Metro PCS Phone Deals for Existing Customers

Metro PCS Phone Deals for Existing Customers

In 2023, Metro PCS will offer a variety of  Phone deals for existing customers. These include options to purchase discounted iPhones, such as getting an iPhone for $99. Additionally, they offer a free iPhone 11 with a $60/month unlimited plan. Customers can also benefit from free Metro service or receive up to $30 off per month. Adding a new line comes with a 50% discount or more.

Metro by T-Mobile provides discounted prices on a range of devices for those looking to upgrade. Specific phone deals are also available, like the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G and A53 5G, offered for free with a new line, and the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G, available for $99.99 with a new line.

T-Mobile acquired MetroPCS in 2012, a long-standing MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) operating on T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network. Metro by T-Mobile offers affordable phones, devices, and mobile plans with nationwide coverage on the T-Mobile network. Metro by T-Mobile offers many options, from traditional phones to the latest releases. Choose a single device or a multi-plan to suit your family’s needs.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Which Phone Deals Does Metro PCS offer for Existing Customers in 2024

Which phone deals does Metro PCS offer for Existing Customers in 2023

Currently, Metro PCS offers the following deals for existing customers –

MetroPCS Deals for Existing Customers on Android Phone

The company currently offers several discounted or free Android phones.

Below we have provided a Metro PCS list of free phones with a new line –

No. Phone Model
1 Motorola Moto G 5G
2 Motorola Moto G Pure
3 Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G
4 Nokia G400 5G
5 OnePlus Nord N10 5G
6 OnePlus Nord N20 5G
7 OnePlus Nord N200 5G
8 OnePlus Nord N300 5G
9 Samsung Galaxy A03s
10 Samsung Galaxy A13 5G
11 Samsung Galaxy A14 5G
12 Samsung Galaxy A23 5G
13 Schok Flip
14 TCL 20 XE
15 TCL 30 XE 5G
16 TCL Stylus 5G
17 T-Mobile REVVL 4+
18 T-Mobile REVVL 6 5G
19 T-Mobile REVVL 6 Pro 5G
20 T-Mobile REVVL V+ 5G
21 Wiko Voix

The following are discounted phones on the new line.

  • Samsung Galaxy A53 5G for $49.99
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G for $99.99

MetroPCS Phone Deals for Existing Customers on iPhone

Metro PCS Phone Deals for Existing Customers on iPhone

Currently, phone deals available for existing customers. As existing customers, you can get an iPhone SE with 5G connectivity for $99.99.

However, this limited-time deal is only available if you add a line with a qualifying plan.

You can get discounts on the following iPhone, MetroPCS offers great deals –

Phone Model Discounted Price Original Price
iPhone 11 $49.99 $499.99
iPhone 12 $429.99 $629.99
iPhone 12 mini $429.99 $629.99
iPhone 13 $529.99 $729.99
iPhone 13 mini $729.99 $999.99
iPhone 13 Pro $699.99 $899.99
iPhone 13 Pro Max $799.99 $999.99
iPhone 14 $599.99 $799.99
iPhone 14 Plus $729.99 $929.99
iPhone 14 Pro $799.99 $999.99
iPhone 14 Pro Max $899.99 $1099.99

For more information on MetroPCS phone deals for existing customers on iPhone, you can visit its official website.

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Best Metro PCS Phone Deals for Existing Customers on 5G devices

The company offers deals to get some 5G phones free of charge. However, this deal is a limited in-store offer requiring you to qualify for a plan, switch to the Metro network, or add a new line.

Currently, MetroPCS offers the following Free 5G devices.

No. Phone Model
1 OnePlus Nord N10 5G
2 OnePlus Nord N20 5G
3 OnePlus Nord N200 5G
4 OnePlus Nord N300 5G
5 Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G
6 Motorola Moto G 5G
7 Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G
8 Nokia G400 5G
9 Samsung Galaxy A13 5G
10 Samsung Galaxy A14 5G
11 Samsung Galaxy A23 5G
12 TCL 30 XE 5G
13 TCL Stylus 5G
14 T-Mobile REVVL 6 Pro 5G
15 T-Mobile REVVL V+ 5G

Metro pcs phone upgrade deals for existing customers frequently change. So, visiting the company’s official website is best to learn about its offers and deals.

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Metro PCS Wireless Plan Deals for Existing Customers

Metro PCS Wireless Plan Deals for Existing Customers

Metro PCS also offers many reasonable wireless plans for existing customers. The company offers discounts on all additional lines. In addition, you can get a discount of up to $30 on Metro’s plans if you participate in the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Below, we have shared some Metro PCS Wireless plan deals for existing customers.

  • $30 plan – This plan is free for ACP households and includes unlimited talk, text, and 5 GB of high-speed data per line.
  • $40 plan – This plan costs $40 for ACP households and includes unlimited talk, data, text, and access to the 5G internet.
  • $50 plan – This plan costs $50 for ACP-eligible households and includes unlimited talk, text, data, access to T-Mobile’s 5G network, hotspot data of 5GB, and 100 GB Google One membership. When you switch, you get 2 lines for $80, 3 lines for $110, and 4 lines for $140.
  • $60 plan – This plan costs $60 for an ACP-eligible family. It contains unlimited talk, text, data, connectivity to T-Mobile’s 5G network, hotspot data of 15 GB, 100 GB Google One membership, and Amazon Prime membership. When you switch, you get 2 lines for $90, 3 lines at $120, and 4 lines for $120.

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Metro PCS Bring Your Own Device – Options for Existing Customers

Metro PCS offers a Bring Your Own Device service to existing and new customers to enable you to bring your phone from another carrier to the Metro PCS network.

However, certain eligibility conditions exist for the Metro PCS Bring Your Own Device program.

These are –

  • The phone you wish to bring to the Metro PCS network must be unlocked.
  • The device must be compatible with Metro PCS GSM services.

You can confirm whether your phone is unlocked by contacting your current carrier. If it is, you can check your phone’s compatibility with the Metro PCS network by visiting

  • Open the link.
  • Click on the “Check compatibility” option.
  • You will be redirected to a page where you will see instructions to find your phone’s IMEI number.
  • Follow the instructions and locate your device’s IMEI.
  • Enter the IMEI number in the provided box.
  • Click on “Enter.”
  • You will check the result of your phone’s compatibility with the Metro PCS network.

If your phone is unlocked and compatible, you can move to complete the process of BYOD service further.

If you have a Metro SIM, you can use the old one if it fits in your device. You may also purchase a new Metro PCS SIM card at

For more information on Metro PCS BYOD service, please visit

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How to Bring Your Own Phone to Metro PCS?

As mentioned, as an existing Metro PCS customer, you can bring your phone to Metro PCS if your phone is damaged or broken or if you want to run your phone purchased from another carrier to Metro by Mobile or Metro PCS network.

Please follow the steps below to bring your phone to Metro PCS.

Bring Unlock phone

Please ensure the device you are bringing is unlocked. If you need clarification on your device, you can contact your previous carrier and ask whether your device is unlocked.

If your carrier still locks it, request them to unlock your phone. Your phone will easily be unlocked if you fulfill these basic requirements for unlocking devices –

  • Your phone must be paid off in full.
  • Your account must be in good standing.
  • Your device should not be related to any fraudulent activity.

Check the compatibility of your phone

Once you ensure your phone is unlocked, you must check whether your device is compatible with the Metro PCS services.

You can easily bring your phone to Metro if you fulfill both conditions.

You can purchase the new Metro SIM card if you wish or continue to use your old one if you have one. If you are a new customer, you must buy a suitable plan.

Please note that if you wish to enjoy your mobile’s 5G network, you must bring a device compatible with 5G connectivity. You cannot connect your device to 5G if it does not support the 5G network.

Can I Upgrade my phone if I am an existing Metro PCS Customer?

Can I upgrade my phone if I am an existing Metro PCS Customer?

Yes. You can upgrade your Metro PCS phone if you are an existing Metro PCS customer. New Metro customers must sign up for a new phone directly from Metro, or they can use the BYOD service of Metro PCS. But, existing customers can upgrade their phones at any time.

If you wish to upgrade your phone more frequently than once every 180 days, you must pay the full price for a new one. But if you upgrade your phone after more than 180 days since your previous upgrade, you can get an upgraded phone for free.

However, Metro PCS free upgrade phones are limited-time in-store only deals. You are required to pay sales tax and a $20 activation fee. In addition, the offer requires ID verification, and the offer varies by location.

The best Metro PCS phone upgrade deals for existing customers include a selection from top manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola, Apple, LG, ZTE, and Huawei. These options range from Samsung’s high-tech devices to Apple’s premium iPhones, catering to various preferences.

Motorola and LG offer reliable and innovative phones, while ZTE and Huawei present budget-friendly choices with strong features. This diverse lineup ensures that Metro PCS customers can find an upgrade that suits their specific needs, whether it’s cutting-edge technology, user-friendly interfaces, or cost-effectiveness.

Things to Know When Choosing a New Metro Plan

Though MetroPCS offers exciting deals and offers frequently, you must know some important things before purchasing a discounted or free Metro PCS device.

Every deal comes with certain requirements and conditions. As such, it would be best if you take some time to read the company’s instructions, policies, terms, and conditions to ensure you meet the requirements.

We have mentioned a few of the Metro PCS requirements you should know when choosing a Metro PCS phone deal.

  • Every new Metro PCS customer must switch to Metro PCS.
  • As an existing customer, you must add a line.
  • As an existing customer, you must pay a fee.
  • You must purchase a qualifying and usually unlimited Metro PCS plan.
  • You must trade in an old device.

Some deals also include a contract or hidden fees in installments. So, please ensure your deal does not include any such requirements.

Therefore, you must read the fine print carefully to learn about your plan’s conditions. Moreover, you can contact Metro PCS customer service or visit a store to ask the company about the deal.

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Other Best Phone Deals From Metro PCS

The other free Metro PCS phone deals for existing customers are –

Special deals on 5G phones

The Metro PCS’s 5G devices that are currently free are mentioned in the above section. You may refer to it.

Most of these devices are limited-time, in-store deals. However, the company offers special online deals on the following free phones.

  • Motorola Moto G Pure
  • Samsung Galaxy A03S
  • TCL 20 XE

Metro PCS also offers a trade-in program for existing customers to enable them to trade in an eligible old device in good working condition every time they wish to purchase a new Metro phone.

Customers can get a huge discount depending on their old or new phone’s price. The program is convenient for those with old phones and planning to take new ones.

The program is useful because it offers reasonable discounts on new phones every time. You can learn more about the Metro PCS Trade-in program by visiting

Metro PCS New or Existing Customers: Which Deals are Better?

MetroPCS offers many deals for both new and existing customers. However, which deal is better entirely depends on customers’ needs.

Many Metro PCS phone deals for existing customers require the buyer to add a new connection. This may not be the most reasonable requirement, as not all customers need to add new lines. If you are in need to add a new line, you easily get access to a free or discounted phone at Metro PCS.

But those buyers who do not want to add any new lines have significantly fewer deals to select from. While, new Metro PCS customers do not have any limes added yet, and they would need one to avail of Metro services. Therefore, they have comparatively more Metro PCS deals to choose from.

The other thing is when you purchase a Metro PCS phone, you have three pricing options, need a new number, keep your number, and an existing customer.

Many “need a new number” and “keep your number” options allow customers to purchase the phone online. Still, most options for existing customers require the customer to visit a Metro store to complete the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Exchange my Older iPhone Model in New Phone with Metro PCS?

Metro PCS phone deals for existing customers also include a trade-in program that allows existing customers to receive a new phone in exchange for an eligible old phone in good working condition.

Does MetroPCS offer special deals for elders?

No. Currently, Metro PCS does not offer any special deals or discounts for elders.

Does Metro PCS offer exclusive deals for existing customers?

Yes. MetroPCS offers great discounts on all phone plans with multiple lines. The more lines you add, the higher the discount.

Does MetroPCS offer Best Deals on new Customers?

Metro PCS constantly offers special deals and discounts for existing and new customers.

Where can I buy a Metro PCS New Smartphone?

You can buy a Metro PCS phone online through Metro’s official website or in a Metro store.

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