EPB and Google Fiber Unveil High-Speed Internet Deals

EPB and Google Fiber Unveil High-Speed Internet Deals

Discover the latest high-speed internet offerings from EPB and Google Fiber, providing lightning-fast internet options for users.  Two telecommunications companies have introduced new plans to enhance connectivity and provide high-speed, reliable Internet in their areas. 

Two Internet service providers, EPB and Google Fiber, have launched new offers in their areas of service.  

EPB (Electric Power Board of Chattanooga) is an American electric power distribution and telecommunication company owned by Chattanooga City in Tennessee. The company provides services in a 600-square mile area in the greater Chattanooga and Hamilton County.

EPB’s Gig2.5 and Google Fiber’s 20 Gbps Services

Google Fiber Unveil High-Speed Internet Deals

EPB has introduced a new symmetrical 2.5 Gbps service known as Gig2.5 in its service locations. The plan costs $97.99 monthly and includes professionally installed Smart Net Plus Wi-Fi to ensure customers can experience the maximum internet service bandwidth. 

In a statement announcing the new offer, EPB Vice President of New Products Katie Espeseth said, “Gig2.5 provides customers with world-class connectivity that delivers abundant bandwidth today while future-proofing their home network. High-bandwidth applications are here to stay. We’re committed to keeping our community on the cutting edge by exceeding expectations and maximizing options on our network with service up to 25 Gig.” 

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Earlier, too, EPB launched its 25 Gbps service. However, the plan cost of $1,500 monthly for residential customers and $12,500 for commercial customers was considerably higher. The company introduced its new plan after it saw demand for high-speed service but at a reasonable price. 

Google Fiber plan to expand high-speed Internet

Another popular company, Google Fiber, has also devised a new plan to expand high-speed Internet in its areas. 

 Google Fiber Inc. is a fiber broadband Internet and IPTV service company owned and operated by Alphabet. The company serves around 68,715 television subscribers and nearly 453,000 broadband customers. 

Google Fiber has launched a 20 Gbps service with Wi-Fi 7 technology in specific locations in Kansas City, the Triangle region of North Carolina, Arizona, and Iowa. The plan costs $250 monthly with other taxes and fees. 

The company said the service will soon be introduced in other service areas of Google Fiber with the ongoing deployment of Nokia 25G Passive Optical Network (PON). 

In a statement, Google Fiber Head of Product Nick Saporito said, “It’s a lot of speed for that price, and we know that it will enable innovators who want to be able to push what’s possible to get to work truly.” 

Google Fiber also said that the plan could increase the Internet speeds by ten times without requiring the company to make any changes to installed fiber and is expecting to provide the service to the first customers by the end of this year. 

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Google Fiber announced its plan to bring 20 Gig internet and Wi-Fi hardware in the future in October this year when the company rebranded to GFiber. The 20 Gig internet was the first project from the GFiber labs. 

With their new initiative, both EPB and Google Fiber have attempted to expand reliable Internet in their areas and serve their customers with faster internet services. Stay connected with blazing speeds!

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