How To Get A Free Laptop No Strings Attached 2024

How To Get A Free Laptop No Strings Attached 2023

Are you looking for a way to get a free laptop with no strings attached? If yes, you have stumbled upon the perfect page.

Laptops have become indispensable devices for almost everyone as they help access many opportunities and allow individuals to live smart lives.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a laptop to enhance their world. The good news is getting a free laptop with no strings attached is possible.

If you need to, please refer to our guide and learn different ways to have a free laptop no strings.

So, without further delay, let’s begin.

How Can I Get A Free Laptop No Strings Attached

Laptops are essential for almost everyone in different professions, including students, seniors, veterans, disabled people, etc., to complete their day-to-day tasks.

Still, the country’s large population suffers financial constraints and needs help to afford a laptop. As such, they look for an option to get them on discounts or at no cost.

At the same time, people do not want any strings attached to their free laptops. The question that arises is how to get a free laptop without strings attached.

In the next sections, We discussed various ways to get a free laptop no strings attached.

Ways To Get A Free Laptop No Strings Attached

Here are some of the ways to get a free laptop with no strings attached.

Through Government Assistance Programs

Some government programs offer free laptops to low-income students, veterans, and other eligible individuals. You can check for such programs in your region and apply for them.

Through Non-Profit Organizations

Many non-profit organizations offer free laptops no strings to people in need in several states of the country. For example, the On It Foundation provides free laptops to low-income students.

Through Companies

Some companies also offer free laptops to their employees as a perk. This is especially true for tech companies, which ensure their employees have all the facilities to work efficiently.

Through Contests and Giveaways

Some companies or websites hold contests and giveaways where you can win a free laptop. For example, Dell and Microsoft often conduct contests to give away brand-new free laptops.

Besides, some charities, foundations, online sources, and universities also offer free laptops in people’s service.

How Can I Get A Discount Laptop?

It may not be easy to get an entirely free laptop. In that case, a discounted laptop can help you out.

You can get a discounted laptop from some companies and government assistance programs.

For example, Lenovo sometimes offers a 10% discount on their laptop. The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), a federal government program that replaced the Emergency Broadband benefits after COVID-19, offers a $100 ACP discount to purchase a tablet, laptop, or any internet-connecting device for low-income people.

As mentioned, people can get a free laptop with no strings attached through various means. Let’s glance at how different categories of people can have free laptops through organizations, websites, universities, etc.

You can also get a free laptop with SNAP benefits, known as Food Stamps. Please read our guide on How to get free laptop with Food stamps

Free Laptop No Strings Attached For Disabled People

Free laptop, no strings attached, is available for disabled people in the following ways.

Jim Mullen Foundation

Chicago Police Officer Jim Mullen established the Jim Mullen Foundation. The foundation serves people with disabilities and offers free laptops or computers to individuals in need, helping them unlock several opportunities.

They don’t inform the applicant about the type of laptop they offer. Nonetheless, Jim Mullen is considered the best foundation for disabled people to get a free laptop with no strings attached.


GiveTech is a non-profit organization helping disabled people with laptops and computers. They offer free laptops to disabled suffering from physical or mental disabilities.

You can visit the official website to get a free laptop no strings from this organization. You need to answer some of their questions and prove your disability with the help of certain documents.

The organization does not reveal the brand of laptop they offer. However, you can expect to get a free laptop from Apple, Dell, or Microsoft. is a government program that serves disabled people by providing them with a free laptop. The program also offers disabled people with health, civil rights, education, employment, and many other benefits.

You must visit their website and fill out their application for a free laptop with no strings attached or other benefits.


Some charities also offer free laptops no strings attached to help low-income disabled people get access to technology. You can visit to search for such charities in your nearby localities.

The Beaumont Foundation of America

The Beaumont Foundation of America is a company serving disabled people in need and offering free laptops and computers to disabled people to help them improve their standard of living. To qualify, you must apply for their program on their website.

Free Laptops For Veterans

Free Laptops For Veterans

Similarly, free laptops for Veterans are available through these ways.

Tech For Troops

Tech for Troops is a non-profit organization based in Virginia that offers free laptops to veterans across the United States. The institution takes working and non-working laptops from various sources and refurbishes them to offer them to veterans in need.

You must be a veteran and be able to prove your identity to get a free laptop no strings attached, from Tech For Troops.


ComputerBlanc is a company based in Illinois that helps veterans by offering refurbished laptops to them. If you want to qualify for their free laptop program, you must prove your identity by using a DD214 card.

Combat Veterans To Careers

Combat Veterans To Careers is another non-profit organization that accepts working and non-working laptops from various sources and fixes them to offer them for free to veterans.

To get a free laptop no strings attached from this organization, you must complete an application on their website and submit proof of being a veteran.


Lenovo is a company that offers a 10% discount on all types of laptops and sometimes offers free laptops to veterans. You can visit their website and fill out the application to get the discounted laptop.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a platform where individuals come to sell their products that they no longer need.

If you need a laptop, you can look at Facebook Marketplace to purchase a discounted laptop. You must visit the Facebook and Marketplace section to have one from this place.

Then, search for a laptop. You will be able to see all the laptops available for sale. You can then meet the seller or deal online for the laptop discount.

Free Laptop From Independent Universities No Strings Attached

If you are a student, you can get a free laptop, no strings attached, from Independent Universities. This University is in Salt Lake City, Utah, and offers different devices to the students according to terms.

For example, it offers an iPad for first-term students and a laptop for fourth-term students. The government also provide free laptop to college students.

Students can take the free laptop to their home as long as they are in college. The students must return the laptop to the University when they pass out from college or cannot continue their studies.

Free Laptops Without Strings For Low-Income Families

Free Laptops Without Strings For Low-Income Families

There are certain ways to get free laptops without strings for low-income families. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Computers with Causes

Computers for Causes is a non-profit organization offering free laptops to needy people. The organization especially helps veterans and heads of foster care homes.

To get a free laptop from Computers with Causes, you must complete the questionnaire, reference call, and background check. When the organization finds you needy after all these procedures, they offer you a free laptop.

The On It Foundation

The On It Foundation is another non-profit organization that helps low-income families access technology. The organization offers free laptops to elementary-aged children of low-income families.

They also offer free computer training and free internet. However, the kids must qualify for free laptops from this organization.

The U.S. kids receiving the free or reduced-price lunch offered in schools are eligible for a free laptop from this organization. In addition, low-income people can purchase the laptop for only $99 from the On It Foundation. is an online site that works under government assistance and offers free government laptops to low-income families. The site also provides low-income people with several benefits, including a free laptop with Medicaid, nutrition assistance, job training, etc.


Craigslist is another website that helps low-income people by providing old or reused items. The site has many sellers who sell their laptops at a reasonable price, ranging from $50-$500, or offer them for free. You can get laptops of every brand at the site.


EveryoneOn is also a non-profit organization offering low-income people free laptops. The organization intends to help the 1 million people with free or discounted laptops.

To get a free laptop from the organization, you must answer some of the questions on their website. You will get a free or discounted laptop from EveryoneOn if they find you eligible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get a Free Laptop for Students?

There are many organizations and universities that offer free laptops to students. You can search for such an organization in your state and apply for a free laptop.

How can one get a free laptop without any strings?

You can get a free laptop without any strings from non-profit organizations, government programs, charities, foundations, companies, universities, websites, etc., that offer a few laptops to serve low-income people in need.

Is Dell giving away free laptops?

Many companies, including Dell, offer free laptops for disabled people.

Can you get a computer for free?

Yes. Many non-profit organizations, companies, charities, and foundations offer free computers for low-income families who cannot afford the device.

Can veterans get free computers?

Yes. Veterans can get free computers through several organizations and government programs such as

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