Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon

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69 years
Height 5.9 ft
Weight 75kg
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Grey

Facts About Steve Bannon

  • Former Goldman Sachs and Bannon & Company investment banker Bannon worked in finance.
  • Bannon founded the far-right website Breitbart News in 2007 as a platform for the alt-right.
  • President Donald Trump appointed Bannon as his chief strategist in 2016 after he became involved in politics.
  • Bannon served as White House Chief Strategist from January to August 2017 after Trump's election.

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Steve Bannon Networth

Steve net worth is estimated at around $48 million. He earned much of his fortune working in finance, including at Goldman Sachs and Bannon & Co. As executive chairman of Breitbart News, he also earned income from his media ventures. His work in politics, including his role as chief strategist for President Donald Trump’s campaign and his brief stint at the White House, likely contributed to his wealth as well. Bannon remains an influential and wealthy figure in US politics and media despite legal troubles and a controversial reputation.

Steve Bannon Biography

The American political strategist, media executive, and filmmaker Steve Bannon was born in Norfolk, Virginia in 1953. Bannon attended Virginia Tech and Harvard Business School before he began a career in finance. Bannon founded the investment bank Bannon & Co. and served at Goldman Sachs. He also founded the far-right website Breitbart News in 2007 and became a prominent conservative. His involvement in politics later led him to become the chief strategist for President Donald Trump’s campaign and briefly serve as White House Chief Strategist. He has been associated with far-right and nationalist movements and continues to be controversial.