Joe Biden administration says no pardon for Hunter Biden

Joe Biden administration says no pardon for Hunter Biden

This article is about Joe Biden Administration says no pardon for Hunter Biden. Read this article to know what he exactly said about this.

Biden Won’t Pardon Son Hunter, White House Says

White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre was forced to back down on Thursday from President Joe Biden‘s refusal to grant amnesty to her son Hunter Binden.

At a briefing, the press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, was asked: “From a presidential perspective, is there any possibility that the president would end up pardoning his son?”

“No,” Jean-Pierre replied.

Pressed, she said: “I just said no. I answered.”

In Wilmington, Delaware, on Wednesday, Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to two tax charges, both misdemeanors. He was expected to plead guilty as part of a deal with federal prosecutors that included a pre-trial diversion program on the gun charge, a felony.

Biden Won't Pardon Son Hunter, White House Says

In the event, it was delayed because of a question from the judge about the deal’s scope.

Republicans claim that personal problems, including Hunter Biden’s business affairs and public struggle with addiction, make Biden corrupt and eligible for impeachment.

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The right-wing has long resented the treatment of the young Biden by federal officials.

The pardon power is established in Article 2 of the US Constitution, which states that the President “shall have power to grant relief and pardon for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment.”

The pardon power is controversial, with past presidents granting pardons to donors and supporters. Trump considered pardoning himself and his family members but ultimately did not. He now faces numerous criminal indictments and may seek a pardon if he runs for President again in 2024.

However, state-level impeachments are not subject to presidential pardon. In New York, Trump faces 34 criminal charges concerning quietly paying an adult star during the 2016 election. He is expected to be charged with sabotage in the 2020 election in Georgia.

On Wednesday, Jean-Pierre told reporters that Hunter Biden was “a private citizen” and called his legal problems “a private matter for him.”

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“As we’ve said, the President and the First Lady love their son and support him as he continues to rebuild his life. As you all know, this case was handled independently by the Department of Justice, led by a prosecutor appointed by the former President.

Biden has sparingly used the pardon power and primarily focused on pardoning convictions for drug-related offenses.

In four years in office, Donald Trump issued 143 pardons and 94 commutations. Many were highly controversial, including clemency to his advisers Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, and Paul Manafort. Trump also called on Putin to release details on Hunter Biden.

However, the Pew Research Center states that an analysis of Justice Department data shows that Trump “used his executive clemency power less frequently than nearly every other president since the turn of the 20th century”.

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