Mike Lindell hosts cyber symposium in South Dakota to decode election fraud

Mike Lindell hosts cyber symposium in Sioux Falls to decode election fraud

The My Pillow guy, ‘Mike Lindell’ who is one of the staunchest Trump supporters and a firm believer of the fact that the US democratic elections of the year 2020 were rigged and Trump was the actual winner of the elections. There have been countless attempts by conservative and republican politicians to prove to the public that the election results were manipulated and in fact, the machines were rigged and made to transfer the votes made in favor of Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

Mike Lindell has a history of rising from rags to riches, all of this was possible even after him coming from a small town in Minnesota. Mike Lindell was at first addicted to gambling and alcohol but he recovered from that and went on to form one of the biggest pillow and mattress manufacturers in the United States, ‘My Pillow’. Mike Lindell has been all too dedicated to getting into the political sphere of the states for which he got the chance when he was invited to the Trump towers in 2016, and since then, he has risen to a significant place among the Trump supporters.

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In the course of claiming the presidential elections to be rigged, Mike Lindell had to face quite some trouble because of the lawsuits filed against him by various agencies and the EVM manufacturer, ‘Dominion’ whom he blamed for manufacturing the machines to be faulty and favor Biden. Lindell is not the one who can be easily bothered and so he took the fight to them and is still fighting the cases powerfully in the court.

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To further solidify his claims on the US presidential elections Mike Lindell is organizing one of the biggest events in history, ‘Cyber Symposium’ where he seeks to debunk the heinous crimes against the democracy made by the opposition and filthy EVM manufacturers. In this article, we will let you know more about the Cyber symposium event, how to watch Cyber Symposium events and how to win the Cyber Symposium event $5 Million prizes. Make sure you read this article till the end.

Location of the event in south dakota

Mike Lindell hosts cyber symposium in Sioux Falls to decode election fraud

The event will be hosted at Sioux Falls, SD. Cyber Symposium event is will be huge, the world’s eyes are on it, the lawmakers are already troubled even before the event has taken place, they are afraid what lies of theirs are going to be revealed in this event. Lindell claims that a lot of shady things happened during the election, one of which is the involvement of hackers from Bejing who intercepted the machines late at night and added data packages which will then turn the results in favor of Joe Biden. While till now, Mike Lindell has failed to prove this to the court and also has not submitted valid proof to the press, he claims that the Cyber Symposium event will change the history and reveal the wrongdoings of the government and opposition. 

Mike Lindell says that his claims are not hoaxed or empty and in fact, he has got a massive 37 Terabytes of data of intercepted data packages and evidence, which will prove his claims. Mike Lindell has already been in trouble when he alleged people and groups for involvement in US capitol attacks and if he fails to provide any substantial evidence in this claim, he will have to suffer.

The Cyber Symposium event will be hosted near Sioux falls in South Dakota from 10th to 12th of August where the event will be attended by top cybersecurity experts from the United States and across the globe. The event is also being said to be attended by top conservative politicians and celebs. Sadly, there is no confirmation of the presence of Donald Trump during the event.’

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The Cyber Symposium event is already receiving wide media coverage at the time and Mike Lindell is also not leaving any chance to promote this event on his own social media site, Frankspeech. One of the major highlights of this event is the $5 Million prize to anyone who can disprove the claims made by Lindell.

Is the Cyber Symposium event Legit?

Mike Lindell hosts cyber symposium in Sioux Falls to decode election fraud

It is difficult for anyone to determine whether the event is entirely legit or entirely fake, we all can only speculate at the moment. There are always some lies in the truth and vice versa. Intellectuals and experts from all over the globe have been astonished by the US election results.

Mike Lindell and his associates have been quite confident about their claims and it is fair to give the Cyber Symposium event a chance to prove the claims. The Cyber Symposium event is going to be a 72 hours long talk show, and for an event to be this long, there needs to be some content to display. Mike Lindell seems not to be bluffing as he is, not at all hiding from the media and press. The Cyber Symposium event will be streamed at Salon, which is a conservative news network. You can also physically visit the location to grab tickets to this historical event.

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The Bottom Line

The Truth shall prevail at any cost, Lindell with his Cyber Symposium event is putting all the necessary efforts to disclose the truth of US presidential elections and what actually happened that lead to Donald Trump who had such widespread support across the United States losing the elections. We don’t know whether the claims are true or not, but one thing is for sure, the event is going to be exciting with a lot of secrets to be revealed.

God Bless The United States!

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    • Hi Lisa! Really a compelling message that you posted. The creative use of CAPS, (unnecessary parentheses), mspellngs, RANTS!! and bat-shit crazy rambling stuff is most persuasive.

      The results of the November, 2020 election were professionally reported by election officials and there is no evidence of fraud of such significance as to effect the outcome. Joe Biden is the duly elected President of the United States. And we are a far safer country for it. No amount of crazed fever dream paranoiac conspiracy-mongering ranting will magically put Trump back in the White House. However, crazed rants like yours–if they were more coherent–might contribute to violence of the kind we saw on Jan 6th.

      • No rants here. No caps. No crazy talk. Open your eyes. You are not using your brain. You’re being led around the truth; without any independent thought, or verification of your own whatsoever. Please, spare me your belief of how smart you are. Look around, weigh the ramifications, get the big picture. It’s not about Trump; it’s about our freedom and the right to choose our own destiny from here on out. Be an American, fight for the rights you enjoy– and others have died for.