Is The Freedom Phone Worth $500?

Is The Freedom Phone Worth $500?

The attempt to censor free speech and free thoughts has been constantly made by big social media companies all along. You can never say that you have complete freedom of speech when you are using social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or even using mobile phones working on Android and ios. But till now, there was hardly any choice for free speech lovers. There were no social media sites for them, there were no mobile devices for them, the free speech lovers had hardly anything where they could be truly themselves. Well, here is the new Freedom phone that is worth $500 and is a free man’s paradise, to be honest.

Is Trump Behind the Freedom phone for Conservatives?

It is rumoured that Donald Trump, the conservative leader of the USA launched a phone called the “Freedom Phone”. It is still not clear that Trump is behind the phone but a lot of people over the internet say that its from the house of trump. The new freedom phone claims to be completely free from Google’s or Apple’s monopoly and control over how you use your mobile phones and how the government can track and suppress your free speech. The freedom phone comes pre-installed with many useful apps like Parler (Which was banned from almost all popular app stores), Newsmax, Duck Duck Go, Brave, and many other privacy-centric apps, these apps don’t process a lot of user data. The other great feature of the phone is that it is completely free from dependency on the G-suite apps, so you don’t have to worry about Google peeking its nose in your personal life in order to show you relevant ads.

The device runs on the ‘Freedom OS’, which will also alert you whenever there is a potential security threat or data privacy attempt by any specific app or website on your device. As soon as the device was launched by Self-proclaimed America’s first bitcoin billionaire and one of Times list of most influential teens of 2014, Erik Finman, the phone got quite a lot of support among pro-Trump and pro-MAGA people and politicians. Well, let us not get in the politics on the device and instead try to focus on the fact that is the Freedom phone any good, or is the Freedom phone worth the $500?

Is the freedom phone worth $500?

The worth of Freedom phone to you completely depends on how you want to use it. If you are thinking that the Freedom phone is going to have the latest Snapdragon 800 series processor or a Flagship processor from Mediatek, then you are possibly wrong. The main focus of the phone is privacy and free speech. While the makers claim to have deeply thought about the technical aspects of smartphone development, expecting too many good features is going to be a concern. If you are one of the people who love to capture high-quality images on the mobile phone, then you can be a bit disappointed too, as there is hardly any information about the camera, leave alone the camera sensors being a good or bad thing.

The Freedom phone seeks to remove the dependency on G-suite apps, so if you are someone who uses Google for search, Gmail for email, Keep for notes, and Youtube for videos, then this phone is not for you.

Is The Freedom Phone Worth $500?

If there are so many things unavailable, the question that may arise is that for who actually is this phone made? The freedom phone is not for the common mobile phone users who seek privacy and freedom of speech but will hardly compromise in their productivity-based apps like Google, Gmail, or other social media. The Freedom phone is based on a revolutionary idea of shaking the roots of the big tech giants, and for a revolution, something needs to be compromised. The technical aspects of the phone can be slightly average, or even below average in some parts, the USP of the phone is allowing free speech and privacy.

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Should you be buying a Freedom phone?

A lot of people may have mixed opinions about the device, but let us make it clear once and for all. From the technical aspects, the device does not look great, the features of the device are rather unexplained and the makers seem to be clueless about various aspects. But if you are someone for whom, Privacy and freedom of speech make all the difference in a mobile phone, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be buying the new Freedom phone.


As per our conclusion the pricing of the product does not define its worth. The product would have made more sense if it would have been placed in a $100-$200 range. The freedom phone comes with a lot of apps that deliver conservative news like parler, gab, gettr etc. Nevertheless the final decision lies in the hands of the purchaser. For more content like this join our telegram channel.


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