Followers on Threads – How do followers work on Instagram Threads

Followers on Threads - How do followers work on Instagram Threads

Followers on Threads? How do followers work on Instagram Threads? Threads, an Instagram app, didn’t deliver all of the features we were hoping for when it was launched.

Last year, Donald Trump tried to compete with Twitter through his Social Media named TruthSocial. Many more Social Media Platforms like ParlerGettrFrankSpeech by Mike LindellBeReal, etc. came into action but none of them succeded to defeat the legacy of Twitter. But they settled with a few amount of users.

Followers on Threads – How do followers work on Instagram Threads

How to transfer/move/import my Instagram Followers to Threads App

Currently, you can’t do this because this feature is not launched during the launch of the Threads App.

I was hoping they would also launch the FediVerse Feature so that I could connect my Instagram Account to my Thread and move my Instagram Followers to my Thread. However, this feature was not available during the launch. Upon reading a few articles, I found that they were aware that people would complain if the feature wasn’t implemented.

It took them enough time to develop this feature and they couldn’t release it during the launch date. As a result, they dropped this feature and scheduled it for a future update. In a few weeks, I hope they get this feature or it will become just a MEME sharing platform and it won’t be able to compete with Twitter.

Threads App requires you to sign in with your Instagram account. After logging in for the first time, you will be asked who you’d like to follow on Threads from among your Instagram followers. Select the person you want to follow or follow them all at once.

What is Threads, an Instagram App?

What is Threads?
What is Threads?

Threads is an Instagram app for text-based conversations. Recently, Meta has appeared on iOS and Android app stores with its Twitter rival.

There are many similarities between Facebook and Twitter, including the ability to post short messages (the maximum is 500 characters) with images and videos, and for liking, resharing, and commenting. Similarly to Twitter, you can thread posts together and limit replies to people you follow or mention.

After joining Instagram Threads and linking their accounts, users can add their existing Instagram and Facebook followers. There are different opinions about whether adding existing followers to the new app will make the user experience more convenient for them.

Threads Controversy on Privacy Policy


Facebook’s Meta is one of the biggest ‘data collection’ social media sites, and Apple has explained what types of data Threads will collect. Threads may collect users’ personal information, such as health, fitness, finances, contacts, browsing history, usage, location, search history, and other identifiers, according to Apple’s app store.

Additionally, Threads warns that the app “may collect and link your personal information to your account.”


You can transfer Followers on Threads from Instagram, Mastodon, or any other Fediverse Social Media Platform in the near future. As of now you can only connect your Instagram Account and hope for your followers to follow you on Threads.

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