros Cons
  • All Verizon Fios plans are based on fiber Internet.
  • All plans come with similar download and upload speeds.
  • All plans are without any data cap.
  • Verizon Fibre Internet has limited availability.
  • LTE and DSL internet are expensive.

Verizon 5G Home Internet

Verizon 5G Home internet plan starts at $50/ Mo., offering speed up to 500 Mbps. It is one of the fiber internet services in Washington.

Although Verizon 5G home internet is available on a small scale, it’s still the best option for residents of Washington.

Pros Cons
  • Fast speeds for downloading and browsing
  • No data caps, so you can use a lot
  • Simple pricing with no hidden fees
  • Good for many devices at once
  • Limited availability in some areas Might be slower when lots of people use it
  • Equipment might need a special setup
  • It might not work well through some walls


Astound offers Cable internet at a price range of $20 to $80 monthly for speeds of 100-1500 Mbps. This Internet provider is known for its affordable plan price and best introductory price in Washington, DC.

To book, visit the Official Website of Astound at “”

Pros Cons
  • Offers low first-year plan pricing (low promotional price) compared to other providers.
  • Astound’s plans have no data caps.
  • Offers plans with unlimited data.
  • Plans require no contracts.
  • Astound Internet has low availability and may be limited to metro areas.
  • There is a significant plan price increase after the end of the promotional period.
  • Astound charges equipment fees.


Xfinity is a brand of Comcast that mainly provides Cable Internet plans at the price range of $20 – $120 monthly with speeds varying between 75 – 2,000 Mbps. Xfinity is known for the best coverage in Washington, DC.

Not just in DC, Xfinity is also one of the Best Internet Providers in Chicago, IL, and many states.

To book, contact Xfinity at 833-587-5349

Pros Cons
  • Xfinity offers a good variety of plans and some high-speed residential plans.
  • Greater availability in almost all parts of Washington, DC.
  • Has reliable customer support.
  • Xfinity has data caps for most plans.
  • Most plans require contracts.
  • Xfinity plan price increases after the promotional period ends.

Starry Internet

Starry Internet is another internet provider in Washington, DC that offers fixed wireless connection through their affordable plans for $30 – $80 monthly with speeds from 50 – 1,000 Mbps.

To Book and Check Availability, visit Starry at “”

Pros Cons
  • Starry Internet provides fast speeds for a wireless connection.
  • The plan has no data caps or contracts.
  • Starry Internet charges no equipment fees.
  • No price increase after 12 months or a promotional period.
  • Faster speed is not available in all service areas.
  • Possible service disruptions during weather disturbances.


HughesNet is a satellite internet provider offering service to most areas in Washington, including rural areas where cable, DSL, or fiber internet providers might not be available.

It offers plans starting at 49.99 monthly for download speeds up to 100 Mbps. They also have a HughesNet Affordable Connectivity program to help low-income people afford internet services.

To book, Contact HughesNet at  855-380-0201

Pros Cons
  • HughesNet has great availability, covering almost all areas of Washington, DC.
  • HughesNet offers no-contract month-to-month plans.
  • Offers bundle services, including internet with HughesNet VoiceOver IP (VoIP) phone service for
    potential savings.
  • HughesNet plans have data caps. Exceeding the data cap can significantly slow down your internet experience.
  • Satellite internet experiences higher latency (delay) compared to cable or fiber. This can affect activities like gaming and video conferencing.
  • Internet interruption during heavy rain, snow, or other extreme weather conditions.
  • HughesNet plans can be more expensive than cable or fiber options.

DC Access

DC Access is a local internet provider that offers fixed wireless networks in Washington, DC. They primarily serve the Capitol Hill and Adams Morgan neighborhoods with internet plans starting at 39.99 monthly, with
download speeds up to 75 Mbps.

To Book Visit, DC Access Official Website at “”

Pros Cons
  • DC access offers no-contract plans.
  • Can get personalized customer service.
  • DC access is only available in a few neighborhoods within Washington DC.
  • Compared to larger competitors, DC Access generally offers slower internet speeds at higher prices.
  • It charges a $99 installation fee.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

T-Mobile Home Internet offers budget-friendly, decent 5G internet plans in Washington, DC. The plan pricing starts at $50 monthly with a download speed of up to 245 Mbps.

To book T-Mobile 5G Home Internet contact at 877-932-0218

Pros Cons
  • T-Mobile doesn’t lock you into contracts.
  • It charges no additional equipment rental fees.
  • T-Mobile offers easy and quick self-installation.
  • T-Mobile 5G service is only available in some parts of Washington, DC.
  • T-Mobile 5G Internet can face fluctuations in speed and performance during peak usage times or due to environmental factors.
  • T-Mobile’s 5G service generally offers lower maximum download speeds, which might not be ideal for heavy internet users or online gamers.


Viasat is another satellite-based best internet provider In Washington, DC, that offers internet service in most areas of Washington, DC, including download speeds up to 150 Mbps at a plan price starting at 64.99 monthly.

To Book Viasat, Contact them at 844-923-1695

Pros Cons
  • Viasat has good coverage in Washington, DC, even in remote areas.
  • The plans do not have data caps.
  • It offers easy self-installation.
  • Viasat plans can be more expensive than cable or fiber internet plans with similar speeds.
  • Satellite internet has higher latency than cable or fiber optic internet, which makes it less ideal for gaming or streaming.
  • Satellite internet can be affected by harsh weather conditions.

These are the top best internet providers in Washington, DC. You can visit these providers’ websites to check their availability with your PIN code.

Best Internet Provider In Washington, DC – Plans & Pricing

Best Internet Provider In Washington, DC - Plans & Pricing
Best Internet Provider In Washington, DC – Plans & Pricing

Whether living in Washington, DC, or anywhere else, you must be looking for an affordable internet plan that meets your needs.

While every internet provider has different pricing for their plans, Astound Broadband and Xfinity two offer the most affordable plan prices in Washington.

Astound’s plan starts at $20 monthly for 300Mbps, $35 for 600Mbps, $45 for 1,000Mbps and $55 for 1,500Mbps. However, after the promotion period, the prices for these plans increase.

Xfinity offers eight plans in Washington: 200 Mbps at $25 monthly, 400 Mbps at $35, 800 Mbps at $60, 1,000 Mbps at $70, 1,200 Mbps at $80, and 2,000 Mbps at $110.

Except for 2,000 Mbps plans, these prices are only available for the first 12-36 months.

The table below shows plans and starting prices for the other best internet providers in Washington, DC.

Providers Plan Price Plan Speed
Connection Type
Astound (Cable) $20–$55/mo. 300–1,500 Mbps Cable
Xfinity $25–$110/mo. 200–2,000 Mbps Cable
Verizon Fios $49.99–$89.99/mo. 300–940 Mbps Fibre
Starry Internet $40–$60/mo. 200–500 Mbps
Fixed Wireless
T-Mobile Home Internet $50/mo. up to 245 Mbps 5G
Hughesnet $49.99/month up to 100 Mbps Satellite
D.C. Access $39.99–$99.99/mo. 10–75 Mbps
Fixed Wireless

Cheapest Internet Service Providers In Washington, DC?

Currently, the cheapest internet plan in Washington, DC, is offered by Astound Broadband. Their plan starts at $20 per month and provides download speeds of up to 300 Mbps.

This promotional price is locked in for 12 months.

It is important to consider that although Astound offers the cheapest introductory price, their rates increase after the initial promotional period.

Xfinity is another of the cheapest and best internet providers In Washington, DC. Its plan starts at $25 monthly for up to 200 Mbps.

Another cheapest plan is offered by Verizon Fios, starting at $24.99 per month for up to 300 Mbps speed.

Providers Price starts at
Astound (Cable) $20/month
Xfinity $25/month
Verizon Fios $29.99/month

Fastest Internet Providers In Washington DC

Fastest Internet Providers In Washington DC
Fastest Internet Providers In Washington DC

The fastest Internet services in Washington, DC, are Verizon Fios, Xfinity, and Astound Broadband.

Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios utilizes a fiber-optic network known for its reliability and symmetrical speeds, meaning upload speeds are similar to download speeds.

Their top plans offer speeds up to 2.3 Gbps, which is perfect for large households with multiple users streaming, gaming, and working from home simultaneously.

However, it is important to note that not all areas have access to Veriozon’s fastest-speed internet.


Xfinity also offers the fastest internet speeds in Washington, DC, with plans reaching up to 1200 Mbps. However, Xfinity has data caps on some plans.

Astound Broadband

Astound Broadband offers cable and fiber internet plans, with their fastest cable plans reaching speeds of 1,500 Mbps. Astound is known for its competitive pricing, especially for low- introductory rates.

However, the price increased after the end of the promotional period.

Best Internet Provider In Washington, DC – Coverage Comparison

Many internet providers offer good coverage in Washington. Hughesnet, Xfinity, and Viasat top the list for their availability in most parts of Washington.

Here is the list of internet providers with their coverage in Washington.

Providers Availability in Washington, DC
Verizon Fios 60%
Xfinity 96.66%
T-Mobile Home Internet 91.92%
Hughesnet 100%
Viasat 100%
Astound Broadband 75.63%
DC access 10.48%
Starry 42.24%

Best Internet Provider In Washington, DC – World Wire Recommendation


While it depends on personal preference, need, and budget, you might still be scratching your head in confusion about choosing the best Internet service provider in Washington.

If this is the case, you can consider these three internet providers.

  • Xfinity: Offers the fastest speeds and has satisfactory coverage but has data caps or contracts on certain plans.
  • Verizon Fios: Known for high reliability and symmetrical speeds, but availability is lower than some competitors.
  • Astound Broadband: This can be a good option because of its competitive pricing and high speeds in certain areas, but coverage is less extensive than in others.

Based on these factors, We recommend:

  • Xfinity is good to go if you need high-speed internet and don’t mind data caps or signing a contract.
  • Verizon Fios is a good choice if you prioritize reliability and symmetrical upload download speeds.
  • If you are looking for competitive pricing and affordable internet plans, Astound Broadband is worth choosing.

Finally, the promising way to find the best internet provider In Washington, DC, is to check the providers’ availability at your address through their website, compare plans and prices from different providers in your area, and consider your needs and priorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top internet providers in Washington?

Xfinity, Verizon Fios, Astound Broadband, and T-Mobile are the top Internet providers in Washington. Xfinity offers wider coverage with their cable internet, Verizon Fios offers high speed with fiber internet, Astound Broadband offers cheap cable internet plans, and T-Mobile offers fixed wireless connections at competitive prices.

What is the most affordable internet provider in Washington?

The plans and prices vary based on different internet providers and your location. However, Astound Broadband is known to offer the most affordable internet plans in Washington.

What is the best internet provider for rural areas in Washington?

Satellite internet providers like HughesNet and Viasat offer good coverage in rural areas in Washington but have lower speeds. In contrast, Starlink is a newer internet provider with faster speeds and no data caps but has less availability.

How do I choose the best internet provider in Washington, DC?

You can consider factors such as availability, need, speed, and data cap based on your activities, budget, quality of customer service support, coverage, etc, to choose the best interest provider in Washington, DC.

What is the fastest internet provider in Washington, DC?

Currently, Xfinity offers the fastest Internet in Washington, DC.


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