Lara Logan Selection Code Movie

Lara Logan Selection Code Movie

Lara Logan Selection Code Movie is all set to be released on a two-day historic summit named Moment of Truth summit by Mike Lindell. The Movie will release on 20th August during the live summit at Springfield.

SELECTION CODE is a political thriller movie that uncovers a mystery so critical to America’s survival that it transcends partisan politics. It’s not about correcting the past. It’s about correcting the future.

Lara Logan Selection Code Movie

SELECTION CODE follows the story of Tina Peters, the Mesa Colorado County Clerk. She secured her district’s Dominion voting system server, only to find evidence of tampering in a recent local council election along with the 2020 general election. Tina’s discovery sets off a chain reaction that changes her life.

[S]ELECTION CODE follows world-renowned investigative journalist Lara Logan on her biggest assignment yet. For over 35 years, investigative journalist Lara Logan has been on the front lines of some of history’s deadliest conflicts.

However, no job has put Lara’s career and life in more danger than this one. His investigation goes to the heart of today’s information warfare, revealing another facet in the ever-evolving saga of voter fraud, proving the role of machines in the year that stole our vote.

Mike Lindell funds the Lara Logan Selection Code movie. He said he financed the cost of the film but had “no say” in the content.

He said Lara Logan, a former CBS reporter turned far-right figure, is in charge of producing. “It will prove to the whole world that you will never again use computer systems or voting machines for election results,” Lindell said. On his online show, The Lindell Report, Lindell teased the film’s release.

You know what, after those two days, if there’s still a politician in the United States who claims there were no election crimes and loves these machines, he could be behind all of these melted-down prison bars made out of some of these machines. Lindell said on his show that we could build a complete detention center for everyone involved in the 2020 election crime!

Selection Code Movie Download for offline watch

You can only download the film via a link provided by World-wire. The film will premiere on August 20 at Mike Lindell’s Moment of Truth Summit. The selection code film premiere begins at 6:30 p.m until 8:45 p.m. So you can watch the film live on from the day of the event.

After its release, you can still watch the film on our World Wire website.

Lara Logan Career

Logan has been appointed UK correspondent for GMTV Breakfast Television. She also served for CBS News Radio as a freelance journalist. A few days after the attacks of September 11, she asked a clerk at the Russian Embassy in London for a visa to travel to Afghanistan.

Lara Logan Career

While working for GMTV in November 2001, in Afghanistan, she visited the Northern Alliance, which we and the UK support. She questioned his commander, General Babajan, at Bagram Air Base.

She worked for CNN, covering incidents such as the 1998 bombings of US embassies in Tanzania and Nairobi, the dispute in Northern Ireland, and the warfare in Kosovo.

CBS News resoposed her for a full-time correspondent spot in 2002. She served the next four years covering the battlefield, including war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq, often integrated with the United States armed forces.

However, she also interviewed celebrities and explorers, including Robert Ballard, who discovered the wreckage of the Titanic. She reported for 60 Minutes II, Face the Nation, the Early Show, and the CBS Evening News. In February 2006, Logan was appointed to the post of Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent for CBS News.

Logan left CBS News in August 2018. The following year, he temporarily joined Sinclair Broadcast Group as a reporter on the US-Mexico border.

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About Mike Lindell

Michael James Lindell, nicknamed “My Pillow Guy,” is an American businessman, political activist, and far-right conspiracy theorist. He is the CEO and founder of My Pillow, Inc., a company that manufactures pillows, bedding, and slippers.

Mike Lindell
Mike Lindell

Lindell is just a prominent supporter and adviser to Donald Trump, the former President of the United States. Lindell played a critical role in supporting and funding Trump’s efforts to reverse the outcome of the election following Trump’s defeat in 2020
presidential election; Spreading conspiracy theories about widespread voter fraud.

He is also a proponent of oleandrin, a toxic plant extract, as an alternative therapeutic remedy for COVID-19. Lara Logan Selection Code movie is also funded by mike Lindell.

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