Dr. Phil McGraw Wife – Who is His Current Wife?

Dr. Phil McGraw Wife

Dr. Phil McGraw Wife – Dr. Phil, originally known as Phillip Calvin McGraw, is an American television personality and author well-known as the host of the talk show Dr. Phil.

Who is Dr. Phil current wife?

Who is Dr. Phil current wife?
Who is Dr. Phil current wife?

Dr. Phil McGraw is happily married to his wife, Robin McGraw. He describes his meeting with Robin as “love at first sight” between two. Talking about their first date that took place nearly decades from now, Dr. Phill McGraw beloved wife stated, “I knew that first evening I sat and visited with him that he was the one.”

Robin is a philanthropist, author, and TV personality. She has appeared on his show to support women around the world. She is the inventor of When Georgia Smiled: The Robin McGraw and Dr. Phil Foundation and served the foundation being one of the important board members.

In addition, Dr. Phil McGraw wife, Robin, is a national spokesperson for Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children (CASA), which works to represent abused and left children in court and other tribunals.

Their relationship started soon after Dr. Phil separated from his former wife, Debbie Higgins. The couple tied the knot in August 1976.

After three years of marriage, Dr. Phil and Robin welcomed their first son on September 12, 1979. His name is Jay McGraw. Their second son, Jordan McGraw, was born on October 21, 1986.

When asked about their relationship, Dr. Phil said maintaining a decade-long relationship is not easy, but for the couple, it’s simple. “We enjoy being together,” shared Dr. Phil in 2016.

The couple is around 45 years old and shares a strong bond despite several ups-downs in their relationship. In 2018 in one of the interviews, Dr. Phil said he thinks the couple can keep their bond stronger because of his one secret, saying, “Yes, Dear.”

While Dr. Phil McGraw wife, Robin, considers openness and shared values to be the reason they are bound together. She once said, “we talked about needs, and I told him I could not be married in a home with conflict. My mother and father never fought, and my father loved my mother, so I had to know that I was loved and adored.”

She says that she does not live in a fairy tale but needs to be treated with dignity and respect. Dr. Phil and Robin have managed their numerous responsibilities by prioritizing their family and marriage.

Who is Dr. Phil McGraw Wife, Debbie Higgins?

Dr. Phil McGraw Wife, Debbie Higgins
Dr. Phil McGraw Wife, Debbie Higgins

Debbie Higgins is the first wife of Dr. Phil McDraw. The former couple married in 1970 at the Roeland Park Southridge Presbyterian Church, and Phil was 20 at that time. The two started dating each other in high school. Phil was a football player, and she was a “beautiful cheerleader,” as said Dr. Phil while talking about his previous wife.

Debbie worked as an editor and was recognized for working on the film Demon Hunters-Fear the Silence featuring Mary Bonczek, Rob Dimension, and Brian Gildea.

The couple divorced in 1973 after staying for three years together. Debbie said Phil dominated and would not allow her to participate in the family business. She asserted that she was restricted to domestic tasks and instructed to start lifting weights to enhance her bustling. She also claimed that infidelity had ended their marriage.

It was in 1973 when Dr. Phil McGraw met his present wife, Robin Jo Jameson while being engaged in the process of ending the marriage with Debbie. Currently, Debbie is no longer between us. Her brother confirmed her death in 2014 due to an unidentified form of cancer.

Dr. Phil McGraw’s Net Worth 2023

As of 2022, Dr. Phil McGraw’s net worth is expected to be roughly $460 million. He is one of the highest-paid television personalities, and he owns 100% of his show content.

Dr. Phil McGraw Biography

Dr. Phil McGraw Biography
Dr. Phil McGraw Biography

Dr. Phil possesses a Ph.D. in clinical psychology but is not licensed to practice. He gained celebrity status when he first appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in the late 1990s. Currently, he lives in Beverly Hills, California, with his wife, Robin.

Dr. Phil was born on September 1, 1950, in Vinita, Oklahoma. Phil attended Shawnee Mission North High School in Kansas, where he was awarded a football scholarship. He went to the University of Tulsa, where he continued playing football.

Then he joined Midwestern State University in Texas. He received his graduation degree in B. Psychology and completed his M.A. in experimental psychology later. In 1979, he obtained his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Texas.

After his studies, Phil joined his father in Texas. In 1983, the father and son joined Thelma Box, a businesswoman from Texas who helped them in the presentation of ‘Pathways’ seminars.

Phil’s association with Oprah Winfrey started when she hired him to help her with the Amarillo Texas Beef Trial, which she won. She was impressed by Phil and asked him to appear on her show in 1998. The episode was a super hit, and he began appearing weekly over the next few years.

In 2002 he launched the Dr. Phil TV show, produced by Harpo Studios and owned by Oprah. The following year he began selling shakes, weight supplements, and other weight loss/gain products. Phil ranked no. 22 in Forbes’ celebrity 100 lists with an income of $45 million. In 2003, he and his wife established the Dr. Phil Foundation to combat childhood obesity.

FAQ About Dr. Phil McGraw

Did Dr. Phil have children with Debbie Higgins?

Dr. Phil separated from Debbie Higgins after three years of their marriage. The couple had no children between them.

How long was Debbie Higgins married to Dr. Phil?

Debbie Higgins was married to Dr. Phil for three years, from 1970-1973. They divorced in 1973.

Did Dr. Phil have a stroke?

Dr. Phil suffered a stroke on January 3, 2019. It was some days before the new semester at CNU was scheduled to begin. He was 57 at that time and had come home for lunch when the stroke occurred. There were “no warning signs,” Phil later said.

Why did Dr. Phil lose his license?

Phil obtained his Ph.D. in psychology from the University of North Texas in 1979. He was licensed in practice Psychology in Texas. But later, the board canceled his license in 1988 after registering two misconduct complaints, including sexual exploitation towards one of the patients.

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