Eric Deters Net Worth – How Much Is He Worth?

Eric Deters Net Worth

Eric Deters Net Worth – Eric Deters is an American businessman, producer, author, and former attorney. He is quite popular for his show ‘The Bulldog’ and is also the founder of Bulldog Media.

This article covers detailed information about Eric Deters net worth, biography and career, and other things about him.

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Eric Deters Net Worth 2023

Eric Deters Net Worth 2022
Eric Deters Net Worth 2022

Eric Deters net worth in 2022 is estimated at around $800,000. Eric has earned most of his income from his business and used to get a salary as a former American attorney.

Eric makes income from his authored books and is also a producer, and has his media and show. Eric Deters net worth is increasing annually. Eric holds 15% shares in Deters Company. He also owns Wendy’s Franchisee, Convenience Store, Snappy Tomato Pizza Company, and other Real Estate Businesses.

Eric Deters Biography and Career

Eric Deters Biography and Career
Eric Deters Biography and Career

Eric was a former American attorney, and he used to work in his father’s firm and later undertook the firm. Eric also has his own media channel and runs a show named The Bulldog.

Eric Deters was born on the 6th of August in 1963. Eric’s father, Charles Deters, was also an American attorney. Charles Deters established one of the largest law firms in Kentucky.

Eric completed his schooling in 1979 at Covington Latin School and studied at St. Cecilia. He also played basketball, baseball, and soccer in his school days.

Eric used to work at his family farm right from the age of eight. Eric received his degree in History and Business from Thomas More University in 1983. After getting this degree, Eric worked as a social director of Alpha Delta Gamma Fraternity.

Eric studied Law and graduated in 1986 from Salmon P College of Law. During his Law School, Eric used to work as a clerk at Deters, Benzinger & Lavelle. In the same year, he also got his license in Kentucky, in 1987 Ohio, and then in 1988 in Florida. Eric also received Juris Doctorate.

Eric has authored many books, such as Butcher of Pakistan, Saving Grace, Pioneer Spirit, Willie: Radio’s Great American, and Seth and Armed with a Righteous Cause.

Eric used to work at a 700WLW radio station as a replacement. In 2021, Eric founded Bulldog Media and also hosted a podcast called Bad Blood.

Eric was also a chairman of the Republican Party and is currently running for governor of Kentucky. Eric has a great experience in media, politics, and business. Eric has also practiced Martial Arts.

Last year in December, Eric was suspended for two months because he was caught practicing unauthorized things and was fined $13,000. In 2020, he was also banned from Hamilton, Ohio County Courthouse as he threatened the judge to burn down the building.

Eric Deters Age – How old is he?

Eric is 59 years old, born on the 6th of August 1963.

Eric Deters Law Firm

Eric has three law firms under him – Eric Deters Law Office, Eric C Deters & Associates, and Deters Law Firm. Deters Law Firm was established by Eric’s father, Charles, in Kentucky. During that period, it was one of the largest law firms. Now Eric has undertaken his father’s firm.

Eric Deters Wife

Eric Deters was married to Lisa Deters. But Lisa died in 1998. After that, Eric married Mary. Eric has six children and four grandchildren.

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