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Mint Mobile Coverage Map: How It Compare

Mint Mobile Coverage Map

Mint Mobile Coverage Map: A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that gives users access to the T-Mobile cellular network is Mint Mobile. The top three wireless carriers’ current performance leaders, T-5G Mobile’s network, are accessible through all plans.

Mint Mobile not only offers prepaid plans that are reasonably priced but also access to a fantastic network. Plans start at $15 monthly for 4GB of high-speed data, but you must purchase at least three months’ worth of service in advance.

This article will discuss Mint Mobile Coverage Map, Mint Mobile 5G Coverage Map, and what network it uses. So without further ado, let us dive into the details.

Mint Mobile Coverage Map

Various elements, like structures, the environment, trees, etc., influence network strength. As a result, the Mint Mobile network makes it simple to locate black areas. Therefore, the ZIP code approach for the area doesn’t produce the most precise results.

White denotes places that are not covered, whereas green denotes areas where the network is available. Get the Mint Mobile Starter package if you are unsure of the required speeds.

This includes 60 minutes, 100 SMS, and 100 MB of LTE data. You’ll have determined whether Mint is the right choice for you by the time you’ve finished these.

Check out the image. It shows the Mint mobile coverage map.

Mint Mobile Coverage Map
Mint mobile coverage map

Mint Mobile 5G Coverage

The Mint mobile coverage map provides information on network coverage in a certain location. Even the area code is not necessary. When determining if a site is covered, this strategy works well.

You can use the map pin to determine the network strength in your specific location rather than determining wide-area coverage.

Carrier Coverage percentage
T-Mobile 41.35% 5G coverage
AT&T 18.11% 5G coverage
Verizon 11.08% 5G coverage

Check out the image. It shows the Mint mobile 5G coverage map.

5G coverage map
5G coverage map

What network does Mint Mobile use? click here

Mint Mobile uses t-nationwide Mobile’s 4G LTE and 5G networks. As a result, you’ll find good coverage in the United States urban areas and patchy coverage in its rural areas.

T-Mobile is the nation’s leader in 5G availability and dependability, so Mint customers may also benefit from those high speeds.

What network does Mobile use

The T-Mobile 5G and 4G LTE cellular network powers Mint Mobile, providing the same coverage without the high cost.

As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), Mint Mobile offers mobile phone service that might reduce your annual phone bill by $600 without compromising call quality or wireless coverage.

Things you should know before signing up for Mint Mobile:

1. What is Mint Mobile

2. What are its plans

3. Does it offer any family plans

4. Does it offer any plans for tablets and smartwatches

5. Does it offer any discounts

6. What network does it use

7. What features does it support

8. What phones work on Mint Mobile

9. Does Mint Mobile support international calling or data roaming?

10. What plan add-ons does Mint Mobile offer?

11. How do you contact Mint Mobile customer service?

Pros and cons of Mint Mobiles


  • Looking for a cheap mobile plan.
  • You need a lot of high-speed data.
  • hotspot data use.
  • T-Mobile coverage is effective.
  • Would you rather prepay for your cell phone plan?
  • Want to go 3 to 12 months without worrying about a cell phone bill.
  • Make calls abroad to Mexico or Canada.
  • Want to stream HD video.


  • Do not obtain adequate T-Mobile coverage.
  • Travel insurance is necessary abroad (rates are expensive)
  • Require protection in Canada or Mexico.
  • Want the option to visit a physical location for assistance or support and require more than 35GB of high-speed data?

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can you judge Mint Mobile coverage?

In the nation, Mint Mobile offers exceptional coverage. It utilizes the T-Mobile network, which ranks with AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint as significant carriers. T-Mobile has about 94% of the market covered. Thus, Mint Mobile is also affected in the same way.

Can I use Mint Mobile in my area?

You should first check the network availability in your location before using Mint. The network coverage in various locations, including indoor and residential areas, is depicted on the Mint mobile coverage map using green icons.

Conduct a coverage survey to see whether Mint is a good choice. You can purchase the network test kit if you’re unsure whether you’ll receive the desired coverage. You can test the network practically as a result and then decide more wisely.

Can I access 5G with Mint Mobile where I live?

Yes. Recently, Mint gave its users access to 5G. T-Mobile uses 5G and 4G networks; therefore, transferring those to Mint Mobile was necessary. So you may use their 5G networks if you have a 5G capable device and reside inside the carrier’s network coverage.

Does Mint Mobile offer international roaming, and at how much?

International roaming is indeed included in all of Mint Mobile’s plans. To activate this option, one must, however, pay extra.

What’s unique about Mint Mobile?

In Mint Mobile, several characteristics stand out. For instance, it provides a money-back guarantee and a one-time test kit. You have access to all Mint Mobile features during the 7-day trial period. You have the option of joining the network every month or not. This unique feature is absent from other carriers.

Another distinctive feature of Mint Mobile is the free hotspot. This feature includes all plans and enables customers to surf for free. Given that most carriers charge extra for it, this is a plus.

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