How safe is Nevada for travel? – Nevada Travel Safety Guide

In this Nevada travel safety guide, we have covered all the questions such as how safe is Nevada for travel, the safest places to visit, places to avoid, and more.

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How safe is Nevada for travel? – Nevada Travel Safety Guide

How safe is Nevada
How safe is Nevada

Who does not know about Las Vegas? This dazzling city belongs to Nevada, located in the western part of America. Encircling Utah, California, Idaho, and Arizona, Nevada is the 7th largest state in America. The state beholds several nicknames like Silverstate, Battle Born state, and many more.

Despite being the 7th largest state, Nevada does not carry a high population and is one of the less populated states in America. Apart from Las Vegas, the state has so many things to explore.

The culture and history draw the attention of travelers. The Nevada Museum in Carson City, Las Vegas History Museum, Clerk County Museum, and the list goes on.

Every year, travelers worldwide come to this state to explore the Colorado River’s scenic beauty and Las Vegas’s entertainment. The state seems safe enough to travel to, but the first legal gambling city, Nevada, has recorded some crimes in recent years.

So, is Nevada safe to travel to? A common question appears in travelers’ minds, especially solo ones. If you want to travel to this state and check out the state’s crime record, you are at the right place. This article gives you a quick guide that can help you understand how safe is Nevada for travel and more.

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Warning and Dangers in Nevada

Warnings and Dangers

Overall Risk – Low

For international travelers, Nevada does not seem like a dangerous place, and the overall risk is on the lower side. However, there are some crime-prone areas that you should avoid.

Transport And Taxis Risk – Low

Having several tourist spots and urban areas, Nevada offers quality transport and taxi supply. Public transportation is safe enough in Nevada, and you can rely on them. However, try to avoid any transport company as they might pose a risk for you.

Pickpocketer Risk – Medium 

Among other states in America, pickpocket risk is in the medium range in Nevada. As there are so many tourist destinations, pickpocketing is the easiest way to harass travelers, so you need to be aware of it.

Natural disaster Risk – Low

In the natural disaster part, the state is risk-free. Nevada has not seen any major natural disaster in the last decade, and there is also a very low probability of earthquakes, so this is good news for travelers. 

Terrorism Risk – Low

The state has not recorded any significant terrorist attacks. There are so many urban places, and the security is strict enough, so the risk of terrorism is low here.

Scam Risk – Medium

Las Vegas, the Sincity, is the place of scammers. Travelers get scammed easily in this place. There are so many allurements present that can easily target travelers. However, it is highly suggested that you think twice before splurging money on something.

Woman Traveler Risk – Medium

Las Vegas is where gambling and prostitution are legal. This poses threats to the woman. People look for woman travelers to take advantage of, so it is recommended that you need to be very careful before stepping into some strangers.

Tap Water Risk – Low

Nevada is safe from the tap water risk, whether rural or urban. You do not have to bring a water bottle with you everywhere.

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Safest places in Nevada

The state has several cities you should explore as the crime rate is lower, and has enough tourist attractions to lure visitors –

Boulder City 

Boulder City 
Boulder City

Boulder city is considered one of the safest in Nevada. This city does not allow gambling, which is the prime reason for being the safest city. The population around the city is 16 thousand, and the crime rate is 61.3% below the national crime rate.

However, the city has so many things to explore Hoover dam is one of them. Travelers love outdoor activities like Ziplining, kayaking, etc.


After Boulder City, Mesquite is the second safest city in Nevada. This small town is located northwest of the state, touching Arizona. Among the 19 hundred population, the violent crime rate is 10.2 per capita.

The city is primarily famous for its golf championship. This small town has become a permanent destination for retirees, and the city is well competent for people searching to settle down. 


Henderson - Nevada Safest City

Henderson has ranked as the 3rd safest city in Nevada. With 29.6 per capita non-violent crime, the town records mainly property theft crime. The city has the second-largest population in Nevada.

Though the town is just beside Las vegas, this is counted as one of the safest places in Nevada. With the city motto, “A Place to call home,” Henderson is a must-visit for travelers.


The oasis in the desert, Winnemucca, is the 4th safest place in Nevada. This city does not hold a considerable population, but crime is a little higher per capita than in the previously mentioned cities. However, the overall crime rate is 5.1% below the national crime rate.

The city is known for its tribe – the Northern Paiute tribe. Culturally this town is rich enough, so it can be an excellent place to explore.


Elko Nevada

The population is around 20 thousand, and Elko is another safe place in Nevada. The city has a suburban vibe that allures people.

Having a low-cost living facility, the population is increasing. However, if you want to enjoy the classic rural vibe with cowboy charm, Elko is there.

West Wendover

With just four thousand population, West Wendover is one of the safest cities in Nevada. The crime rate is 8% above the national crime rate, and violent crime occurs at 49.1 per capita.

The city is located around the border of Utah. This place also ranks as the 7th safest city in Nevada. West Wendover consists of several tourist spots. Also, as the crime rate is not much here, this place is excellent for a long-term stay.

North Las Vegas 

North Las Vegas

Las Vegas has been a famous city across the world for its entertainment facilities. The crime rate is also high here, but the northern part is slightly different. This can be the safest place to travel.

Unlike Las Vegas, this place is more sober and calm. This part of the city offers several outdoor activities like the motor speedway and other gaming venues. This part is also the safest as it ranks 6th in the lowest property crime index.

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Places you should avoid in Nevada

The safest cities list has over; it’s time for the bitter truth. Though it consists of some safest cities, Nevada has constantly ranked as one of the most dangerous states in America.

According to the FBI, Nevada is the second most dangerous state.  Here we are sharing the list of some dangerous cities that you should avoid them –


Though the city name sounds familiar to comedian George Carlin, the town is not a funny one. This is the most dangerous city in Nevada. As per the most violent crime city ranking, Carlin ranks eighth. The most dangerous crime area in Carlin is the I-80 stopover.


This city ranks as the 9th most violent crime place in Nevada. In overall crime, it ranks 8th among other cities in Nevada. It is believed that the city was the area of nuclear testing. Due to regularly increasing crimes, you should avoid visiting this city. 


Reno Riverwalk is one of the beautiful places to explore, but this is where most crimes are committed. Being one of the little cities, it ranked 4th most dangerous city per violent crime.

Las Vegas  

Las Vegas is the most expected on this list. It is world-famous for casinos, resorts, and Las vegas strip clubs that attract travelers worldwide.

However, Sin City is the third most dangerous in Nevada. The crime is not limited to burglary or murder; Las Vegas ranks 5th on the murder and rape crime list. Property thefts are also widespread here.

Safety tips for travelers in Nevada

Safety Tips

Nevada might have some dangerous places, but it is a great travel destination. So if you want to explore them, you need to follow some safety rules below that can help you stay safe in Nevada.

Below we have shared some tips that you should follow –

  • Travel together – It is always the best plan to stick with your travel mates. If you are a solo traveler, make sure you are in crowded places.
  • Protect your belongings – Taking safety measures for your belonging is a necessary part. Make sure you keep them close or lock them well in your hotel’s safe.
  • Beware of strangers – Strangers trying to be friends can be dangerous. You must not share your personal information easily.
  • Do some homework – Before stepping into Nevada, you must check the state’s official website. That is the most authentic source to follow. Also, you can ask those reliable travel agencies for guidance.
  • Inform your friends – You must inform your close people before stepping into some unknown places. Also, let them know your travel itinerary and the places you are staying.

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How safe is Nevada for travel alone?

Traveling in Nevada alone can be a little risky as scammers are everywhere. Some dangerous cities like Las Vegas and Carlin are not safe for solo travelers, but with safety measures, travelers can easily enjoy the places.

How safe is Nevada for solo female travelers?

How safe is Nevada for solo female travelers?
How safe is Nevada for solo female travelers?

For solo female travelers, Nevada is not entirely safe. Las Vegas, the Sin City, is so risky for women as the place is open for prostitution and sex workers. However, solo female travelers can explore Nevada by taking proper safety measures. It is also recommended to try to spend time in crowded places.

How safe is Nevada overall? 

If you have read this article, you already know which places you must go and avoid.  When it comes to how safe is Nevada to travel to, you must understand some facts. The state has seen some violent crimes, but the police administration is also very active here. The casinos and other gambling clubs are full of strict security and protection, ensuring you are safe here.

All you need to do is make sure you give some thought before opening up with a stranger. Also, don’t engage yourself in any type of fight or something else.

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