How To Get Free Internet With Medicaid – Easy Steps

How To Get Free Internet With Medicaid - Easy Steps

Do you know that you can get free internet with Medicaid? Well, that’s true.

In this article, we are going to cover detailed information about the Medicaid program, what services the program offers, and whether it offers free internet. And if it does, how can you apply to get free internet?

So, without further delay, let’s begin –

What is the Medicaid Program?

Medicaid is a federal government program that provides low-cost health care to low-income individuals and households, such as children, pregnant women, the disabled, and seniors.

The United States government operates the program at both the federal and state levels, with each state operating its Medicaid program under certain federal laws.

What Services Does Medicaid Cover?

Medicaid covers various medical services, such as hospital care, doctor visits, prescription medications, extended care, etc. However, eligibility and services offered under the program differ from state to state.

Nevertheless, Medicaid allows you to get free or discounted healthcare services nationwide.

Does Medicaid Offer Free Internet?


No. Medicaid, as such, does not provide free internet as part of its services. But you can still get free internet with Medicaid.

If you qualify for the Medicaid program, you are automatically eligible to apply for the federal ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program) and Lifeline Assistance Program, which offers free or discounted internet services.

Hence, to get free internet with Medicaid, you must first qualify for the Medicaid program and then apply for the ACP or Lifeline program. You can apply directly to ACP or Lifeline if you are already a Medicaid beneficiary.

How to get Free Internet with Medicaid

Please follow these simple steps to get free internet with Medicaid –

  • First, you must be a Medicaid beneficiary. If you are not, you must first enroll in the Medicaid program and become a Medicaid beneficiary.
  • Now, sign up for the ACP program (or Lifeline, whatever is available in your state).
  • If you are approved, find an ACP provider that offers free internet.
  • Apply to the ACP provider to get their services, such as discounted or free internet or broadband services.
  • Finally, you are a Medicaid and ACP participant. You are now eligible for all the benefits the program offers.

This is how you can get free internet with Medicaid.

How to Become a Medicaid Subscriber

If you haven’t participated in Medicaid, you can follow the below-shared steps to apply for Medicaid –

Check your Medicaid Eligibility

First, check to see if you are eligible to apply for the Medicaid program. Eligibility requirements vary from state to state. Therefore, please find out the eligibility requirements for Medicaid in your state.

However, general eligibility requirements include low-income citizens below certain Federal Poverty Guidelines, pregnant women, seniors, children, and people with disabilities. In addition, you must be a legal citizen of the United States.

Collect Eligibility Documentation

Once you learn of your eligibility, you must provide certain valid documents to prove your Medicaid qualification. You must submit information about income, assets, family size, etc. You must prove your income, age, disability, citizenship, etc., by submitting legal proof in the form of an official document.

Acceptable documents include copies of valid official documents that include all relevant information.

Apply for the Medicaid program

If you fulfill the eligibility of the Medicaid program in your state, the next step is to apply for the same.

You can apply online, by phone at (800)362-1504, or by email at [email protected]. You can also submit the application in person at your nearest Medicaid office. In addition, you can also apply for Medicaid through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Wait for the approval

After you fill out your application, you will have to wait a few days. Medicaid agencies have specific time limits for determining eligibility, which may vary from state to state. If your Medicaid application is approved, you will receive a notice of your coverage and eligibility for medical services.

Now you can use your Medicaid qualification to apply for the ACP or Lifeline program.

Besides, you can also take advantage of Medicaid discounts. To do so, you must choose a healthcare provider that accepts Medicaid in your state and enroll as a Medicaid beneficiary. You can use your Medicaid card to see the same provider when you need medical services.

Providers That Offer Free Internet With Medicaid

Many providers offer free internet as part of ACP benefits in different states across the country.

We have listed a few top providers that offer free internet with Medicaid –

How to Apply for Free Internet With Medicaid by ACP

After you qualify for the Medicaid program, you must apply and qualify for the ACP program to receive free internet. Before you apply for the ACP program, make sure you have your Medicaid approval letter, benefits verification letter, benefit award letter, or benefit certificate.

Since you are applying for the ACP program as a Medicaid subscriber, you will need a copy of one of these documents during the application process to prove your eligibility for the ACP program.

  • You can apply online for ACP through the National Verifier at
  • Alternatively, you can apply via mail by printing out the application form at:

How Else Can I Get Free Internet Without Medicaid?

If you fail to become a Medicaid subscriber, you cannot get free internet. However, there are still many ways to get free internet.

You can get free internet through the following ways –

  • Internet companies often offer such programs to provide free internet to low-income people. Some of these companies are Mediacom Connect2Compete, Altice Advantage Internet, and Spectrum Internet Assist. Besides that, there are some low-cost internet providers like FreedomPop and NetZero.
  • You can also install a satellite dish to get affordable internet.
  • By building a community mesh network.
  • By accessing the public Internet.
  • By installing a Wi-Fi antenna in your home.
  • By accessing the school district’s free internet for students.


Can I get free Internet with Medicaid?

You can get discounted or free internet with Medicaid if you qualify for the ACP program.

Does Medicaid offer free Internet?

No. You cannot directly get free internet from this program. But you can get internet as a Medicaid beneficiary through the ACP program.

Can I get a free phone through the Medicaid program?

No. Medicaid does not offer free phones. However, your qualification for Medicaid makes you eligible to apply for the Lifeline through which you get a free phone.

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