Mike Lindell Dream City Church

Mike Lindell Dream City Church

Mike Lindell Dream City Church

Mike Lindell is the founder and CEO of the most popular website named My Pillow Inc. The company sold sleeping materials like Pillow and leeping Mattresses. Let’s talk in detail about Mike Lindell’s Dream City Church.

He recently launched Frank Speech, which is a Social Media Website.

The company sold around 41 million pillows since it was founded. The idea of my pillow started in 2004. My PIllow is based in Chaska, Minnesota, US. There were 1500 employees who worked with My Pillow.

Mike has a special bond with his Dream City Church. Once Mike Lindell received an event and “Addressing to Young Americans“, at his Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Where he highlighted the points about President Mr. Donald Trump.

Mike Lindell’s Relation with Mr. Donald Trump

You can see Mike Lindell in many campaigns with Trump. Mike supports Donald Trump after his defeat as well ( Republican Party ) in the election. He has a good relationship with Trump and in most of the political discussions, he strongly supports the former president. Even he was a close advisor of Mr. Trump. He also plays an important role in coronavirus messaging from in White House.

Mike Lindell Dream City Church
Mike Lindell Dream City Church

Mike Lindell Family and Married Life

Lindell has been married twice. He had two spouses, the first one is Karen Dickey, with whom he has 4 children ( Charlie Lindell, Heather Lueth, Darren Lindell, and Lizzy Meyers ) but he gives divorce Karen after 20 years of relationship. Then after two years of a long relationship in 2013, he married Dallas Yocum. But this marriage also did not stay, and both got a divorce just after two weeks of marriage. Lindell’s son Darren is currently a chief operating officer in Lindell’s company.

Mike Lindell Dream City Church

The actual name of Mike is Michael James Lindell. Lindell was born on June 28, 1961, in Mankato, Minnesota he is 59 years old now. And because his father and father got divorced so he moved to Chaska and Carver, Minnesota. But still The Church ( USA ) is his dream city and he wants to do business or live the rest of his life at that place.

At the starting of Lindell’s career in the 1980s, he faced many difficulties and did much small-business like, lunch wagons, and carpet cleaning and he also worked in a few bars and restaurants.

People also know Mike Lindell as “the MyPillow guy.” But at a younger age, Lindell got addicted to alcohol, cocaine, and gambling. That’s why he divorced his first wife. He faced money crises at that time and his house gone foreclosed on by the govt. Because he isn’t able to pay the taxes and loan amount.

Although because of his faith in god and too much belief in Christianity he overcomes his addiction and bad habits. And after that built a million-dollar company My Pillow Inc. Now Mike was a popular businessman, American inventor, and entrepreneur. According to the 2018 analysis Mike Lindell has a total net worth of $300 Million.

Lindell revealed most of his secrets to success and gives answers to all the questions related to his life in his self-published memoir, What Are the Odds?.


Lindell always, be in trend because of his business, bond with trump, and relationship with his two spouses. After the divorce, there is news from the media like Jane Krakowski Dating Mike Lindell.

But when a reporter asked about the relationship they said it was totally shocking news for them. And they release a statement where they denied or said they are not dating each other. It’s a rumor.

Apart from that topic For more information about Lindell’s life and future plan, you can visit the official Mike Lindell website https://michaeljlindell.com. Where he posts photos and a documentary about him.

You can get the latest news about Lindell from this website and get updated on the newly released books by Mike Lindell.

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