Jon Husted – Bio, Age, Salary, Wife, Family, & Net Worth

In the article, you will find brief details about Jon Husted – Bio, Age, Salary, Wife, Family, & Net Worth. Jon Husted is 55 years old and is presently the lieutenant governor of Ohio. He worked as a Secretary of the state till 2019. He was elected as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives from 2001 to 2009. He was born in the Detroit area. He is currently running for reelection for the lieutenant governor of Ohio in 2022.

Jon Husted Bio and Career

Jon Husted
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted speaks to supporters at the Ohio Republican Party celebration Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014, in Columbus, Ohio.

Jon is a politician in Ohio and currently is the 66th lieutenant governor. He was born on August 25, 1967, in n the Detroit area. He was adopted by Jim Husted, a machine operator, and Judy Husted, a housewife because his biological parents couldn’t keep him. Jon is the eldest son among his siblings and grew up in Ohio. In 1985, he completed his studies at Montpelier High School. Jon also got to Bachelor’s degree from the University of Dayton (1989) and his Master’s degree from the University of Dayton (1993).

When Jon was completing his Master’s degree, he got a job in a high school as a Football coach, and he also worked as a football radio host and in television Broadcasts from 1993 to 1997. Jon later started working in local political campaigns in 2000, and this was just the start of his political career. After his active participation in politics, he was elected as the Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives from 2000- 2008.

Jon Husted

From 2008- 2010, he worked as a state senator after defeating Maryellen O’Shaughnessy, a democrat party member. He received around a million votes in the election race for state senator and was re-elected as the State senator in 2014 against Nina Turner. In 2011, he maintained all the Ohio businesses, and all had to be issued with the State’s Senator as a part of his policies.

His main focus was to maintain Ohio’s businesses, and he introduced a new Central Business Program in 2013. Husted deducted the Fee for the registration and paperwork for the new business up to 21% and stated that it is “easier for businesses to succeed.”

Lt. Gov.-elect Jon Husted, left, speaks at a Tuesday, Jan. 8 2019 news conference in Columbus announcing his official duties
Lt. Gov.-elect Jon Husted, left, speaks at a Tuesday, Jan. 8 2019 news conference in Columbus announcing his official duties

Jon Husted stated his opposition to pay-to-play for school extracurricular activities such as sports, arts, band, and others. He banned the school’s and college’s policies that included charges for extracurricular activities. He believed that students should be allowed to take part in all kinds of activities to shape their careers.

Husted wrote that “having these specific qualities in your life is what makes you a good student, a good employee, a good spouse, a good parent, and a better person. If we truly believe that personality and character enhancement is just as necessary as academic development, then we should stop charging fees that serve as a blockage to success.

Jon launched a new policy in 2016, the support for domestic violence survivors. It stated that people should feel Safe at home. Violence survivors could directly vote without any registration so that their home addresses and details won’t be a public record. After his policy was launched in Ohio, other states also followed that same law.

Jon Husted Wife

Tina Husted

Jon Husted is presently the Lieutenant governor of Ohio and also running for reelection for 2022 Lieutenant governor of Ohio. He’s married to Tina Husted, who is an artist, licensed real estate broker, a coach in college, and also a physical therapist. Tina and Jon got married in 2006 and therefore have three children. They live together in the Columbus-area suburb of Upper Arlington.

Tina Husted is a social activist who auctions her paintings and helps underprivileged students by providing for their education. Dorothy Pelanda mentioned, “Tina Husted, the wife of Lt. Gov. Jon Husted, is a well-known artist. Ribboned notecard packets of her painting, “Union County Sunrise,” were given to us as mementos of the Gubernatorial Inauguration. What a treasure!”

Jon Husted Family

Husted and family

He was adopted by the Husted family when he was very young. Jim and Judy raised him and his other two young siblings, Jodee and Jeff, in the Northwest Ohio Community of Montpelier, Ohio. They lived together as a family. Jon and Tina have been married for 17 years now. They have three children. One son, Alex Husted, is the eldest, and Katie Husted and Kylie Husted are the two young daughters living together in Ohio.

Jon Husted Salary

Jon Husted is presently the Governor Lieutenant of Ohio and earns around $109,986. He has multiple businesses and also earns a good amount per month. Tina is a real estate broker, physiotherapist, and coach together and gets a good amount of salary per month.

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Jon Husted’s Net Worth

He is among the richest American politicians and owns multiple businesses. He is also an investor and has a net worth of $1.5 million dollars. Recently, Ohio’s Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted came to Zanesville to announce nearly $2 million dollars of allocated funding that have been abandoned and neglected by their original owners to combat properties. “You’ll see a place that has life and adds vibrancy to the community instead of a dilapidated property,” Husted stated.

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