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How to delete an account on Truth Social

How to delete an account on Truth Social

Truth Social (also amplified as TRUTH Social) is a social media outlet created by Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG). TMTG is an American agency and technology company founded by the former president of the United States Donald Trump in October 2021. The Truth Social outlet is a free and open-source circulated social network.

Donald Trump was restricted from Facebook and Twitter in 2021 after the capital attack took place in the United States. After being restricted from social media, he raised an outlook of creating a new social media which is named “Truth Social”.

Truth social is the #1 App on Apple App store in the Social networking category
Truth social is the #1 App on Apple App store in the Social networking category

The main objective of Trump Media & Technology Group is to develop an opponent to the liberal media organization and to fight back against the “Big Tech” associations of Silicon Valley. It has used its monopoly to press the opposing voices raising in America.

“We live in a world where the Taliban have a huge presence on Twitter, but your favourite US president has been silenced. That is unacceptable”. Trump said in a written statement contained in a press release.

“I am excited to send my first truth to the Truth Society very soon. TMTG was founded with the mission of giving everyone a voice. I look forward to sharing my thoughts on True Social and fighting Big Tech soon.”

How to Delete Truth Social Account

There are five steps given below here that you have to follow if you want to know how to delete a Truth Social account.

  • Firstly open the Truth Social app.
  • Now move to the more options menu and press on the settings and privacy option.
  • Now from your account tab, choose the option to deactivate your account.
  • Read all the information respecting account deactivation. Once you read it you can hit the deactivate option.
  • Now add your password and then confirm it. To permanently delete an account just hit the deactivate account button and your account will get deactivated.

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How to sign up/ Log in to The Truth Social App

Steps are given below to guide you while signing up for the Truth Social.

  • Download Truth Social from Apple Appstore.
  • Open the Truth Social App after downloading successfully.
  • Now click on Create a new account on the Truth Social app to get started with the process.
  • Moving to the next step. Enter your birth date. Make sure you enter it correctly. It will help you to recover your account in case you forget any minor and major details. Users under 18 years old are not eligible to use truth social.
  • Enter your actual email address after entering your birth date.
  • You will receive an email notification from truth social after entering your email. Now click on it to get your email address verified.
  • Now enter the password that you want to use every time you log into the app. The password must include alphabetical and numerical characters too.
  • Your password will get created by following these steps and you can easily sign up now.

Note:- There is also a published article on the website You can check over there for more information.


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