Erik Finman Uncensorable Freedom Phone Scam – The Truth

Erik Finman Uncensorable Freedom Phone Scam - The Truth

Bitcoin Millionaire Erik finman launched a phone called the freedom phone that is made for conservatives and include all the apps for a conservatives population of the united states. The phone is priced at $500 , while checking the details and specifications the phone’s actual worth is $200 and Erik Finman is pulling out a scam on the name of free speech and freedom of speech. There are a lot of buzz on the internet about the authenticity of the phone and a lot of people are calling it a scam. Lets dig into the article and find the truth.

Who is Erik Finman

Erik Finman is a millionaire on the internet who has huge following from his huge followers who invest money from him. This is because he has invested millions from his earnings in bitcoins and crytpocurrency. Erik is a libertarian activist who believe in the free speech and free market economy. His main point of view is that government intervention in markets is a bad thing. He is the founder and CEO of the Conservative news media company Erik Media. He is a real successful businessman and investor. His Scam The Freedom phone is not a real phone at all. The concept behind the phone is the right to own a phone without censorship. The Freedom Phone is designed for right wing people who believe in the free market economy and freedom of speech.

Erik Finman’s Freedom Phone

How to book the Freedom Ph

The Freedom phone is dubbed as “The True Conservative Wireless Phone” and is apparently no different from a regular smartphone. Although there is no difference between the specifications and features between the $500 phone and a regular smartphone. This is a complete scam, and a campaign of social engineering and more that is being done by Finman, who is basically a scammer that’s been showing his unsophisticated technology skills. In the name of Finman’s scheme, people will get a supposedly free Android smartphone with apps like parler, gettr and more and the name will make the parents relax on the cost of the phone. In his scam video Erik Finman offers free phone for conservatives to call their families that they can afford.

The Scam

Erik finman scam is basically a private label business that is known as uncensorable freedom phone. The Freedom phone is actually free to use and features all the apps for a conservatives population of the united states. On the other hand, the phone’s actual worth is $200 and the checks the SIM card’s serial number and purchase date to identify the phone as phony. The money transfer procedure is easy, but that will take you to websites with unsecured banking and transfers. Erik finman is telling to get the Freedom Phone for free using the coupon code and preinstalled YouTube ads. The scammer is also marketing fake offline stores that will distribute the uncensored, unfiltered freedom phone to the unaware people.


Erik finman is a very clever person that knows how to play the game of the people. He is one of the few white geniuses that play the game of the opposite side of political and social spectrum and make it even more difficult. Advertisement Ladies, don’t fall into this trap as some of these phones can be deactivated anytime the user decides to by another phone. If anyone from your family is buying this phone, tell them not to buy the freedom phone as the apps and softwares given in the phone are already available to the people in public such as parler, duckduckgo and more. There is no need to spend $500 to get a bunch of apps that are freely available in the market. If you like this article do support us through patreon so we can keep bringing you stories like these.

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  • Sanjay,
    Your stupid and poorly written article is encapsulated with this sentence:
    “Erik is a libertarian activist who believe in the free speech and free market economy.”

    So, ask yourself this and if you’re honest maybe you’ll stop being a fascist:
    When in history were the people who believe in censorship, racism, removal of individual rights, and centralization of power ever the good guys?