Is Chandler AZ Safe?

Is Chandler AZ safe?

Is Chandler AZ Safe? – Just like the character of the evergreen show FRIENDS, Chandler in Arizona is also one of the best places to visit. This particular place offers so many things, whether it is the best climate or the culture. This place knows how to cook the best food as you can encounter the local taste with worldly values.

One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of this city is its connectivity. The nearest airport is Phoenix SkyHarbour International Airport which connects important cities of America like Las Vegas, Salt Lake, El Paso, etc. Though this airport connects the other parts of the USA, its disconnectivity in the suburban areas allures travelers more.

Is Chandler AZ Safe?

Is Chandler AZ safe?
Is Chandler AZ safe?

No matter how great the city is, a traveler must check the crime rate before stepping into the city. Chandler ranks 29 in the safest city index, making it one of the safest cities in the United States.

According to the FBI data, the overall crime rate of this city is higher than the national average rate, but the city does not belong to a higher crime community. Every one person among 51 people has the risk of falling victim to the crime. All the data might confuse you about whether is Chandler AZ safe. To make it easier for you to understand, we have prepared this thorough guide.

In this travel safety guide, we have covered everything, including is Chandler AZ safe to visit, the safest and most dangerous places, safety tips, and more.

So, here we go –

Warnings & Dangers in Chandler, Arizona

Warnings & Dangers in Chandler, Arizona
Warnings & Dangers in Chandler, Arizona – Is Chandler AZ safe?

Overall Risk: Medium

According to the FBI, this city’s crime rate is above the national average, and the Phoenix neighborhood, the metropolitan area, is more prone to crime. The nearby cities of Chandler are Gilbert, Glendale, and Scottsdale, which are the highest crime rates. This is one of the reasons the crime records of Chandler are a bit scary. However, in reality, Chandler ranks somewhere in the middle of the safety index.

Transport & Taxi Risk: Low

The transport authority is quite strict with their laws and vehicles. Most of the rideshares and taxis come with hiring options. The risks in transport and taxis are low. However, people must be aware before hiring any vehicles and verify all the documents.

Pickpocketer Risk: Low

Chandler is not prone to pickpocketing as the crime rate in this category is quite low. The reports say that only seven pickpocketing cases were recorded in 2021, which is the fewest.

Natural Disaster Risk: Medium

Natural disaster is common in this area as the city witnesses flash floods in the monsoon season. Apart from that, the wind storm, Haboob, can impede travel. As the city is near the Sonoran desert, thunderstorms in summer can disturb highway road trips.

Mugging Risk: Low

Chandler hasn’t recorded a large number of mugging crimes, and the mugging crime rate has dropped significantly after 2020. However, it would help if you stay aware of your surroundings, as your negligence can cost you.

Terrorism Risk: Low

Chandler has not seen any terrorist attacks in its history, so any traveler is safe regarding terrorism. However, the Hoover dam directly connects the city, so this can be a marked place for terrorism. You must be vigilant enough during the trip to Hoover dam and Chandler.

Scam Risk: Medium

The cases of scams are quite large in number as scammers are widespread in this area. Most of the older people find this city favorable for living as it keeps away the hustle and bustle of the city. Scammers target those people; however, the scammers only play with their old patterns, so fact-checking before splurging money into cheap deals can save you.

Women Travel Risk: Medium

Chandler ranks among the sex trafficking cities, and Las Vegas is not too far from the city. These reasons make the city detrimental for women, and it could be a risk for solo female travelers. Young women must avoid traveling alone and getting involved with strangers.

Tap water Risk: Low

Tap water is quite safe, as per the 2020 water quality report. The water is free from harsh chemical contamination and meets national standards. However, some places are prone to drought, which can be a major issue.

Safest Places in Chandler, Arizona

According to the FBI, Chandler’s crime rate is higher than the national average, but some of its places are quite safe, creating a balance of crime in the city. As enough information is unavailable, we will share some of the safest nearby cities of Chandler in Arizona so that you can get a glimpse of the city from its neighborhood.

Sun Lakes

Sun Lakes, AZ
Sun Lakes, AZ

Sun Lakes is one of the safest nearby cities in Chandler, Arizona. The city has lower crime rates compared to other cities in Arizona. The violent and property crime rates of the city are 14.8 and 30.0. Overall, Sun Lakes is a pleasant city to visit and explore.

So if you are in Chandler, you can also plan to visit this neighboring city. Oasis Park, Blue heron park, Arizona railway museum, and Papago park are some awesome and safe places to visit.


Rinforest Pyramid Moody Garden, Galveston AZ
Rinforest Pyramid Moody Garden, Galveston AZ

Galveston is another safe neighborhood of Chandler, Arizona. The city has a population of about 50,000 individuals. Violent crimes in the city are less common than property crimes, but the crime rates are not over the belt. The violent crime rate is 29.7, while the property crime rate is 55.6. Therefore, traveling to Chandler, you can also visit Galveston.

There are a few places where you will have a lot of fun while visiting. Moody Gardens, Rainforest Pyramid, The Bryan Museum, and Moody mansion are some of those places.

Sun Groves

Veterans Oasis Park, Chandler
Veterans Oasis Park, Chandler

Sun Groves is only 10.8 mi away from Chandler. Sun Groves is considered a safe city from the traveling and living point of view. The city is home to approximately 5874 people. There are lower risks of crime than the national average crime rate. Statistically, Sun Groves has a 58% lower risk of violent crimes.

If you plan to visit Sun Groves, you would love to see the Veterans Oasis Park, Mustang Park, Playtopia, and San Tan mountain regional park.


Imperial Valley Desert Museum, Chandler
Imperial Valley Desert Museum, Chandler

Ocotillo is only 5.5 mi away from Chandler. Ocotillo is a safe city to roam and enjoy. The city has below-average crime rates as there are only 696 violent crimes in 100,000 people, while property crimes are 3609 in 100,000 individuals.

The must-visit places in Ocotillo are the Imperial valley desert museum, Desert view tower, Galleta Meadows, and Ocotillo Community park.

Places to avoid in Chandler, Arizona


Bapchule is a place to avoid nearby Chandler. About 105 individuals are found victims in 1000 people in this city. The city’s crime rates are higher than average, so you should not make plans for this place.


Sacate is a nearby city of Chandler, but not safe for visitors. The crime rate in Sacate is 291 in 1000 individuals. The crime rates are unfortunate, so you must be aware of the city’s real situation before visiting there; otherwise, you can be a victim.

Trails End Estates

If you are in Chandler, try avoiding the Trails End Estates. This place is not a safe place to visit. Hence, it should be avoided.

SweetWater Village

This place is also located near Chandler in Arizona but is not safe for visitors and residents. The overall crime grade of the city is D. So be aware and avoid visiting this place in the dark.


Satan is a neighboring city of Chandler. The place does not have good records of crime rates. Crimes like assault, murder, rape, and robbery all are active in the city. This place is not considered safe for traveling, especially for solo travelers.

Safety Tips For Traveling in Chandler

Safety Tips For Traveling in Chandler
Safety Tips For Traveling in Chandler
  • Take care of your nose – The heat can hit you hard as the city is near the desert. Due to this, most people face nose bleeding kind of issues. You must keep the saline water handy and make yourself hydrated.
  • Beware of wild animals – You can encounter a lot of wild insects and animals like snakes, scorpions, etc. If any of these shows up, you need to be very careful. Wearing long boots can help.
  • Have the weather app – Weather can change abruptly, so checking the weather app can be a lifesaver before stepping outside.
  • Sunscreen is a must – Sun exposure can hit you harder if you visit this sunny city. Having sunscreen is the only way to keep yourself protected from the sun.
  • Ladies, stay alert – The city is quite vulnerable for women, so traveling alone, especially after dark, can be risky. If you are traveling with a young child, you need to be extra careful.

How safe is Chandler to travel alone?

Chandler is not too risky for solo travelers as long as they are aware of their surroundings and not engaging in any fights with locals. You can visit the city alone and have fun.

Is Chandler AZ safe for solo female travelers?

Is Chandler AZ safe for solo female travelers?
Is Chandler AZ safe for solo female travelers?

For solo female travelers, the city is not very safe. Sex trafficking is a concerning issue in this city, so you better not travel alone. However, if you want to visit Chandler alone, we recommend you follow all safety measures and always stay in touch with your friends or family members.

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How safe is Chandler for traveling?

Chandler is famous for its sunny days and its beautiful culture, and being the nearest city to Phoenix Airport, the city becomes polluted with crimes. However, the crime rate does not fall into the very dangerous category, so the city is quite safe to travel to.

However, we recommend you stay alert to your surroundings, avoid engaging in any conflicts, and, most importantly, follow all safety measures, and you will have an enjoyable trip.

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