Prosecutor Fani Willis Accuses Trump Defense of ‘Lies’

Prosecutor Fani Willis Accuses Trump Defense of 'Lies'

The Georgia prosecutor in charge of Donald Trump‘s election meddling investigation, Fani Willis, refuted the assertions made by the former president’s attorneys.

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Prosecutor Fani Willis Accuses Trump Defense of ‘Lies’

Trump’s attorneys claimed that Fani Willis is facing a financial conflict of interest through her romance with a coworker. Willis refuted those claims on Thursday.

Willis accused the attorney representing Michael Roman, a co-defendant of Trump, who made the initial accusations about her of lying to the court on multiple occasions and suggesting that Willis had lived with the coworker.

Willis’s office attorneys first objected to her testifying but changed their minds after the prosecutor unexpectedly entered the courtroom.

Following testimony from fellow prosecutor and former romantic partner Nathan Wade refuting claims of financial misconduct, the district attorney took the stand.

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Accusations that Willis profited financially from the relationship and had a motivation to drag out the prosecution were refuted by Wade on Thursday.

In his testimony, Wade claimed that he had arranged trips to California, Belize, Aruba, and the Caribbean with Willis and that Willis had either paid for additional expenses or given him cash reimbursement.

Wade’s testimony came after Robin Yeartie, a former employee and friend of Willis. Yeartie refuted the timeline that Wade and Willis had provided the court.

Prosecutor Willis Accuses Trump Defense of 'Lies'
Credit – CNN

Yeartie claimed that Wade had not been hired to handle the Trump case when they first met and started dating in 2019.

Meanwhile, Wade testified that they started dating early in 2022 when he was already engaged in the election investigation.

Due to Willis’s relationship with Wade, Trump and a few of his co-defendants argue that Willis should not be allowed to pursue prosecution and should be disqualified.

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The hearing to decide whether to exclude Willis’ office from prosecuting the election case will be decided on Friday by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee.

Willis’ office slammed the disqualification attempt by Trump’s attorney as a publicity stunt founded on “fantastical theories and rank speculation.”

The charges have tainted Willis’ conduct and the trial of Trump and his 14 allies, who have entered not-guilty pleas to charges of organizing a criminal conspiracy to avenge Trump’s loss in Georgia in 2020.

For a long time, Trump has portrayed the Georgian prosecution, along with other cases, as politically driven initiatives aimed at impeding his bid to reclaim power.

He has emphasized Willis’s allegations as proof of alleged wrongdoing by those pursuing him.

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The goal of Trump’s attorneys has been to postpone the several prosecutions he is facing. In addition to arguing that, as president, he shouldn’t be subject to state prosecutions.

The case’s future will become uncertain if they successfully remove Willis from prosecution.

As he nears obtaining the Republican nomination to face Democratic President Joe Biden in the November election, Trump is being investigated for four crimes, one of which is the Georgia case.

On Thursday, President Trump was in New York; a judge set a trial date of March 25 for accusations about payments of hush money to an adult star.

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