How safe is Birmingham, Alabama?

How safe is Birmingham for travel

In this Birmingham travel guide, we have answered all safety-related questions, including how safe is Birmingham for travel, the safest and the most dangerous places in this city, and more. We have also provided safety tips for travelers.

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How safe is Birmingham, Alabama?

How safe is Birmingham for travel?
How safe is Birmingham for travel?

Birmingham, a city in Alabama, is located in the central area of northern America. The city holds the weight of the world’s largest cast iron-made statue of Vulcan, which symbolizes the abundance of iron minerals in Birmingham. The city is also famous as the first location of the Mercedes Benz showroom in the USA.

Birmingham also imprints its name on Guineas records for its 1400 motorcycle collection. The magic city, Birmingham, consists of the most banking sector in the country and 3rd the largest populated city in Alabama.

However, when it comes to crime, the city has recorded several homicides in recent years. The metro area of the city is considered quite risky for violent crimes. However, the city isn’t overall dangerous, and you can visit the city with proper safety measures.

Dangers & Warnings In Birmingham, Alabama

Warnings and Dangers

Overall Risk – Medium

Birmingham used to be the safest city in Alabama, but in recent years, the city and the neighborhood have been involved in many violent crimes. Among other cities in Alabama, Birmingham ranks 2nd in violent crimes. Homicides and gun crimes have increased since 2018, ranking it in the middle of overall safety.

Transport & Taxi – Low

Traveling in Birmingham is quite safe as public transport is available. You can get Uber and rideshare for traveling to remote places. Public transport and taxi services are safe enough to travel. However, you should check the authenticity before taking the cab because some people can fake the document.

Pickpocketing Risk – Medium

Birmingham has reported pickpocketing cases several times, and the crime is quite prevalent here. Crowded places and public transits are the riskiest places and therefore, if you visit such places, ensure your bag is on your chest.

Natural Disaster Risk – Medium

Alabama gets disturbed by tornadoes and flooding. The natural vulnerability might hinder the trip as the city has witnessed a series of tornadoes since 2011. Icy storms and hurricanes are also common these days. Birmingham ranks 17th in the chart of disastrous natural cities.

Mugging Risk – Medium

The neighborhood of Birmingham can pose a danger to people because those areas are risky to visit. The cases of robbery and snatching are higher in number, especially in the northern part of Birmingham. However, these cases are not common in crowded places.

Terrorism Risk – Low

Birmingham is safe from international terrorism but can be a target of local terrorism as the city is quite vulnerable to violent crime, and the neighborhood can spread violence. However, law enforcement is strict enough, so terrorism is under control here.

Scam Risk – Low

The scam risk is quite low in Birmingham. If you show off wealthy clothes and jewelry, you might be the victim of scams. People will approach you with cheap plans; in that case, you need to cross-check the deals before spending money on them.

Women Travelers Risk – Low 

Birmingham is not harmful to women travelers. Assaults and rapes are quite low in the city, so women travelers are quite safe here. However, women must not stroll alone at night and avoid strangers.

Tap Water Risk – Low

Tap water is quite safe here and meets all the requirements as per the department. Travelers can freely travel without the worry of carrying bottled water.

Safest places in Birmingham, Alabama


Homewood Forest Preserve, Homewood
Homewood Forest Preserve, Homewood

Homewood is considered one of the safest places in Birmingham. This city is home to approximately 25,170 individuals. Homewood’s violent, property, and overall crime rates are quite low as rates are 2.00, 34.76, and 37.76 per 1000 individuals.

The amazing places to visit in Homewood are Overton Park, Homewood Forest Preserve, and The Christenberry Planetarium. So if you plan to go to Birmingham, then you should not forget to visit these beautiful places in Homewood.


Alabama Wildlife Center, Pelham
Alabama Wildlife Center, Pelham

If you are planning to travel to Birmingham, Pelham is one of the safest places. Pelham is home to about 23,400 residents. Its violent, property and total crime rates are 1.27, 13.08, and 14.35 per 1000 individuals. These crime rates are lower compared to the U.S. average crime rate.

The beautiful places in Pelham are Oak Mountain State Park, the Alabama Wildlife Center, and Oak Mountain Amphitheatre. You should not miss enjoying these beautiful places.


Meadow Brook Hall, Birmingham
Meadow Brook Hall, Birmingham

You can consider this city a safe place to live, visit, and settle. About 10,000 residents live in Meadowbrook. Its violent crime rate is 21.6, lower than the U.S. average crime rate.

If you plan to visit Meadowbrook, you shouldn’t return without visiting the beautiful Riverdale Park, Waller park, and Meadow Brook Hall.


Lakeview is a small city in Birmingham. It’s the safest city in the southeast region of Birmingham. The violent, property, and overall crime rates of Lakeview are 23.5, 22.5, and 46, which are quite safe than the state average.

If you are in Lakeview, you must visit Wrigley Field, Gallagher Way, and Temple Sholom.

Vestavia Hills

Liberty Park Vestavia Hills Birmingham
Liberty Park Vestavia Hills Birmingham

Vestavia Hills is a safe city with impressive infrastructure. The city’s violent, property, and overall crime rates are 10.3, 21.9, and 32.2, respectively, much lower than the state average. The lower crime rates denote this city as a safe place.

The places to visit in Vestavia Hills are Liberty Park, Wald Park, and Old Overton Club.

Places to avoid in Birmingham, Alabama

There are a few places in Birmingham that are affected by crimes frequently. These areas’ violent and non-violent crime rates are higher than in other places in Birmingham.

So you should avoid visiting these places –


Andalusia is a place to avoid. This place’s violence, property, and overall crime rates are 8.40, 40.66, and 49.06. Try to avoid visiting this place.

Safety Tips for traveling Birmingham, Alabama

Safety Tips

  • Install the app – As crime is prevalent in some regions, you must be vigilant. You can download the local police app on your phone, which can be very helpful in difficult situations.
  • Check the weather – The whole state is vulnerable to natural disasters, so you must have the weather reports before stepping somewhere.
  • Avoid night strolling – If you want to explore the city on your own, try to finish them by evening. The city becomes quite risky after dark.
  • Inform others – If you are a solo traveler, make sure you have informed your family or friends about your tour plans.

How safe is Birmingham for solo travelers?

There are no such records of the robbery of travelers in Birmingham, but the citizens are quite concerned about such crimes. If you travel solo, you need to be quite concerned about it.

How safe is Birmingham for solo female travelers?

How safe is Birmingham for solo female travelers?
How safe is Birmingham for solo female travelers?

Solo female travelers are also safe here. However, no matter how safe is Birmingham, solo females must avoid getting involved with strangers and strolling alone at night.

So, is Birmingham Alabama safe for travelers?

Birmingham, a city in Alabama, is mostly known for its bare buttock statue of Vulcan and the beauty of its unique landscape. However, the city has been polluted with crimes over the years.

By 2021, the city has witnessed 132 homicides, the highest in the city’s crime history. The city’s neighborhood is quite prone to violent crimes, and the repercussion falls on Birmingham.

However, if you are taking safety measures properly, the Birmingham trip might be one of the best trips. The city has a lot to offer.

With that said, here I am wrapping up this article. We hope this article has helped you to understand how safe is Birmingham. If you have queries about Birmingham, shoot them in the comment section below. Our team will try to respond ASAP.

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