Rick Shiels Net Worth – How Much is Golf YouTuber Worth?

Rick Shiels Net Worth

Rick Shiels Net WorthRick Shiels is an ex-golfer and a British YouTuber who wins over his fans through his golf posts. He has around 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube, and his videos are majorly composed of him playing golf with other players, giving golf tips, and reviewing golf equipment. Rick Shiels Net Worth 2023

Rick Shiels Net Worth 2022
Rick Shiels Net Worth 2022

Rick Shiels net worth in 2023 is estimated to be around $2.5 million. Rick has amassed this fortune from a variety of income sources which includes earning from YouTube ads, paid promotions, affiliates, and sponsorships.

How did Rick Shiels professional career help him grow his net worth?

Starting his career at the early age of 11, Rick Shiels was born with the passion and the talent required for the game. It all started at Hart Common Golf Club, where he started practicing golf.

Following that, he got a diploma in golf studies from his alma mater Myerscough College. After working at the Trafford Golf Centre, he started working on his YouTube channel and became the first golf-based YouTuber to reach the epic milestone of 1 million subscribers. He also helped to establish the first-ever YouTube Golf Day, which raised money for Prostate Cancer.

Rick has partnered with huge names such as Nike, MasterCard, etc., and has featured people like Richard Hammond on his YouTube videos. His channel covers almost every aspect of golf, whether it be golf outfits or golf stories, reviews, tips, and more.

Shiels also has a podcast named The Rick Shiels Golf Show which streams on various platforms. He has also made around $7 million in Tournament winnings through his PGA Tour and has won around three tournaments. PGA tour is one of the most prestigious tours throughout the world and even being a part of it is an accomplishment big enough for a YouTube creator to be proud of.

Rick Shiels YouTube Career – The biggest source of his net worth and earnings

Rick Shiels entered YouTube as a newcomer to the YouTube Community but ended up receiving around 2.5 million subscribers and 618,738,959 views. Rick is known for his amazing connection with his fans, and it is believed that he is the face of Golf channels on YouTube.

Rick Shiels net worth rounds off around $2.5 million, and his YouTube career has been the biggest contributor to his net worth. Nick receives around $10-15K monthly from YouTube ads, while he also receives quite a good sum from brand deals, promotions, and affiliates. All of these things are only possible because of his YouTube career.

Sources of Income

Today, the main source of income for Shiels is his 2.5 million subscriber YouTube channel which earns him a fortune through monetization.

He also earns through prize pools of tournaments, public appearances, and sponsorships. He features golf products and other golf YouTubers in his YouTube videos. YouTube has been the biggest source of Rick Shiels net worth and earnings.

Earnings via Sponsorship

Rick Shiels Earnings via Sponsorship
Rick Shiels Earnings via Sponsorship

Rick generates significant revenue through sponsorship, and his four-year brand partnership with Nike ended recently. He hasn’t discussed his future plans for sponsorships, although he still earns a steady revenue without said sponsorship.

Rick Shiels Family

Rick Shiels is happily married to her wife Claire Shiels and has three beautiful children (one son and two daughters). Rick seems to have a stable and happy family.

He is not very public about his family in his YouTube videos, but when can see them on his Facebook and Instagram accounts. We first saw a picture of his wife on his Instagram on their 5th marriage anniversary, celebrating their happily married life together.

Rick Shiels YouTube Earnings

Talking about his earnings, he makes, on average, around $15k monthly, which can go as high as $20k. Last month, he made around $11.8k, while his last three month’s average ranges somewhere between $15.7K. Note that this is just about ad monetization, and we have no idea how much he makes through brand deals and promotions.

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