Kelly Tshibaka Net Worth- Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Husband, Family,

Kelly Tshibaka - Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Husband, Family, Net Worth

Kelly Tshibaka Wikipedia – Kelly Tshibaka is one of the four candidates running for the United States state senate race. If elected, she would represent Alaska at the federal level of government in the Senate.

Tshibaka is a registered Republican. She is running alongside Lisa Murkowski, the primary republican competition, and Patricia Chesbro, the primary democrat candidate.

This article covers everything about Kelly Tshibaka’s life, providing you with information to decide whether she is your ideal candidate.

Who is Kelly Tshibaka? Biography and Wikipedia

Kelly Tshibaka Wikipedia
Kelly Tshibaka Wikipedia

Kelly Tshibaka is a strong-headed female candidate. She wishes to represent the new age of conservatives in Alaska and portrays great personal gratitude and indebtedness towards the Alaskan people. Her primary opposition is the three-term US Senator Lisa Murkowski.

With a true conservative spirit, she is a proud supporter of Pro-life, which is the life-affirmative anti-abortion stance, and a second amendment supporter, which allows for more ubiquitous gun use.

Tshibaka’s age is not confirmed due to ambiguity around her birth date. However, many speculate that she is in her late middle age and falls between 35-45 years. There is not much information about her early childhood or pre-marital life except that released by her. She maintains an Instagram and Twitter account for her campaign.

Kelly Tshibaka is a strict law-maker, backed by a degree from the renowned Harvard Law School. She has an undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University.

Born in Alaska, she has seen some callous times. From seeing her parents homeless to graduating from Harvard, she has always been close to her homeland of Alaska. She has seen Alaska being a pool of opportunities and also has seen it at its worst, where it is in the near last place in the nation for education, crime, and economy.

Inspired by Governor Dunleavy’s vision, she wants to see a comeback from the current state of Alaska. She has served in the Department of Justice in Washington DC, the U.S. Postal Service, and Director for National Intelligence (ODNI). She also established a church with her husband and became the co-pastors of the lighthouse fellowship. She currently serves as the commissioner of the Alaska Department of Administration.

Kelly Tshibaka Husband

Kelly Tshibaka Husband
Kelly Tshibaka Husband

Kelly Tshibaka is happily married to Niki Tshibaka. However, much information about the couple isn’t out to the public except that they met while they were graduating from Harvard, fell in love, and married each other in a beautiful ceremony in Alaska.

They are a perfect example of a couple who made it. Her husband is also a co-pastor with her, and the couple together raised a church as well.

Kelly Tshibaka Net Worth 2022

Kelly Tshibaka net worth in 2022 is estimated to be around $350,000 to $500,000. Understanding that she comes from a middle-class family, this net worth ain’t bad.

Being a government servant, she enjoys a certain level of tax privileges over the common public. She was also provided $80,000, the cost of moving her family from Washington DC, when she was appointed as a senior policy advisor under Governor Michael Dunleavy.

Kelly Tshibaka Family

Kelly Tshibaka is married to Niki Tshibaka, and has five children together. Information about her family is not really out to the public besides the fact that her parents were homeless, her father was a Union Electrician, and her mother worked at an Alaskan oil field.

Federal Government Work

Tshibaka worked in the United States Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General as a special assistant, followed by working at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence as an advisor to the Inspector General.

She had accusations of false updates of work hours to gain extra salary, but all charges were dismissed, proving her not guilty.

State government work

Being close to her soil and having Alaska at her heart, she has done a lot of state-related work to help Governor Michael Dunleavy as a senior policy advisor. She also ended a strike by the Alaska ferry workers union.

This was a labor strike that involved around 400 people and was regarding scheduling, working conditions, and wage increases. She led the negotiations and helped both parties come to an agreement, and her work was highly appreciated by the state and the country.

Campaign for US Senate

Kelly Tshibaka Campaign for US Senate
Kelly Tshibaka Campaign for US Senate

Being a Republic, she fights and stands for things such as curtail of abortions, the economic autonomy of Alaska, and the reduction of federal intervention. Although, in her public interactions and town hall meetings, she talks more about “Murkowski’s voting record” than her actual policies.

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