Watch Louder with Crowder Censored YouTube Video

Watch Louder with Crowder Censored YouTube Video

In the article Watch Louder with Crowder Censored YouTube Video, Steve Crowder talked about Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk and how people are reacting to this sudden change. Besides, he also mentioned that Governor Whitmer told a lie at her recent debate and ended with the question if Trump was right about TikTok.

Watch Louder with Crowder Censored YouTube Videos

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Steve started the podcast by saying Elon Musk is going viral after he moved to Twitter headquarters for the first time. He said, ” I think he tweeted; let that sink in, he did, yeah, in the combination with this Gallagher- sequence video” and told the reason for taking over the company.

Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that he acquired Twitter because it was important for the future of civilization to have a common digital town square, where a broad range of reliance can be debated in a healthy way without falling back on violence. There was recently great danger that social media will divide into far right-wing and far left-wing echo departments that generate more hate and divide their society. 

He later talked about America’s 49th Vice President Kamala Harris and talked about nuclear and disease. Steve said that when he mentioned these terms, it seemed very destructive, and these are the two that were very dangerous to us as of now. So many people thought that diesel was bad and dirty and that it was an incredible resource that could be helpful for us a lot and also helped to transact energy to others, but for many reasons, it was always overlooked. Kamala Harris announced billions of dollars to change diesel school buses and if it is even going to help students in any way. 

Why was Steven Crowder banned from YouTube?

Louder with Crowder Censored permanently for violating YouTube’s terms and policies on YouTube. His channel, named Louder with Crowder,” had received two strikes within a 90-day period, and he could not post content on his channel. But now he has been permanently suspended from the platform. He declared his suspension on his 15th December show, which was broadcasted on Rumble, a well-known platform that has become popular with right-wing personalities in the last years. 

Steven stated on the show saying, ” Last night, YouTube sent us the second channel strike, and this is going to prevent us from streaming on YouTube for the rest of the year.” He further added, ” As usual, they did not provide any details for the suspension. It’s one of those things where we could say, we could guess…I mean, take your pick.” Steven shared a screenshot of the notification from YouTube on his Twitter account.

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About Steven Crowder

Steven Crowder (Steven Blake Crowder) is a well-known conservative political anchor, media host, and an American-Canadian. He worked for one of the prominent news channels, Fox News, where he posted satirical videos on the conservative media outlet. After this, he started hosting a daily political podcast named Louder With CrowderHe also runs a YouTube channel of the same name, Louder with Crowder Censored for violating YouTube’s terms and policies. which is  features comedic content and political analysis from the conservatives’ viewpoint.

Steve Crowder

The podcast is very well-known among young conservatives; along with this, it also includes a recurring part called Change My Mind,” in which Crowder talks about controversial topics with bystanders, who are mostly college students.

Steven Crowder was born in Detroit, Michigan, on July 7, 1987. Steven’s family shifted to the Montreal suburb of Greenfield Park, Quebec, grew up there, and spent his childhood. But at the age of 18, he shifted to the United States. Steven started working as a voice actor for the Alan character “The Brain” Powers for a children’s television series named Arthur and started performing stand-up comedy at 17.


He also worked in many films, such as the role of Doug Moore in the year 2009 and also in the movie named Save a Life. Steven also worked as the master of ceremonies at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in 2011 and came to life after broadcasting a rap video in 2012.

Fox News discontinued its relations with Steve Crowder as he made some negative comments about the host of Fox News, Sean Hannity, and Fox News in October 2013. His podcast, named, Louder with Crowder, became a daily program on Conservative Reviews’ new streaming service on 3rd December 2018 but later got combined with Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, and he continued hosting it and his YouTube channel that he started in 2009. 

About Louder with Crowder Podcast 

Crowder is well-known for his YouTube Livestream Podcast and a daily show, Louder with Crowder, on CRTV.com. His daily soap has created hundreds of millions of views and downloads. Louder with Crowder podcast brings the latest news, along with many prominent guest personalities and more.

Louder witth Crowder

It has more than 5.5 million subscribers on this platform, besides 1 million followers on Instagram and Twitter, respectively. Steve’s “Change My Mind” has become a milestone. It was ranked as one of the best memes of the year 2018. “There Are Only 2 Genders, Change My Mind” got more than 40 million views on YouTube.

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