Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS: Which Carrier to Choose?

Mint Mobile Vs MetroPCS: Which Carrier to Choose?

If you are looking for the best carrier, Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS, you have stumbled upon the right article.

Mint Mobile and MetroPCS are both MNVO service providers using the T-Mobile network to serve their customers.

Users on the same network find it harder to decide which provider will fulfill their requirements.

I first switched my phone service to Mint Mobile because they offer great deals. Their plans are cheaper, and everything is handled online, which I thought was super convenient.

I liked how I could choose my plan and manage everything from my phone or computer. However, I started noticing that my phone would struggle to get a good signal in some areas, especially when I traveled outside the city.

This was a bit of a letdown, especially when I needed reliable service.

After a few months, I decided to try MetroPCS, mainly because they had physical stores. I thought it might be useful to have a place to go if I had issues.

The plans were a bit pricier than Mint’s, but not by too much. The big difference I noticed was in network reliability.

In the city, my phone’s signal was consistently strong. It was also reassuring to walk into a store and talk to someone face-to-face when I had questions or problems.

In the end, Mint Mobile and MetroPCS had ups and downs. Mint was great for saving money, and the convenience of handling everything online was a big plus.

But MetroPCS won me over with its stronger network in the areas I frequented and the option to get in-person support.

In this article, I have provided a complete comparison between Mint Mobile and MetroPCS. I hope it helps you make the right decision.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS: A Quick Overview

Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS: A Quick Overview
Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS

Mint Mobile is a telecommunication service provider that offers prepaid mobile phone services, including talk, text, and data on T-Mobile’s network, highlighting its position among prepaid carriers.

MetroPCS is an American prepaid wireless service provider and a brand owned by T-Mobile. It offers mobile phone services on T-Mobile’s network.

With both carriers, you can benefit from T-Mobile’s network, which has good coverage in many areas and offers access to the fastest 5G in some locations.

Mint offers cheap plans without contracts, while MetroPCS has unlimited plans with significant perks.

Is Mint Mobile A Good Service?

Mint Mobile can be a good service for people looking to save money on their phone bills and users with low data requirements. It is known for its cheaper prepaid plans.

It runs on T-Mobile’s Network, which has good coverage in most major metropolitan areas. Mint Mobile gets consistently good ratings for its customer service.

However, it requires you to prepay for several months of service, which can be a drawback if you are unsure if you will like the service.

Is MetroPCS A Good Service?

MetroPCS can be a good service, depending on your priorities. It offers unlimited plans, which start at $40 per month and include unlimited talk, text, and data with access to T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G and 5G networks.

Depending on the plan, their unlimited plans include additional perks like Amazon Prime, Google One subscription, Scam protection features, etc.

However, unlimited plans can be expensive for single-line users. Also, data speeds are reduced after exceeding a certain data limit, impacting activities like streaming or gaming.

Below, we have a broader discussion on various aspects of these two carriers.

Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS: Plans And Pricing

Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS Plans And Pricing
Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS

Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS both offer plans on the T-Mobile network. In Mint, you must prepay for your services, while MetroPCS has month-to-month payments.

Mint Mobile offers only one unlimited plan with 40GB of monthly data allotment. Once you reach this limit, the speed gets reduced. In contrast, MetroPCS offers three unlimited data plans. Once you exhaust this limit, the data throttles.

Let’s have a clear picture of the plans for both carriers.

Mint Mobile Plans

Mint Mobile Plan
Mint Mobile Plan

Mint Mobile offers prepaid phone plans with no contracts in 3, 6, and 12-month categories. Mint Mobile’s plans include unlimited talk and text, and you can choose from data allowances of 5GB, 15GB, 20GB, or unlimited.

Here is a summary of Mint Mobile plans

  • 5GB Data: $15 per month for the first 3 months, then $20 per month in a 6-month plan or $15 per month in a 12-month plan.
  • 15GB Data: $20 per month for three months, then $25 per month for a six-month plan, or $20 per month for a 12-month plan.
  • 20GB Data: $25 per month for three months, $35 per month for a six-month plan, or $25 per month for a 12-month plan.
  • Unlimited Data: $30 per month for 3 months, then $35 per month for the 6-month plan or $30 per month for the 12-month plan.
Plans 3-Months 6-Months 12-Months
5GB $15 $20 $15
15GB $20 $25 $20
20GB $25 $35 $25
Unlimited (40GB) $30 $35 $30

All Mint Mobile plans have unlimited talk and text, free international calls to Mexico and Canada, free mobile hotspots, and Wi-Fi calling.

Mint’s unlimited plan also comes with 10 GB of hotspot data.

A new customer can get all Mint Mobile phone plans for $15 monthly. Once the three-month period ends, they can renew for three, six, or twelve months.

Mint Mobile also charges tax fees with all of their plans.

MetroPCS Plans

MetroPCS Plan
MetroPCS Plan

MetroPCS offers several prepaid phone plans to suit your needs. Its basic plan starts at $30 per month for 5GB of data with unlimited talk and text and goes to plans with unlimited data, mobile hotspots, and extra perks like Amazon Prime.

Here are MetroPCS mobile phone plans.

Plans Price Benefits included
Unlimited $40 (promotion) $40/per month
  • Unlimited high-speed data
  • T-Mobile Tuesdays
  • Scam protection
  • 1-year subscription to VIX Premium
Unlimited $50 $50/ month with Autopay
($55 for first month)
  • Unlimited high-speed data
  • T-Mobile Tuesdays
  • Scam protection features
  • 8GB of hotspot data
  • 100 GB Google One membership
  • The 1-year subscription on VIX Premium In the US
Unlimited $60 $60/month with Autopay
($65 for first month)
  • Unlimited high-speed data
  • Access T-Mobile Tuesdays
  • Scam Protection
  • 25 GB of Hotspot data
  • Unlimited texting to 210 + countries
  • 100 GB Google One membership
  • The 1-year subscription on VIX Premium In US

Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS: Coverage Comparison

Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS coverage in your area is the most important factor when subscribing to a particular carrier’s services.

Mint Coverage

Mint Coverage
Mint Coverage

Mint Mobile uses T-Mobile’s network. So you can expect similar coverage. T-Mobile has good nationwide coverage for both 4G LTE and 5G networks.

Mint Mobile claims to cover most of the United States area with its 4G-5G network. T-Mobile’s 5G network is the largest in the country.

Even if you are not in a 5G area, you can still have good service with its 4G LTE services.

However, T-Mobile is known to be less available in remote or rural areas.

To learn about Mint Mobile’s coverage in your area, check out the Mint coverage map at

MetroPCS Coverage


Metro PCS Coverage
Metro PCS Coverage

Similarly, MetroPCS leverages T-Mobile’s network to provide coverage across the US. This means it has extensive 4G-5G coverage and the fastest 5G speed wherever available.

However, limited coverage in remote areas can affect download speeds.

To get an idea of MetroPCS’s coverage in your location, you can check the provider’s MetroPCS coverage map at

Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS: Data Speed And Performance

Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS: Data Speed And Performance
Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS

Both Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS run on T-Mobile’s network, so you will experience similar data speeds and performance in most areas, including 5G, where it is available.

This means you can expect good speeds for web browsing, streaming music or videos, and downloading files.

MetroPCS offers more unlimited data plans, while Mint Mobile has only one. However, both carriers reduce data speeds after reaching a certain data allowance limit.

Furthermore, since both Mint Mobile and MetroPCS use the T-Mobile network, they can experience deprioritization, which means their customers would have slightly slower speeds than T-Mobile’s direct customers.

Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS: Exclusive Perks And Offers

Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS: Exclusive Perks And Offers
Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS

MetroPCS stands out when it comes to offering exclusive perks and offers.

It offers discounts for multiple lines, making it a great option for families. Some plans offer perks like Amazon Prime and Google One storage.

You can also get exclusive trip deals and vouchers, as MetroPCS has partnerships with many airlines and cruise companies.

Mint Mobile has fewer perks and offers. It allows you to keep your number, offers a free SIM card, and a seven-day free trial for any of its plans, allowing you to test its services before subscribing to Mint’s plan.

If you are unsatisfied with Mint, you can cancel the services at any time. However, the provider does not have any extra streaming perks.

Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS: Pros And Cons

Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS: Pros And Cons
Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS

Here are the pros and cons of Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS.

Mint Mobile Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Affordable Prepaid Plans: Plans start as low as $15 per month, making it a budget-friendly option for users.
Minimum Service Purchase: You must buy at least three months of service upfront, which might not suit everyone’s preferences or financial situations.
5G Access: All plans include access to T-Mobile’s 5G network, known for its excellent performance among major wireless carriers.
No Multi-Line Discounts: Although you can have multiple lines, there are no price breaks for additional lines, which is a downside for families or groups.
Unlimited Talk and Text: Every plan comes with unlimited talk and text, adding to the value of even the lowest-priced options.
Deprioritization: Since Mint uses T-Mobile’s network, your data speeds might slow down after 40GB due to deprioritization, especially in crowded areas.
Free Mobile Hotspot and Wi-Fi Calling: These features are included in all plans, enhancing connectivity options.
Coverage Gaps: Some regions, particularly the Pacific Northwest and Mountain West, might experience spotty coverage.
Cost-Saving Recommendations: Mint Mobile uniquely advises customers to switch to cheaper plans if they consistently use less data, promoting savings.
No Physical Stores: The lack of physical stores means in-person customer service is unavailable, which could be a downside for some users.
Supports Latest Devices: Mint is compatible with the latest smartphones, allowing users to keep up with technology without switching carriers.
Spotty Coverage in Some Areas: Despite using T-Mobile’s network, areas with less-than-ideal coverage might affect service quality.
Customer-Friendly Policies: Known for good customer service and easy setup process, enhancing user experience.
Data Speed Variability: While most users will enjoy high speeds, there might be variability based on location and network congestion.

MetroPCS Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Offers a range of affordable plans with good features, including 5G LTE Mobile Hotspot.
Coverage may not be as extensive as Verizon, potentially leading to weaker signals in certain areas.
Access to T-Mobile’s 4G and 5G networks ensures data speeds in covered areas.
Metro customers might experience deprioritization during network congestion, leading to slower data speeds.
Includes 35GB of premium data on unlimited plans, which is competitive with other providers.
After consuming 35GB of data, your internet speed might be throttled, affecting the browsing experience.
There is a wide selection of smartphones, including flagship models from major brands like Apple and Samsung, with financing options available. MetroPCS also offers a BYOP program so you can use your own device.
Requires a store visit to set up plans and some services, which might be inconvenient for some users.
Family plans offer significant savings, making it cheaper when adding multiple lines.
Customer service experiences can vary, with some customers noting challenges in service quality.
Taxes and fees are included in the advertised plan prices, providing transparency.
Not all Google phones are supported, limiting options for fans of Google Pixel devices.

Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS: Customer Support

Mint Mobile customer support can be reached at 800-683-7392 or 611 from your Mint phone. It also has a live chat feature at, where you can speak to a customer support representative.

The only disadvantage of Mint Mobile is that it is an online-only carrier with no physical store to provide in-person assistance.

Likewise, MetroPCS offers phone contact and online chat to reach its customer support. You can call 1-888-863-8768 to talk to a customer service executive or use the live chat feature on its website. MetroPCS has a physical store where it can look into its customers’ issues in person.

Regarding their services, Mint Mobile has high customer satisfaction ratings. They claim short waiting times and a friendly approach.

Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS: Review

Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS: Review
Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS

Seeing these carriers’ customer reviews provides a clear understanding of the quality of Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS services.

Mint Mobile Review

Mint Mobile’s customer reviews tend to be positive, praising its affordability and good service.

One of the customers says, “I would recommend a company that makes it easy to find their service/help phone number and then actually connects you to a real live person who is helpful, courteous, friendly, and professional.”

Another customer says, “Their customer service is exceptional. Not only are they friendly, but they can help you. I wish more companies had customer service like this.”

MetroPCS Review

MetroPCS has mixed customer reviews, some praising its perks while others complaining about its bad network and customer service.

One user says, “I absolutely love Metro PCS as far as Phone service and over-the-counter customer service. The over-the-phone customer service is severely lacking. Not to mention, there is 0 customer loyalty. I have been a customer with the same service for 6 years. It is less expensive to start a whole new plan with multiple lines rather than upgrade one phone on an existing plan.”

Another Metro user says, “MetroPCS by T-Mobile is absolutely LOUSY! DATA IS SO SLOW IT IS AGONISING TO USE THE INTERNET. BETWEEN Metropcs and Google sending hundreds of companies’ emails on the internet is absolutely horrible.”

Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS: Final Verdict

Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS: Final Verdict
Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS

Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS can be good carriers based on your preferences and needs.

However, you might still need help choosing between the two.

Mint Mobile is a good option for those looking to save on their phone bills and needing less monthly data. MetroPCS is a good option for people with high data requirements who want many features with their plans.

Mint Mobile is good for single-line users, while MetroPCS is great for multi-line users.

Choose Mint Mobile if:

  • You are a budget-conscious user.
  • You need a low data amount.
  • You are a single-line user.
  • You don’t mind prepaying for your services.
  • You do not need many features in your plans.

Choose MetroPCS if:

  • You want a high-data amount and are okay with paying extra money.
  • You want to add multiple lines to your account.
  • You want extra perks in your plans.
  • You prefer in-person customer support service at physical stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

What network does MetroPCS use?

MetroPCS uses T-Mobile’s network to offer Mobile services.

Can I use my MetroPCS phone with Mint Mobile?

Yes. If it is unlocked and compatible, you can use your MetroPCS phone with Mint Mobile.

Which is better, Mint Mobile vs MetroPCS?

The choice between Mint Mobile and MetroPCS depends on your needs and budget. Mint Mobile can be a good option for single-line users who need low data, while MetroPCS is good for multi-line users with high data requirements. Mint offers cheap plans, while MetroPCS can be expensive.

What are the drawbacks of Mint Mobile?

Mint Mobile requires upfront payment for a set number of months. For example, if you sign up for a 5GB plan for 3 months, which costs $15 monthly, you must prepay $45. Similarly, signing up for a year for Mint’s unlimited data plan will require an upfront payment of $360.

Also, Mint Mobile is an online-only carrier without a physical store. This is an issue for users seeking offline assistance.

Does MetroPCS have extra perks?

Yes. MetroPCS unlimited plans have extra perks, such as Amazon Prime and Google One, Scam Protection, and Google One subscription.

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