Tech - What is MetroPCS Bring Your Own Phone Program?

What is MetroPCS Bring Your Own Phone Program?

What is MetroPCS Bring Your Own Phone Program

MetroPCS offers a Bring Your Own Phone program that allows you to use its network without buying a new phone or even changing your current phone number.

This article covers detailed information about the same, including other details such as eligibility, the application process, benefits, and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

MetroPCS Bring Your Own Phone Program

BYOP program by MetroPCS allows you to bring your eligible phone to the MetroPCS network and use their most affordable services with several MetroPCS BYOP plans. MetroPCS BYOP service lets you easily switch your carrier to the MetroPCS network.

The program lets you activate your unlocked GSM-compatible phones on the MetroPCS network and allow you to enjoy the complete services offered by MetroPCS.

Benefits Of MetroPCS Bring Your Own Phone

Benefits Of MetroPCS Bring Your Own Phone

MetroPCS BYOP program offers you the following benefits –

  • You can enjoy T-Mobile’s reliable network as T-Mobile owns MetroPCS
  • With MetroPCS, you have ample plan options at affordable prices. Starting from $30.
  • MetroPCS offers many budget-friendly, cheaper plans compared to T-Mobile plans.
  • MetroPCS data-saving features prevent you from overage usage of the internet.
  • You experience the least network connection with MetroPCS.

Why should I opt for MetroPCS Bring Your Own Phone service?

There are several benefits you can enjoy when you opt for MetroPCS Bring Your Own Phone service.

These benefits are –

  • MetroPCS BYOP program lets you enjoy unlimited monthly service at an affordable price.
  • MetroPCS BYOP service is useful for those who purchase a subsidized phone. Such individuals will get good unlimited service without paying for a new phone.
  • MetroPCS provides an opportunity to have the phone you wish with pocket-friendly MetroPCS services.

Can I Upgrade My MetroPCS phone?

Yes. You can upgrade your MetroPCS phone with a new one to enjoy a reliable network and faster connectivity. You can visit the nearest MetroPCS retail store or their official website and get a suitable phone based on your needs to upgrade your MetroPCS device.

You can check the available devices mentioned on the company’s website or trade in your old device by visiting

Some MetroPCS phones available for upgrade are iPhone 11, Motorola E5 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy A20.

Which technology MetroPCS uses – GSM or CDMA?

T-Mobile owns MetroPCS, and therefore, it uses the T-Mobile network to offer services to its customers.

Since T-Mobile is a GSM network carrier, MetroPCS also uses GSM technology.

How to use the MetroPCS Bring Your Own Device Program?

How to use the MetroPCS Bring Your Own Device Program?

MetroPCS BYOP service allows you to use your phone from another carrier on the MetroPCS network. All the devices operating on GSM and compatible with the T-Mobile network can be used on the MetroPCS network.

You can enroll in MetroPCS BYOP program by following the steps below –

Check the compatibility of your device

The first step is to check whether the phone you have works on GSM and is compatible with the MetroPCS network. You can check your phone’s compatibility using its IMEI number at the Metro compatibility checker on the MetroPCS website.

Ensure your phone is unlocked

MetroPCS compatibility and an unlocked device are prerequisites to enjoy the MetroPCS Bring Your Own Phone program benefits. Therefore, even if your device passes the compatibility test, you must ensure your current device is unlocked. If your device is locked, you should contact your previous carrier and get it unlocked.

Your carrier will unlock your device if locked, but only if your phone is eligible and you have no due payment.

Get the MetroPCS (Metro by T-Mobile) SIM card

Once you ensure your phone is MetroPCS compatible and unlocked by your past carrier, you can use MetroPCS BYOP service. Now, you will have to purchase a MetroPCS SIM.

You can have one by visiting the MetroPCS store, or you can get it online. You can also consider keeping your current number by telling customer support executives that you want to port your current number to MetroPCS.

Select the MetroPCS BYOP plan

After you have a SIM, it is time to select a suitable MetroPCS BYOP plan. The carrier offers several BYOP plans. You can choose the most suitable and reasonable plans according to your need, depending on the type of usage and connection.

Activate your phone

Once you select a MetroPCS BYOP plan, the last step is activating your phone. We have already covered a detailed guide on how to activate a MetroPCS phone. You can follow that guide to activate your phone.

That’s it. Once your phone is activated, you can start enjoying MetroPCS services.


How do I pay Monthly bills at MetroPCS?

You can pay for monthly bills online by visiting, or you can visit any retail MetroPCS store near you.

Can I bring my own phone to MetroPCS?

Yes. You can bring your phone to MetroPCS using their BYOP service.

Can I change my MetroPCS plan?

Yes. You can upgrade your MetroPCS plan by visiting your nearest Metro by T-Mobile store or by calling its customer service at 1-888-8768.

Can I port my number from my previous carrier if I bring my phone?

Yes. If you bring your phone to MetroPCS, you can port your number. However, you must be free of any contractual restrictions with your current carrier to do this.

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