Frank speech mission statement – Place for freedom of speech?

Frank speech mission statement frank youtube and twitter

Frank is a brand new social networking platform brought from the CEO, Mike lindell. The mission statement of  Frank is supposedly the voice for free speech. Currently Frank is only available for US taxpayers. The aim of frank would be to develop into a platform that the Americans that wish to protect life, freedom, and all of the liberty which have marked America since the maximum running Constitutional Republic on earth. Frank provides a stage for influencers and ordinary individuals to say and act things from the open, hence promoting free speech and liberty.


Mission and Objective of Frankspeech

  1. Freedom Of Speech. ( Promote free speech despite of race, religion, language ). Everyone is free to speak anything on Frankspeech.

Frank speech mission statement

2. Be Frank to criticism and raise political questions. ( Frank is a platform for those who want to take action and act. Who are not bound by laws that abide one’s freedom to speak ). Also read our detailed frankspeech review.

frank freedom of speech

3.  The service will not permit swearing, pornography, and death threats. Specifically, Lindell in a video banned “the c-word, the n-word, the f-word, or God’s name in vain.

"the c-word, the n-word, the f-word, or God's name in vain"

4. Lindell has described the site as a combination of YouTube and Twitter. Frankspeech will be a combination of two social media , people will be able to post videos, make channels, tweet and post various stuff on the platform, making it a combination of YouTube and Twitter.


frank youtube and twitter

Frank Speech received millions of views on Day 1 of it’s launch. Frank Speech servers were experiencing heavy traffic and beside that they were also receiving cyber attacks on their platform.

Right now, Frank Speech is only accessible to it’s VIP users once can access it on On homepage you can see 2 Videos attached with no login page, registration page and any other page which we can see earlier.

Registration for new users are not allowed and that’s the reason you can’t see signup page. If you want to get notified about when Frank Speech starts user registration for new users then don’t forget to subscribe World Wire Telegram Channel for instant news on various updates on new information.


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