List of all documentaries by Mike Lindell

List of all documentaries by Mike Lindell

The 2020 presidential elections have been a rollercoaster ride for America, to say the least. These elections have been one of the most challenging for the United States and the democracies of the world, there have been disputes across all the presidential elections in the United States but there hasn’t been much controversial election in history.

Donald Trump had widespread support all across the United States and millions of Americans were already going to vote for him in the elections, Trump was all set to repeat his term, Joe Biden was not even close. Donald Trump’s great initiative of Make America Great Again was already bringing in widespread support to him. Just see, how astonishing it is that Joe Biden, who did not even have a close fight against Donald Trump won the election.

But Trump, his allies, and supporters are not the ones who will go into darkness so easily and so they decided to fight back, since the voting happened, reports of alleged tampering, rigging, or manipulation of the electoral process started coming across from all of the United States, for someone as resourceful as Donald Trump himself, it becomes easier to understand that there is something that is not right, and Trump took no time in coming forward to the press and alleging the democrats for election fraud. 

Donald Trump with Mike Lindell

All it takes to spark a revolution is a strong and confronting leader, Trump had sparked a revolution, and so the Republicans and other Trump supporters started coming in on the claim, and registered petitions, lawsuits, and whatnot.

While there are countless claims from countless Trump supporters across the United States, the major ones came from prominent Trump supporters like Mike Lindell, Sydney Powell, and Guiliani. Other than these powerful politicians and businessmen, news channels like Newsmax and OAN also joined in. 

Lindell, Powell, Guiliani, OAN and Newsmax, all have faced billions of dollars in Lawsuits from Dominion. The EVM manufacturer was alleged of rigging its machines to favor Biden in the elections.

Mike Lindell has been the most active in alleging democrats of the election fraud, he has made various claims. For which he also had to undergo some serious trouble, but all in all, he is still fighting hard. Mike Lindell also popularly known as the My Pillow Guy gets his name from his frequent appearances in advertisements for his mattress and pillow manufacturing company, ‘My Pillow’. Lindell became active in the Republican political scene when he was invited to the Trump tower for a meeting in 2016, and since then, he has been one of the prime donors and the staunchest Trump allies.

Mike Lindell has produced very deep and insightful documentaries on the 2020 election fraud, in these documentaries, Mike Lindell displays several pieces of evidence and expert opinions on his claims. There is hardly any reason why you should not be watching these documentaries. In this article, we will tell you about all the documentaries by Mike Lindell, where to watch them, and a brief synopsis of all the documentaries by Mike Lindell. Before proceeding further with our list, let us first look at all the allegations put forward by him.

Mike Lindell On 2020 Election Fraud

List of all documentaries by Mike Lindell

Amongst the several allegations made by conservatives and Republicans all across the United States, Mike Lindell’s have been the most widespread and provable. Here are the allegations by Mike Lindell on the 2020 election fraud: 

  1. Global Conspiracy: Since its Independence, United States has had enemies, the global superpower status of the United States is not liked by a lot of countries. Many countries at times are involved in conspiring against the United States. As per Mike Lindell, the 2020 election fraud is courtesy of China, Russia, and Venezuela.
  2. Unidentified Trucks Filled With Ballots Moving In and Out of the Counting Centres: Many unidentified trucks have allegedly moved in and out of the voting centers, these trucks are known to have given a huge lead to Biden in the early stages of counting. The State of Michigan magically found 100,000 ballots in just 2 hours of one such truck leaving the center.
  3. Dead Voters: The 2020 presidential elections saw the rise of the dead when many dead voters stepped out of their graves to vote for the revolutionary government of Joe Biden. Approximately 10,000 dead voters from the state of Michigan alone have voted.
  4. Dominion Receiving $400 M: Lindell claims that Dominion received $400M just a month before the US presidential elections as donations from various sources. Lindell also claims that Clintons have a huge share in Dominion’s parent company and that Dominions is indirectly owned by the democrats.

Now that you have a better idea about Lindell’s claims of the 2020 election fraud, let us proceed with our list of Mike Lindell’s documentaries on election fraud.

Documentaries By Mike Lindell On 2020 Election Fraud

A total of 5 documentaries have been produced by Mike Lindell on the 2020 election fraud, these documentaries have been made in collaboration with the famous conservative conspiracy theorist, Brannon Howse. These documentaries have been entirely produced and funded by Mike Lindell.

1.Absolute Proof

List of all documentaries by Mike Lindell

Absolute Proof is the first documentary produced by Mike Lindell on the 2020 election fraud. This documentary sparked quite a lot of controversies across the United States. In absolute proof, Mike Lindell summarizes his claims, and evidence on those claims. This 2 hour-long documentary was first aired at OAN (One America News) where it was displayed with a 90-second long disclaimer discarding an involvement in this documentary by OAN.

It was only after this documentary that Mike Lindell and OAN had $1.3 billion each in lawsuits against themselves.

You can watch the Absolute Proof here – Watch Absolute Proof Documentary

2.Absolute Interference

List of all documentaries by Mike Lindell

Absolute Interference is a sub-30-minute documentary where Mike Lindell talks to Trump’s former security advisor, Michael Flynn who has had decades of experience in the field. Michael Flynn explains that EVMs at some point of time is connected to the internet and this lets hackers connect to these machines via an electronic highway and allows them to flip votes. He claims that hackers from Bejing, China have been involved.

You can watch the Absolute Interference here – Watch Absolute Interference Documentary

3. Scientific Proof

List of all documentaries by Mike Lindell

Scientific proof is yet another short documentary by Mike Lindell where he talks with renowned physicists and authors. He explains the various methods through which the loopholes in the electoral process can be exploited and turned towards the benefit of any political party.

You can watch the Scientific Proof here – Watch Scientific Proof documentary

4. Absolutely 9-0

List of all documentaries by Mike Lindell

The shortest documentary in this list, Absolutely 9-0 explains all the ways in which the election could’ve been rigged. 9 dignitaries from the US come forward to explain these methods, this is the shortest but probably the easiest and most effective to watch.

You can watch the Absolutely 9-0 – Watch Absolutely 9-0 documentary

5. Cyber Symposium Film

List of all documentaries by Mike Lindell

Cyber Symposium film is a 23-minute long video, not specifically a documentary where Lindell sets a premise for the Cyber Symposium event which took place in South Dakota from 10-12th of August 2021 where Lindell displayed 37 terabytes of data supporting his claims.

You can watch the Cyber Symposium Film- Watch Cyber Symposium Film

The Bottom Line

It is only a matter of time for the truth of the 2020 election fraud to be revealed to the world. A threat to truth and justice in the United States will affect the whole world. The least you can do to save the Republic of the United States is to keep your eyes and ears wide open for every ounce of truth on this matter.

God bless the United States!

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