Is Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Legit Or Fake?

Is Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium Legit or Fake?

My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell is the founder and CEO of MyPillow. You must be aware of the fact that he had claimed and alleged Dominion machines back in December 2020 to be the ‘biggest fraud.’ According to him, Dominion machines were changing votes delivered in favor of Donald Trump to favor of Joe Biden. 

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Apart from alleging the voting system as fraud, Mike had also asserted that he would reveal the voting data that will prove his claim about the fraudulent voting system in his upcoming event of the cyber symposium.

Everybody is skeptical about Lindell’s contention being legit or fake. So in this article, we are going to analyze Is Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Legit Or Fake? about the cyber symposium and point against his assertion too. Let’s look at the points and attributes of both sides without wasting much time.

Is Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Event Legit?

Is Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Legit Or Fake?

Cyber Symposium is an event organized by Mike Pillow to support his assertion or contention about the voting system. He looks pretty confident about his claims to the same. This event will be taking place in the mid of August 2021 in South Dakota.

As we all know, Mike already launched his website FrankSpeech.com and is about to show in the event organized by him in South Dakota. He is offering 5 million USD to anyone who will come to his event and disprove his assertion on the voting system.

He confidently said about his event that it would reveal the new information collected by private investigators hired by him on the 2020 election’s voter fraud. He also said that he wants his cyber symposium to be the most-watched event ever. 

According to Salon reports, to promote his event Mike has shown his interest in buying more ad time on the network, but Fox News has not covered anything. About his cyber symposium event. So he accused Fox News of ignoring his upcoming event. Back in April, he also asserted that he had hired a team of private investigators to reveal the truth behind the network’s failure not to show any information about his event.

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Here are few statements were given by Mike Lindell at the symposium:

“Fox (referring to Fox News) does not talk about anything with the elections.”  “Fox News has refused to cover electoral fraud, especially the machines.” He also added: “Shame on Fox News!”

We can judge from his statements about the feud Mike for Fox News. He also stated to the Salon that he would buy more ads for promoting his website Frankspeech.com by placing details about the upcoming event to reach more and more people to “ get the words out,” he said afterward.

Another point is making people believe he asserts that he has spent lots of money on the cyber symposium. According to one of the ads posted on Mike’s website FrankSpeech the public is not welcome at the event, but he already has reserved 800 rooms for the invitees coming to attend the cyber symposium; invitees include politicians, experts of cybersecurity, and other officials. 

Lindell also stated to Salon about the broadcasting of upcoming events for 72 hours, in his words, he said, So I’m going to do some commercials that will at least talk about the FrankSpeech.com commercial that we’re going to broadcast on TV. [cyber symposium] for 72 hours straight.

 As his statements sound very confident, people will be thinking about the legit part of his allegations and accuses without any single doubt. Mike says very seriously about his cyber symposium and his contestations on the fraudulent voting system, but we can’t rely just on words.

When Salon asked Mr.Lindell about his plan to buy ads, or if he already bought the ad time, then Mike just said that he didn’t purchase ads because production for ads is yet to be done and added: “I gotta make them!.”

In the countersuit, there is a point stating that immediate and conditional proof shows that, during the 2020 General Election, EVMs like those fabricated and sold by Dominion were controlled and hacked in a way that made decisions in favor of one candidate be counted for the other candidate. As this statement is unverified, we can’t take it as a fact to the legitimacy of the discussion.

Is Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Event Fake?

Is Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Legit Or Fake?

Though some issues make us believe that Mike’s assertions are untrue, it is necessary to give weightage to those points or topics. 

As conspiracy theories were produced on Dominion machines after Trump defeated the 2020 elections, there was no supporting evidence of these unverified claims. Also, it was quashed by voting system experts, the government, and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

Dominion had also filed a ‘defamation lawsuit.’ asking for $1.3 billion in damages. News channels like Fox News also denied running any news campaign on Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium. In December 2020 and January 2021, news channels including Fox News, American Thinker, NewsMax, and a few others had revoked allegations broadcasted by them on Dominion. Dominion also filed a defamation lawsuit asking for $1.6 billion in damages against Fox News.

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Mike claimed that he wants about 1 billion people to watch his event; this also sounds insurmountable as the 2020 first presidential debate had only about 73 million views. If we look at the facts showing the potential of his event, that are not enough to support his assertions; as he reserved about 800 rooms at the event site, only a few of the officials have shown their interest in coming to the event. 


As we have discussed both sides of the matter, we can’t decide whether Cyber Symposium is legit or fake; but as far we know, he has not proved anything in favor of his claims nor produced any supporting evidence to date. However, we all need to wait for the cyber symposium event to happen in August to know the truth of the matter.

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  • It is not fake it tells the whole story of the election being stolen I appreciate mike for standing up for the truth if more would stand up for the truth and not lie and cheat like the democrats I know trump won without a doubt I watc hed. That night and it was shameful what the media and the country did to our great president trump be is the rightful president and when mike gets thru it will blow your mind I have seen the symposium one part at a time and there is nothing fake about it but I guess if the people like the dirty criminals like Biden Obama and the democrats throw their money around enough you can get people to believe anything crooked but I’m a Christian and a patriot and I believe in trump he is the only decent one that is in government and god is with us and him and his family what goes around comes around everybody watch it and deal with your own conscious god bless

  • I think the better question is whether you are legit or fake. Judging by the dishonest content of your article, I conclude that you are fake.

    “As conspiracy theories were produced on Dominion machines after Trump defeated the 2020 elections, there was no supporting evidence of these unverified claims. ”

    No supporting evidence? Thousands upon thousands of affidavits “are” supporting evidence. They are admissible in a court of law if the person agrees to testify. Not to mention that the packet captures Mike has are also evidence. And it has been proven in Georgia and in Michigan that massive fraud occurred. Just check out Depernolaw website for all the Michigan evidence, including irrefutable evidence of Dominion machines being compromised.

    “…but as far we know, he has not proved anything in favor of his claims nor produced any supporting evidence to date.”

    Well, clearly you know very little or are lying or denying what you know. The evidence is overwhelming. And the packet captures have been verified by a cyber security expert with the highest level of credentials. And the data matches like a glove to Dr, Frank’s mathematical analysis of the data as well. I suppose if you don’t look at the evidence then you can half-truthfully say you haven’t “seen” it. After all, that’s what they were ordered to do in Michigan so they could continue to claim they have seen no evidence.

    Considering you are lying and saying there’s no supporting evidence, you are clearly fake.

    Continuing to just spout baseless opinions about there being no evidence, does not suddenly make those baseless claims true. It just makes you look like a fool or a liar or both.

    • Nothing at all that has been presented by Mike and his minions is legit at all. It has been disproven or discredited by people smarter than you. If you can’t handle that truth, then bless your heart.

      • Then what are you worried about? Since you claim to be a “Real_Cyber_Guy” maybe you should go to the symposium and score the $5,000,000 by disproving or discrediting the evidence presented…

      • All I can say is he’s offered $5M to anyone who can discredit his data. That’s a pretty good sign that he’s not playing around. He’s definitely put his money where his mouth is.

        • He hasn’t put up anything. And with conservatives freely picking and choosing what a fact is, it’s an even more ridiculous proposition that does nothing but pander to the perpetually misinformed.

      • to Real_sissy_guy….there are mounds of evidence….just look at the video from Ga. (women feeding thousands of ballots into the machines after hours)….you DON’T WANT TO SEE EVIDENCE…Because you’re a lib Commi Hack!

    • …you speak as if these people involved are the only ones looking at this… 81mill views on first day… many who have been knowing about this b4 45, I knew about dominion way b4 45, I have fam&freinds in Venezuela& throughout the world…” continuing to spout baseless claims “-so you say, sounds like a very clear base of $5mil… this is not put on for the public’s entertainment but for nay sayers and the states…
      81mil…How many of those people do you think have the same opinion as you… and that 81mil is only on Frank’s chan…so many more restreams caught as well… over 45yrs of looking at this, starting from the coup in Chile to JoeyB starting in politics and HRC getting Kick off the W. Commission… soon…

  • Election Integrity isn’t hard. The poorest of countries do it routinely. What is hard is finding enough honest politicians who are willing to clean up a system they rigged to secure more votes for their candidates. A high percentage of Americans now lack Confidence in the voting system. The evidence of voter fraud was on tape everywhere and in depositions from Democrats and republicans alike. The no standing ruling by he Supreme Court prevented any of it from being investigated thoroughly. Now very open and transparent forensic audits are surfacing that the irregularities (aka fraud) are far more significant than was portrayed. when one investigates what was actually audited in those early audits used to assure the public this was most secure election ever one is stunned to learn the auditors audited themselves and the audits were designed to support the narrative. The facts now being exposed and the complete opposition to full forensic audits has convinced me that the left knows the fraud was more rampant and did impact the election more significantly than has been portrayed.

    At the end of the day I just want want to restore election integrity before the next election. Every American should want that. In fact we all Should demand that!

  • All I can say is he’s offered $5M to anyone who can discredit his data. That’s a pretty good sign that he’s not playing around. I hope he does have the absolute proof. Everyone in America knows there is no way biden won legitimately.

  • God has used lesser individuals than the “my pillow guy” to bring truth to light. I believe him to be legit.

  • Election was stolen. Lindell is a brave American and 100 percent right about all of this. If it is so fake go prove it and pick up your 5 million dollars. You and your communist propaganda is a joke. You are not fooling us

    • It is not up to any of us to prove the election was NOT stolen; it is up to Lindell and others to prove it WAS stolen. You folks are ones making the claim.
      Lindell’s 5 mil “prize” will never be won because it is as fake as he is.
      Time for Trump to remove his imaginary gold crown and his cult of Trumpbots to stop being sore losers.
      Even Trump knows he lost, but he can still get suckers to donate $$$ to his PAC.
      Trump: Once a con man, always a con man.

  • Offering $5 million to anyone who can disprove his claims seems bold, but..

    – He has been “all in” since before Former President Trump was elected (the only time he was elected in November 2016, as certified by the Senate in 2017).
    – He has claimed to have evidence but is holding onto it for an event that he is hoping to make money on. Providing that evidence or not to viewers will still mean he makes money.
    – Every elected official who is familiar with how the election process works – including Trump appointed ones – has verified that the election was not “stolen” and that there was not enough evidence of fraud to consider it illegitimate. His own Attorney General and Republican Governors of the states where the elections are being questioned have asserted that the election was legitimate.
    – If Trump’s votes were stolen and all of the election results were invalid, how did so many Republican lawmakers get elected? Why stop at just Biden if you are hacking an election?

    When something you have centered your life around and have believed in so fully is called into question, you tend to fight for that belief – despite all of the facts that prove that thing to be a lie.

    Biden won.
    Trump lost.
    And Trump WON’T be reinstated in the fall, no matter what the loonies keep claiming.
    It does not work that way.

    • Jamieson, your comment: “Trump’s votes were stolen and all of the election results were invalid, how did so many Republican lawmakers get elected?”
      Your comment further validates fraud..
      I can guarantee, the people who voted for those Republican lawmakers were most likely REPUBLICANS ..Pigs would fly in hell before any Republican would split their ticket & vote for a DEMOCRAT, much less Dementia Joe…

    • So, why don’t you get your 5mil and buy us all lunch? By the way, “despite all of the facts that prove that thing to be a lie.” Facts? What Facts? And the Arizona audit is a fraud? I see the Democrats constantly asking for facts in the face of all the evidence provided. Then you claim to have facts???

    • Agreed, Trump & his enablers are nothing more then grifters. They will continue with the big lie as long as it is profitable for them.

  • NObody thinks this election was real…I am an IT Professional and NO secure Voting system should have SQL Management Studio Installed and NO Secure System Should EVER be connected to the internet PERIOD. This Election was 100% Fraudulent And I AM CALLING FOR ALL STATES TO DO A FULL FORENSIC AUDIT.

  • Not fake whatsoever, just doesn’t fit in a pretty narrated box that the MSM wants to talk about and by calling him “Mike Pillow” in this article you are not telling both sides. Your biased is clearly showing because his last name is NOT “Pillow”. Another propaganda article online. If any of you are smart, you aren’t subscribing to this crap. I just happened upon it in my DuckDuckGo Search of why Fox isn’t covering it.