Ron Hanks – Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth, Education

Ron Hanks - Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth, Education

American Politician Ron Hanks served in the Colorado House of Representatives until early 2023. This article covers all the information about Ron Hanks’s Bio, Wife, Net Worth, and other essentials.

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Ron Hanks Wiki and Biography

Ron Hanks - Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth, Education
Ron Hanks – Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth, Education

According to references, Ron Hanks was born in Colorado. His Birth Date is still uncertain and unknown. Ron Hanks has kept his personal information private and did not disclose his parent’s information and other details. His education is also unknown to the Internet. We will update all the details once it is available.

Hanks worked for 32 years in the United States Air Force. He lives in Cañon City, Colorado, and is known for owning a company called The Western Surveyor.

Hanks ran unsuccessfully for Congress in Northern California in 2010. later in the 2020 general election, he was elected to the Colorado House of Representatives. he ran unopposed in the June 2020 60th primary District Republican House.

Donald Trump was defeated by Joe Biden in 2020, winning the 2020 presidential election. Hanks has challenged the election results and promoted false claims of fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Ron Hanks was criticized for joking about lynching and claiming the Three-Fifths Compromise that designated an enslaved person as three-fifths of a person “was not impugning anybody’s humanity” in April 2021. Hanks claimed his statements were manipulated to make a point he wasn’t making.

He threatened to assault Colorado House Minority Leader and fellow Republican Hugh McKean over a legislative controversy in May 2021.

Hanks attended a rally to support Tina Peters in Mesa County. A local Republican county clerk affiliated with groups promoting false election fraud claims. It was later arrested and indicted for seven felony charges related to election tampering and misconduct. Ron said the clerk was a “gold star mom and public servant. There is no evidence she did anything wrong”. Hanks also accused the investigation of the clerk’s office of being a false-flag operation despite a lack of evidence or substantiation of these claims.

Hanks ran for the U.S. Senate in a bid to challenge Michael Bennet in 2022. However, in the Republican primary election, in 2022, for U.S. Senator from Colorado, Hanks and one write-in candidate were defeated by Joe O’Dea.

Ron Hanks Age, Height, Weight

Ron’s age is Unknown due to his Uncertain Birth date, but according to his appearance, Ron looks like he is in his 50s. His Height and weight still need to be disclosed. We will update you soon.

Ron Hanks Wife

As mentioned, Hanks did not disclose his personal information. That includes his wife and kids. There is news that he posted a picture with his wife and kids, but no other information is revealed.  

Ron Hanks Net Worth

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Ron Hanks’s Net worth has yet to be discovered by any source. According to T.V. Guide Times, his previous year’s Net worth was approximately $4 million, which might have grown by 2023.

Ron Hanks Education

Ron Hanks’s Education details are still unspecified. He kept his essential details hidden.


What is Ron Hanks’s Net Worth?

His latest net worth has yet to be revealed. According to T.V. Guide Times, Hanks’s previous years’ Net Worth is Approximately $4 million. It might have increased by 2023.

What Nationality is Ron Hanks hold?

Ron Hanks was born in Colorado and holds American nationality.

How old is Ron Hanks?

Ron’s Birth date is not specified; he looks in his 50s by his appearance. 

When did he become the representative of Colorado?

He started serving in the Colorado House of Representatives in 2021.

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