How safe is Gulf Shores, Alabama?

How safe is Gulf Shores, Alabama, for Travel

This Gulf Shores travel safety guide answers all travel safety questions, including how safe is Gulf Shores, Alabama, the safest and most dangerous places, safety tips, and more.

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How safe is Gulf Shores, Alabama?

How safe is Gulf Shores, Alabama
How safe is Gulf Shores, Alabama?

The Gulf Shore is located on the Gulf of Mexico in the southernmost part of Alabama. The best charter fishing destination in the country, the Gulf Shores, is mostly known as the resort city. Stretching around 2700 acres between Pensacola and Mobile Bay, you must dive into its turquoise blue water to experience its military heritage.

This coastal area is home to 15,014 people and aquatic creatures. Regarding crimes, this city of Alabama ranks 13th on the crime index. If you are traveling to Gulf Shores, this article would be a lifesaver. This article will teach you about safety in Gulf Shores.

Warning & Dangers in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Warnings and Dangers

Overall Risk – Low

The city’s overall crime rate is 45.34 per 1000 people, and according to the citizens, the northwest part of this city is safer. The southeast part of this city is more vulnerable to crime, and every one out of 42 people has the risk of being a victim. However, city crime is low compared to other cities, so the overall risk is low.

Transport & Taxi Risk – Low

Gulf Shores is the best place if for a road trip. You will get the best views from the vehicle window if you travel via public transport and taxis. The city has great availability of taxis and rideshare, and you can use them. Public transport is also quite safe on Gulf Shore.

Pickpocketing Risk – Low

The city is safe from such crimes as the police administration is quite strict here. Pickpocketing cases are merely reported in the last few years. Travelers are quite safe from such crime, but you must be aware while visiting crowded places.

Natural Disaster Risk – Low

In the summertime, hurricanes can perturb your trip. Storms are also prevalent, so you must check the weather report before going on the trip. However, there is no severe risk associated with it.

Mugging Risk – Low

According to the FBI reports, only 3 cases of robbery have been reported in the last year, making the town safe from mugging-related risk. No matter how safe is Gulf Shores, you must be aware while visiting alone shores.

Terrorism Risk – Low

Gulf Shores has not witnessed any terrorism-related cases in recent years. However, the city can be vulnerable to terrorism as the elongated seashore can be a great entry point for terrorists.

Scam Risk – Medium

You can be scammed in this city if you are not alert enough. The local police have warned to be aware of fake phone calls as this is one of the most common scamming techniques.

Women Traveler Risk – Low

The city is also safe for women as the crime rates against women are very low. However, the city is not so safe at night, so we suggest avoiding strolling alone at night.

Tap Water Risk – Low

The salty water of the sea is quite different from the sweet water, so while drinking, check the water quality. However, the tap water is well-tested, and the tap water risk is quite low in this town.

Safest places in Gulf Shores, Alabama

The violent crime rate in the city is quite low, and the rate of murder and robbery is less than the national average. The northwest part of the city is considered safer than other parts.

If you are in Gulf Shores, you have a lot to explore. Below, we have shared a list of some of the best places to explore in Gulf Shores, Alabama –

The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo
The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is one of the safest and most fun places to visit in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

OWA Parks and Resorts

OWA Parks and Resorts
OWA Parks and Resorts

OWA Parks and Resorts is one of the most attractive places in Gulf Shores. You can have fun in theme parks, theatres, shopping, and dining areas in the OWA without the safety concern as it is one of the safest places in Gulf Shores. 

Orange Beach

Orange Beach, Gulf Shores
Orange Beach, Gulf Shores

Orange Beach is a peaceful place for exploring. The beach is not severely affected by crimes. The ban on Alcohol during the spring season ensures the safety of beaches. So you can have a peaceful experience at the beach without worrying about your safety. 

Fort Morgan State Park

Fort Morgan State Park
Fort Morgan State Park

This place is one of the attractions of Gulf shores and is safe. The place is beautiful because of its location on the peninsula, and the crime rate is below the national average. It’s a beautiful place to enjoy the scenic beauty with safety assurance. There are also picnic areas and trails so you can have fun there. 

Dangerous places in Gulf Shores, Alabama

The Gulf Shores city has a small population, but many tourists visit it because of its coastal location. Where the mass is, there are a few crime rates also. Although the city is less affected by violent crimes, property crimes are active there.

You may also become a victim, so you should be aware of the dangerous places to avoid in Gulf Shores.

If you are on the Gulf Shores, you should avoid living in the Southeast part of the city. There are ⅕ chances of becoming a victim in this area. 

The property crime rate statistics include the crimes of theft, vehicle theft, burglary, and arson.

If the Gulf Shores is compared to other nearby cities in Alabama, then its crime rate is higher than others. So you must be aware of the crime rates.

The crime rate for 1000 individuals is as follows –

  • The violent crime rate is 1.87, which means 27 crimes in 1000 individuals.
  • The property crime rate is 30.44, which means 457 crimes are observed in 1000 individuals.

It would help if you took care of your luggage and precious things while roaming the city. The theft cases are quite frequent in places where a mass crowd is present. So you need to take care of your essentials in the crowd of Gulf Shores.

It was all about the dangerous places of Gulf Shores. You can have fun in the city but do not forget to take care of yourself and your luggage while enjoying the beautiful beaches. 

Safety tips in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Safety Tips

  • Avoid going deep in the sea – If you swim far from the shore, there is a high possibility that you can get exhausted because of the strong Rip current. Stay near the shore and enjoy the destination.
  • Beware of the jellyfish – Jellyfish can be harmful while you are in the salty water of the sea, so make sure you avoid them. However, if you come to contact with any jellyfish and get any wounds, clear the wounds as soon as possible.
  • Check the weather – As the city is quite vulnerable to natural disasters, ensure you have checked the weather before stepping out for any journey.
  • Do not go for cheap offers – Scammers are everywhere, so before purchasing any offer, check the authenticity of that offer.

Is Gulf Shores safe for solo travelers?

Solo travelers are quite safe in the city but checking your alcohol consumption is necessary. Also, inform your family or friends if you plan to visit some remote places.

How safe are Gulf Shores for solo female travelers?

How safe is Gulf Shores for solo female travelers?
How safe is Gulf Shores for solo female travelers?

The city is also quite safe for solo female travelers as crimes against women is not so prevalent here. However, if you are traveling alone, ensure you do not get too involved with strangers.

Safety guides for other cities in Alabama –

How safe are Gulf Shores for travel?

Gulf Shores is one of the most beautiful cities in Alabama, with a stretched seaside. People come here for charted fishing, but crimes are also prevalent.

As per the crime records, the city is not free from major crimes, but the crime rate is lesser than in other cities in the USA. So it can be said that the city is safe to travel to.

We hope this Gulf Shores travel guide has helped you to understand how safe is Gulf Shore. However, if you have any queries about the city, feel free to reach us. We would love to resolve your queries.

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