Rick Shiels Wife – What You Should Know

Rick Shiels Wife

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Who is Rick Shiels Wife?

Who is Rick Shiels Wife?
Who is Rick Shiels Wife?

The popular Golf player and Youtuber Rick Shiels wife is Claire Shiels. The couple got married in March 2013. Before tying the knot, they were in a long-term relationship with each other. It is also said that earlier, Claire and Rick were good friends and decided to date after becoming well-known.

Rick and Claire are quite an inspiring couple, as they spent almost a decade together. Rick has not shared much about his wife on social media, but he often shares pictures with her.

Rick and Clair frequently go on dates together, even after nine years of marriage. The couple lives in the United Kingdom with their kids.

Rick Shiels Previous Relationship

Before their wedding, Claire was the girlfriend of Rick Shiels. After a long-term relationship, they had put steps forward to tying the knot.

Except for his wife, Claire, there is no rumor about previous relationships of Rick. Rick is quiet and introverted; he likes to hide most of his matters from social media and the world.

It had been nine years since his wedding to Claire, and there had been no rumors about affairs of Rick after the marriage. Rick and Claire look like a loyal and healthy couple. Likewise, they make a happy family together.

Claire Shiels Biography

Claire Shiels Biography
Claire Shiels Biography

Claire Shiels was born in August. Coincidentally, one of her daughters was also born in August. She is married to a famous golf player in the United Kingdom, Rick Shiels. She got married in 2013 and got pregnant just after a year of marriage.

Claire is not much active on social media. She had tied the knot with Rick following Christian wedding rituals. Most probably, she is a citizen of England. Claire supports her husband immensely towards his career in Golf and YouTube. Her ethnicity is white.

Once, in 2017, the home of Rick and Claire caught fire; it was a devastating situation for the couple. At that time, Claire had put a lot of effort into getting back to routine after this bad incident.

Rick and Claire Shiels Kids

Rick Shiels Kids

The beautiful couple Rick and Claire Shiels have three cute kids. Their first child is a daughter, born in 2014, and her name is Ivy Shiels.

Besides Ivy, they have two more kids; out of them, one is the daughter, and another is the son. Another daughter is, known by the name Pearl Shiels, born in 2016. Their son is known as Jude Shiels, and he was born in 2018. All of their kids are very cute and obedient. Rick often shares their pictures on his social media account.

Rick Shiels Net Worth

Rick Shiels net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 million.

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