Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 Release Date – Is it going to launch?

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is an RPG video game based on a very widely popular Dragon Ball franchise. This game is developed by Dimps and published by Bandai Namco Games. The first installment was released in February 2015 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Right after one year, its sequel “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” was released in 2016.

The Dragon Ball Xenoverse also called Dragon Ball XV, is the 15th Dragon Ball fighting game which is released on home consoles and the first fighting game developed by Dimps which features full 3D battles.

These first two installments of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse game in the Xenoverse Series published by Bandai Namco Entertainment’s sold over 15 million units together worldwide. Despite such huge financial success and positive feedback from players, why has the third installment is not yet released?

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 Release Date and is it going to launch?

Reason for not releasing Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3        
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3

After the original and the sequel of dragon ball, Xenoverse was very well received by both critics and fans. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 was heavily requested by its fans. Even with the good reviews, both installments have some flaws in them. Also, the developers and publishers had plans to port the game for the next generation consoles. Next-generation consoles could be an indication of Play Station 5 which is set to release later this year. This may be the prime reason we never got any updates of news regarding Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 as the developers had no intention to release make or release the game before the right time.

Leaving behind all these possibilities, it is very difficult for the developers to actually create a decent and interesting story of Xenoverse 3. Because nowadays, only action and intense gameplay won’t win the hearts of gamers. They need quality content in terms of story and small details surrounding it.

Both the previous games had a worn-out, and shortlisted story of Dragon Ball Z just like other hundreds of Dragon Ball games made before with some minor changes. If Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 is ever coming to life, it has to be better than the previous along with a great storyline. This may be the most understanding reason why the game is taking time to pop up in the market as it has to fulfill thousands of fans’ expectations for the game.

Why Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 needs to happen

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3        
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3

As mentioned before, Dragon Ball fans are demanding it for over 3 years, and Dragon Ball games tend to do fan service more often than not. Also, one cannot just ignore a million bucks that are generated by the previous installments.

After taking so much time and I am sure they are putting the best efforts into the game we will be able to see more characters, customization options, and transformations along with the best storyline in Dragon Ball games to date.

It can also feature the story of Dragon Ball Super which is still waiting to be featured in the video games title.

Expected release date

As we now know that there is a possibility that the developers were waiting for the release of the next-generation consoles, which is possibly Play Station 5. And Sony’s PS5 will be out in late 2020 we can assume that the announcement about the third installment of Dragon Ball Xenoverse will take place soon after that (PS5 release). In the first quarter of 2021, we can hear about the Xenoverse 3, and if it happens so, we can expect the game to be released in late 2021 or early 2022. Some say that the game might be released in 2022, while a lot believe that the game is still in development and will be released in 2023 or 2024.

According to the news and sources and various speculations from fans and insiders, this is the best possible assumption of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 release date one can imagine.

Which storyline will be featured?

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3        
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3

We can say for sure that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 will continue with its confusing and twirling timeline story. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 ended with the Goku suggesting the final time battle to determine the Most Powerful Time Patroller in the game.

The third installment would be sort of a combination of the previous two titles in the series.

In the original title, we saw the Time Patrol, which are the versions of Trunks who are dedicated to maintaining the time-space continuum. We face the time-traveling villains in the game named Towa and Mira who are trying to manipulate the timeline.

The second installment expanded the reach by introducing recruits to Mira and Towa, which includes Lord Slug, Bardock, and Turles in order to rebuild the timeline in their favor.

While the story has already explored the vital elements from Dragon Ball GT and some Easter eggs from Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 will likely explore Dragon Ball Super story elements and plot which may merge the alternate futures and tamper with the existing tampering.

Characters that will reprise the roles and which new ones we can expect

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3        
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3

Similarly, as Xenoverse 2 had highlighted another, bigger center point world than its prequel, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 would probably go considerably greater than both of the two prior installments. Given its indicated premise, players will probably have the choice to import either or both of their custom characters from past games or make another Time Patroller totally. While the initial two games had given players the alternative to planning their own Saiyan, Namekian, human, Majin, or individual from Frieza’s race, the Xenoverse 3 could include androids or deity figures like the Kais along with the blend given their additional unmistakable quality in Dragon Ball Super.

Talking about villains, while Towa and Mira are probably going to assume a part in proceeding with the continuation of the initial two games, another all-encompassing bad guy could be introduced in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3.

Dragon Ball Super has presented the idea of fiendish Kais themselves altering and crushing divergent timelines of events and the possibility of a more extensive Dragon Ball Multiverse. That could give an approach to substitute variants of exemplary characters, from either alternate dimensions or alternate timelines, to be presented alongside a more broad gander at the Multiverse’s other 11 universes.

Gameplay in previous Dragon Ball Xenoverse titles

The unique and ambitious concept of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series really sets it apart from the rank-and-file of licensed anime games. It’s a three-dimensional arena brawler seated within an MMO-like structure which provides both the immediate fun of Dragon Ball Z’s big battles and a larger experience of playing a new Dragon Ball character that lives in the same universe and grows in power gradually over time.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3        
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3

Much like the franchise’s greatest hero combat is at the heart of the experience and Xenoverse toon generally does a good job of translating the omnidirectional all-over scraps which shows basic chain combos can just be mashed out aimlessly although these combos alone will not grant you any victory. Building the real combos requires a sound understanding of various cancel mechanics and different resource meters. None of them is any more difficult than pressing a couple of buttons at the same time but where it didn’t necessarily test the fighting game dexterity.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3        
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3

It did reward players for experimenting with its huge catch or special abilities which offer a wide range of tactical options from space-controlling abilities that will help you zone out aggressive opponents in order to attacks that slight damage for the chance to inflict the weakening status effects. There are plenty of interesting tools to support almost any play style as well as ample opportunity to counterplay some of the enthusiasm.

It was dampened a bit by the wet mop hit effects and by the camera’s sometimes unruly behavior when it warps around to keep up with the action which can lead to some frustrating missed attacks sometimes at the worst possible moment, but on the whole, it captures the spectacle of Dragon Ball Z bouts while keeping things manageable.

Gameplay expected in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3        

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3        
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3

While we don’t need any more drastic changes in the game as the combat mechanics are quite fascinating. The small tweaks here and there should be fixed and the Online MMO-like experience should be made better. Visual expectations from the game are obviously high as now we are in the Age of Gaming and Quality Graphics are what every gamer would love to have.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 which most probably will be developed by Dimps and Bandai Namco Entertainment. It will be made available for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 5.


The Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 is expected to release in late 2021 or early 2022 and should be available for PlayStation 5 and will be a huge hit from day one as the fans are waiting for it over for over 3 years.

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  • Here are somethings I’d like to see myself. One would be that all fighting arenas should be made to be played off line or online. Two would be be able to play the arenas off line with up to four players on the conceal. Three would be make it where two people can play online on the same conceal to make it where you can go on missions together. Four when you max out your character in the coliseum you can make into a figurine one time thing so you can’t change it, brake down one figurine for its spots on the board, one for there powers and one for there stats. But only way to reset that is with a wish. And five all the mods people can do on the PC version make where the conceals can do that only off line.

  • Hi there, this article is being pulled by google claiming to have a release date for dragonball xenoverse 3. You really need to reword the paragraph about nextgen consoles because it is worded as if there was an announcement and there is not.

  • Guarda io so contento che dbxv3 esca poi su switch e che abbia più opzioni e personaggi. Vagliò il 3 capitolo sarà na bomba io aspetto però che i personaggi non siano a pagamento, ma che li sblocchi un pò alla volta completando missioni, grazie che è d’accordo con me è un grande.

  • I hope they have more transformations like ssg,ssj4,metal cooler form for frieza races,and to be able to use 2 accessories instead of 1.Also,I would like to see more instructors such as goku black,uub,android 21,jiren,toppo,and super baby 2.I would also like it if our bot allies would use their transformations.And if we can’t fuse i would like it if we could at least have the potara earings or the time rings.

  • Hi, you know I have a few suggestions for xenoverse 3 I think that there should be a transformation creator for xenoverse 3 allowing us to make our own transformations and also the combat should be way better and xenoverse 3 should be 2x bigger than conton and should have every dlc from xenoverse 2 in xenoverse 3 and yes there should be a least 3 more races like android kais and half saiyan’s that can turn into great apes this would make xenoverse 3 the best dragon ball game there ever was