Paul Brown Stadium Parking Guide – Tips, Maps, and Deals

Paul Brown Stadium Parking Guide - Tips, Maps, and Deals

In this Paul Brown Stadium parking guide, we have covered information related to all official and unofficial parking lots, tailgating rules, and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

Paul Brown Stadium Parking Guide – Tips, Maps, and Deals

Paul Brown Stadium Parking

Paul Brown Stadium is the older name of Paycor stadium, established in 2000. The stadium is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and serves as the home stadium of the football team Cincinnati Bengals. The stadium is also known as the nickname of “The Jungle,” as the stadium welcomes you with the anthem “Welcome to the Jungle.” 

With a seating capacity of 64 thousand seats, this stadium is considered an important venue for the National Football League. Besides NFL games, the stadium also holds several other events, shows, and sports tournaments.

The stadium gets crowded during games, making it difficult to find a parking space at the stadium. However, you can follow this guide to find and book a parking space for your vehicle very easily.

Paul Brown Stadium Official Parking Options and Parking Cost


Paul Brown Stadium is surrounded by its official parking area, and most of these parking lots are accessible through the main gate.

If you see the map of the Paul Brown stadium parking lot, Gate A is the southwest part of the stadium. You can find an ERV parking lot near the gate.

Paul Brown Stadium Official Parking Map

The south Eastern gate is named Gate E, and the lot E parking lot is close to this gate.

Gate D is located towards the east of the stadium. You can park your vehicle in parking lots B and D if entering through this gate.

These parking lots are located within the stadium campus, but you can get several other parking lots around the campus.

CRG East, West, and mid-garage parking areas can be located in the eastern part of the stadiums.

The charges for the parking lots begin at $20. CRG east charges this price whereas CRG west charges $40. However, the Hiltop parking lot charges $250 for RVs. 

Additional Parking Options

  • Duke Energy Center Garage 1 (605 Plum Street)
  • Duke Energy Center Garage 2: (609 Elm Street)
  • Fountain Square Garage:( 520 Vine Street )
  • Enquirer Building Parking Garage: (312 Elm Street )
  • 3rd and Race Street Lot: (Corner of 3rd Street and Race Street )
  • Scripps Center Garage: (312 Walnut Street ) 
  • 3rd and Main Lot: (120 E 3rd Street )
  • Queen City Square Parking Garage: (319-331 E. 4th Street) 
  • Western and Southern Garage: (310 Broadway Street ) 
  • Broadway Lot: (295 Broadway Street )
  • East Garage: (443 E. Pete Rose Way )
  • Longworth Hall Lot: (700 W. Pete Rose Way ) 
  • South Lot: (131 Madison Street, Newport, KY)

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Parking Options Near Paul Brown Stadium and Parking Cost

Parking Options Near Paul Brown Stadium and Parking Cost

Even though there is plenty of space available at the official Paul Brown Stadium parking lots, they are costly. Therefore, if you want to save some bucks, you can opt for nearby parking lots and garages, which are available within walking distance from the stadium.

These Paul Brown Stadium nearby parking garages are –

Park Place Lot 5

  • Address – 325 John St, Queensgate
  • Cost – $5
  • Time – 14 minutes

Allpro Parking

  • Address – John Street lot 
  • Cost – $4
  • Time – 14 minutes

Vine st. Garage

  • Address – Olympic Auto Park
  • Cost – $ 4 per hour
  • Time – 15 minute

321 Race Street Garage

  • Address – SP Plus Corporation
  • Cost – $4
  • Time -12 minutes

Mabley Place Garage

  • Address – SP Plus Corporation
  • Cost – $ 7
  • Time – 15 minute

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Paul Brown Stadium Handicap Parking

Paul Brown Stadium Handicap Parking

Paul Brown Stadium has a section for handicapped parking.

However, the disabled visitor needs to show the verified documents of their disabilities, such as a government-verified placard, certificate, and number plate.

The accessible parking space follows the first-come, first-served procedures. Since the accessible parking spaces are limited, you need to either come early to the stadium or pre-book your parking tickets.

Public Transit to Paul Brown Stadium

Public Transit Options

There are plenty of public transport options available to reach the stadium.

For example, you can easily hop on a bus from New port. This option is affordable for people who are coming from a distant location.

The Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky provides several cheap options from different places that bring you to the stadium. New Port is the nearby stop you can opt for; it takes $1.5 for the stadium.

Besides that, you can catch a trolley from Rosa Park Street.

Apart from the buses, Uber and Lyft services are also available here.

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Tailgating at Paul Brown Stadium


Tailgating is allowed at Paul Brown Stadium. However, the authority has specified some tailgating rules that need to be followed.

Tailgating is allowed on Hilltop parking lots and Longworth lot along with Lots A, B, D, E, and 1U. Longworth lot is the most popular lot for tailgating.

All these lots open 4 hours before the matches and close within 2 hours of the match ending. The grilling and alcohol are allowed here, but fans are prohibited from bringing any beverage.

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Getting to Paul Brown Stadium

Public transport is a great option to reach the stadium, and you can catch the buses from different venues like 85 Riverfront Parking, 27 Northside, Metroplus, etc.

The stadium is nearby to the 4th Band Main Streetcar station. It will take just 5 minutes to reach the place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is parking around Paul Brown Stadium?

The parking charges start at $4 per hour. The authority charges $13 for a day; however, the charges vary on the matches.

What is the best parking lot for Paul Brown Stadium?

The best parking lot for Paul Brown Stadium is the official parking lot around the main gates of the stadium. However, the nearby garages and parking lots like CRG East and the West can also be a good option.

Does Paul Brown Stadium have parking?

Yes, Paul Brown Stadium has the official parking lots.

What time does Paul Brown Stadium open?

The stadium opens just 90 minutes before the kick-offs, but the parking lot opens 4 hours before starting the games.

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