How Safe Is New Jersey for Travel? – New Jersey Travel Safety

How Safe Is New Jersey for Travel - New Jersey Travel Safety

In this New Jersey travel safety, we have covered all the questions, such as how safe is New Jersey for travel, the safest places to visit, places to avoid, and more.

So, here we go –

How Safe Is New Jersey for Travel? – New Jersey Travel Safety

How Safe Is New Jersey for Travel

New Jersey is a small state along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in the United States. The state is also known as the Garden State, as it is home to numerous top-rated tourist attractions.

The state offers a wide variety of experiences to visitors all year round. Tourists can enjoy outdoor adventures, renowned culinary offerings, educational opportunities, and robust arts and cultural scenes.

Its long and beautiful coastline has made the state a famous vacation destination, with over 50 seaside resort towns, including Atlantic City, Asbury Park, and Cape May. The state also boasts a unique musical heritage.

New Jersey is undoubtedly well worth exploring, from national parks and regions of remarkable natural beauty to fine museums and historical sites.

If you are visiting New Jersey for your upcoming vacation, this article can be a lifesaver for you. Along with answers to questions such as how safe is New Jersey, you will get to know more about the state’s safest and most dangerous places, warnings in the state, safety tips, etc.

Warnings & Dangers in New Jersey

Warnings and Dangers

Overall Risk – Low

New Jersey has a meager overall risk. It is ranked as the fifth safest state in the USA. Its violent crime rate of 208 per 100,000 people is the lowest in the nation. Though there are areas with more crimes, if you are in good places, you are safe.

Transport & Taxis Risk – Low

With the third largest public transport in the country, there is a low transport risk involved in the state. As taxis use certified drivers, they are considered safer than Uber. The taxi company is responsible if the driver brings about an accident. Hence, you can ride in public transit while traveling without fear.

Pickpockets Risk – Low

New Jersey has low pickpockets risk. Though some areas have cases, most sites are free of pickpockets. But it is always a decent idea to take precautions in crowded places like you can carry less cash or avoid carrying your valuables wherever you move.

Natural Disasters Risk – Low

The state has fewer chances of getting hit by severe disasters. Though rare hurricanes occur, they are hardly strong on the state’s far north side. The state is relatively flat and has very little earthquake activity. Further, the state can experience heavy snow, which may sometimes create troubles on a wide scale. Check your area’s vulnerability to such a crisis and heed government warnings.

Mugging Risk – Medium 

New Jersey has a moderate mugging risk, with some places having quite a high chance of muggings like Trenton and Camden. Therefore, be aware of your surroundings and stay alert.

Terrorism Risk – Medium

New Jersey does not have a potential threat of terrorism as such, but there has been little domestic terrorism, and hence the state has got medium ranking. Also, some highly populated areas are more at risk for terror attacks in the state. You can know the history of your area for such a terror attack, if any, and can avoid public gatherings as far as possible.

Scam Risk – Medium

The state has moderate scam risk and mainly targets older citizens than tourists. The most common scam is the identity scam, where scammers pretend to be from a government agency and try to steal your identity. So be careful with who you give your details. Also, learn about other scams that may take place while traveling in the state.

Women Travelers Risk – Low 

The state has a meager risk for women travelers. It has one of the lowest crime rates against women.

Tap Water Risk – Medium 

New Jersey has a medium risk for tap water as the water gets contaminated due to aging pipes in most areas of the state. So, it would be best to carry your bottled water while traveling. 

These warnings and dangers illustrate the state’s physical and social environment in general and let you learn about the state.

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Safest tourist Places to visit in New Jersey

You must know about secure places in the state you can visit. Check our recommendations of safe places in New Jersey below –

New Hanover

Liberty State Park - New Hanover
Liberty State Park – New Hanover

New Hanover has been ranked the safest town in New Jersey due to its ultra-low violent crime rate of 7.5% per capita. It also has one of the lowest property crime rates of 7.1% per capita. This is considered 100% below the national crime rate.

Besides being highly safe, the area has a dense suburban climate, making it an excellent spot for families. The town offers a peaceful environment to its visitors to give them a relaxing place.

The town has also earned a reputation as an important cultural center and boasts numerous world-class museums, galleries, and theaters. Its beautiful gardens and parks justify Hanover’s assertion to be the best city in the country and make it a perfect destination to explore on foot.

The other top attractions are Liberty Hall, Liberty State Park, Independence hall, etc.


Lake Lefferts - Matawan
Lake Lefferts – Matawan

The state’s second safest place is Matawan, with a violent crime rate of 6.7% and nonviolent crime at 13% per capita. This is 96% below the national crime rate.

The town offers plenty of fun activities, especially for lovers of outdoor adventure. Whether you want to visit the deliciously named Cheesequake State Park or splash around at the nearby beach, Matawan is an excellent place to enjoy nature’s wonders safely.

The town’s other top sights are Burrowes Mansion Museum, Freneau Woods Park, Lake Lefferts, Thomas Edison Museum, etc.


Assiscunk Creek - Chesterfield - New Jersey
Assiscunk Creek – Chesterfield – New Jersey

The third on our list is the city of Chesterfield, with a violent crime rate of 6.9% and a nonviolent crime rate of 10.2% per capita. This is 93% below the national crime rate.

Chesterfield is located halfway between Philadelphia and New York City. Due to its prime location, visitors can easily spend the day in a metropolis and still arrive in the state in a quiet area with a rural atmosphere and plenty of history.

The famous tourist hotspots in the town are Northern Community Park, NJ Fire Museum, Army Reserve Mobilization Museum, Assiscunk Creek, etc.


Hacklebarney State Park - New Jersey
Hacklebarney State Park – New Jersey

The fourth on our list is Tewksbury, with a violent crime of 6.4% and a nonviolent crime rate of 11.6% per capita. This is 81% below the national crime rate.

The town offers incredible scenery, perfect for those who are fascinated by the countryside and all kinds of outdoor recreational adventures, including area golf courses and the annual Tewksbury Harvest Festival.

The top tourist spots in the town are Hacklebarney State Park, Whittemore Community, Culture & Conservation, Columbia Trail, Bamboo Brook Outdoor Education Center, Tewksbury Historical Society, Hell Mountain, etc.


Sunrise Lake - New Jersey
Sunrise Lake – New Jersey

The fifth on our list is the city of Mendham, with a violent crime rate of 6.9% and a nonviolent crime rate of 9.2 % per capita. This is 81% below the national crime rate.

The town is famous for its serenity and historic charm. It offers a taste of colonial New Jersey by Mendham’s famed Black Horse Tavern & Pub. The other top tourist spots are Patriots Path, Jockey Hollow, Lewis Morris Park, Cross Estate Gardens, Sunrise Lake, Morristown National Historical Park, Lake, Dismal Harmony Natural Area, Sunrise Lake Beach Club, Buttermilk Falls, etc.

These are the top safest places you can visit in New Jersey.

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Places to avoid in New Jersey

While New Jersey is safe to travel to, some places are more dangerous than others. You can avoid traveling to such places to ensure you are safer. Check our top recommendations below –

Asbury Park

Asbury Park is situated on the Jersey Shore and part of the New York City metro area and is ranked as New Jersey’s most dangerous place.

The town has a violent crime rate of 1226 and a property crime rate of 3424 per 100k. You had a 1 in 81 chance of being attacked, killed, or raped in 2021.

The overall crime rate is more than three times as high as the statewide average, and most of them include violent crime.


The second on our list is Melville, with a high property crime rate of 3402 per 100k and violent crime of 634 per 100k. Here, you have a 1 in 29 chance of being a property crime or theft victim. So, keep your valuables safe if you are traveling in this town.


The town of Bridgeton is third place on our list with a violent crime rate of 937 and a property crime rate of 3066 per 100k. 

As the town has a high burglary rate, it is probably a good idea to lock your hotel room doors every time.

Atlantic City 

Atlantic City is the fourth most dangerous town. It is a city known for its casinos, beaches, a boardwalk, and inspiring the board of Monopoly.

With a violent crime rate of 822 and a property crime rate of 2697 per 100k, you have 1 in 37 becoming the victim of a property crime. Also, the city had the third highest murder rate in New Jersey.


Woodbury is the fifth most dangerous place in New Jersey, with a violent crime rate of 389 and a property crime rate of 3366 per 100k.

The town has one of the highest thefts in the country. So, be careful if you are choosing this town to stay in.

These are the top dangerous places in New Jersey that you can avoid to prevent yourself from getting into trouble while traveling.

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Safety tips for traveling in New Jersey

Safety Tips

No matter how safe the place is, you are always at risk as a tourist. Therefore, we suggest you follow the necessary safety measures to keep yourself safe in New Jersey.

Look for a few safety tips below –

  • Don’t act like a tourist – It is advised to walk confidently and act like you know the place, even if you don’t. Criminals look for people who are lost to take advantage of them. You can check your map or ask for directions, but avoid looking like you are lost.
  • Be aware of your surroundings – It would be best to know your surroundings and what is happening in your nearby areas to help avoid trouble.
  • Don’t drink and drive – The state’s crowded highways sometimes prove fatal if you drink and drive. So drink responsibly, and it would help you if you don’t drive in such cases.
  • Avoid carrying too much cash  It is a bright idea to carry as little cash as possible and keep what you have out of sight of criminals. Being cautious of your money will prevent you from having trouble with thieves.
  • Lock your car – As most parts of the state have a high property crime rate, it is always advised to lock your car. Also, keep any expensive item in your car covered and out of sight.
  • Drive patiently – Being one of the most densely populated states in the country, busy roads and crowded highways can be risky if you don’t drive carefully. Don’t drive in a rush.
  • Keep your wallet safe – You are recommended not to keep your wallet in your back pocket and valuables in a purse in crowded places or on public transportation. Though there are not many pickpockets, there are still some around.
  • Avoid risky areas – It would be best to avoid dangerous places with high crime rates. Avoid staying out at night and stay in safe tourist areas.

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How safe is New Jersey to travel alone? 

New Jersey is quite safe to travel alone. Even though there are some areas that are not safe, the majority of tourist places have no issues. On top of that, following standard precautions would keep you safe.

How safe is New Jersey for solo female travelers?

How safe is New Jersey for solo female travelers
How safe is New Jersey for solo female travelers

New Jersey is quite safe for solo female travelers. The state has the lowest rate of crime against women in the nation, which is a good sign. It is generally safe, as New Jersey people are used to seeing women traveling alone. With standard precautions, you should be safe in New Jersey.

How safe is New Jersey for Travel? 

New Jersey is the fifth safest state in the United States and has a meager crime rate below the national average compared to other states. Hence, New Jersey is safe to travel to. 

While there are some dangerous places that are not safe, there are also safe places to explore and have the best experience. Therefore, by avoiding bad areas and following safety measures, you can travel safely to New Jersey.

Hopefully, our New Jersey travel safety guide helped you understand how safe is New Jersey for you. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them in the comment section below.

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